Fall/Winter Streetstyle Trend 2017/2018: Red to Toe

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We’ve discussed this trend before (here to be precise). But besides the full on red to toe catwalk looks from the likes of Dolce, Gucci and Chloé red has been THE color on the streets as well. And boy did it make for some awesome streetwear inspiration pics. Just glance through our gallery and see how the streetwear stars rocked their red hot puffer coats, maxi dresses, suits, sweaters and designer bags. Have you already indulged in some fancy red colored winter wear? It’s about time to paint this town red!

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Let’s Paint This Town Red

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Are you ready to paint your town red? Love it or hate it; bright red is THE color of the new season. And if this is your color, you’re in for a treat, cause for f/w you’re allowed to go all out! That means red shoes, red pants, red tops, red coats. A definite ton sur ton look that will make you hard to miss in a crowd. From all major brands (Dolce, Gucci, Chloé) supporting this color of the season Fendi picked it up in the biggest fashion of all. And Kendall’s Fendi look might just be the leading look in this lady in red trend. So are you prepared to look red hot in the designer pieces from the new collections?


WOMENSWEAR SS2016: Bailamos!

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The ruffled off shoulder top is without a doubt the fashion piece most worn by fashion professionals. Just have a glance at your Instagram and you know what’s up. A top that perfectly fits in with the bigger latina style trend of this summer. Ruffles and volants all over. In the mix with sexy legs, cropped tops and long lengths. The colors of choice? Shades of red, pink and orange; colors that communicate passion. ‘Cause that’s what a Latina is all about. She speaks from the heart when she dresses up in that red skirt en white Tee (Blugirl). When she rocks that bright orange bodycon dress (Balmain) it’s pure passion. Latina bonita. A sexy open heel, flower in the hair and she’s out for night. Duele El Corazon by Enrique on repeat, bailamos!

Trend Report SS2015: Red Hot

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‘Valentino red’ is bound to be the color on everyone’s mind this summer. En masse designers let the color of passion tell their SS2015-story. Not that they only spoke of love… No, those bright red looks talked about coolness (Acne), sensuality (Balmain), art (Comme des Garcons) and youth (Louis Vuitton) as well. The passionate little red riding hoods on the streets were all about femininity though, just as DKNY and Dolce & Gabbana. Red sunglasses, red bag, red shoes and red lips to top it all off. Red hot just got even hotter.

Streetfashion: in the navy

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Navy-stripes are back in fashion and in the streets. Especially the French marine-shirt, a classic that goes back to the heydays of Coco Chanel and later Brigitte Bardot. This summer it mixes well with your jeans, khakis and boyfriend-jacket. Every time you need to add a casual, fresh touch to your outfit.

Catwalktrends SS2010: in the navy

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Not only is navy blue a big hit this spring, the whole navy theme is extremely popular at the moment. The ‘basic’-looking striped top is popping up everywhere. Of course blue and white horizontal stripes suit the navy theme the best, but red, black and gray also look good with white.

The striped tops come in multiple variations. You have the short sleeves, long sleeves, wide stripes, small stripes, round and straight collars and there are versions with buttons and bows on the shoulders.

Then there’s also this navy jacket. It comes with stripes or just in one collor, it has eye-catching buttons and you often see anchor detail on it. Clements Ribeiro showed some nice examples of that jacket, loosely worn on top of a striped t-shirt.

Brands like Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Antonio Marras all had some navy accents in their collections for the summer of 2010. Also, large fashion retailers like H&M and ZARA are promoting the navy look big time. A smart move, that’s for sure.

Cause, while the striped top has a very basic look, it fits well with shorts, skirts and wide pants. And although it might not look that special at first, just because it’s so basic-looking almost any woman can look great in it. They just need to put on a pair of sunglasses, a nice scarf or a hat, take their big beach bag and they can join the navy in style!

Trends ss2010: men in red

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When we look at the menswear collections for spring/summer 2010 one thing immediately catches our attention:  together with black, white and beige we see lots of bright colors.

Blue, red and purple dominated the new collections, especially the ones by Bottega Veneta, CP Company, Dirk Bikkembergs, Armani and Ferragamo. At Ungaro the models wore lots of pink.

Since we saw mostly red in the spring/summer collection, let’s focus at that. It came by in dozens of different shades. At Armani, Ferragamo and Gaultier the red tended towards orange. At Lanvin and Emporio Armani a deep red prevailed. One of Paul Smith’s models was totally covered in red, including his shoes.

Many red coats passed by. A few in leather (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Ferragamo, Iceberg), some trenchcoats (Paul Smith, Trussardi) and several jackets (Gucci, Bikkembergs, Bottega Veneta).

With so many shades of red there will surely be one that matches your skin tone. So no one has an excuse not to follow this red color trend next season.