Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2018

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Tomas Maier – the designer of Bottega Veneta, decided to present the fall-collection in New York because of the opening of a flagship-store in the Big Apple. Maier’s color-palette worked the wearable side of flamboyance — marigold, wine, purple and his silhouettes shunned citified cliché. He opted for relaxed shapes and intense surface interest. A skirt was embroidered with a demonstrative, artisanal riff on the cube motif. A dress featured two overlays of fabric cut away into geometric motifs; another contrasted shiny and velvet sequins. Fine outlines on dresses and skirts that at first glance looked like stitching were actually delicate chain embroideries.

While Maier referred to his tailoring as sharp, it had an off-beat zip, as in a double-breasted orange suit with multiple, demonstrative pockets. The coats were fabulous, almost all bonded fabrics that looked different outside and in, delivering that intimate luxury for which Bottega is famous: camel mohair and wool tiger stripes were bonded to satin; crinkled orchid satin to gray felt.

Maier’s men’s wear reflected a similar fusion of “notice me” confidence with adult sophistication. The designer focused on sportswear looks anchored by an impressive array of jackets and coats, including several shearlings printed with zebra stripes. The cube motif surfaced in a grid pattern etched on a red tailored jacket over bright yellow pants, as well as bold color blocks for pants and a coat.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2017

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While so many designers are trying to make sense of streetwear motifs at the luxury level, Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier once again proved his differen status, this time with a collection all dressed up, slick and polished.
The shoulder proved the major focus, anchoring a lean silhouette that projected power-woman determination. The men’s wear reflected similar polished and tailored panache, while projecting a slightly gentler attitude.

Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Womenswear Milan SS2017

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The see now buy now concept that has been circling around many fashion shows was nowhere to be found at Bottega Veneta. Thomas Maier is not interested in commercial immediacy. He wants to design beautiful clothing, made of impeccable materials, that will last more than just one season. So his collection was more about wardrobe classics than it was about trends or modernity. Vittoria Ceretti opened the show in a long croc leather jacket and a pair of high waisted 7/8 pants. A dark look for S/S2017, but perhaps Maier wasn’t focusing on one season eather. Just as he was not focusing on one gender (it was a collection of both mens and womenswear) or age (many of the ensembles would work for women of any age, even Lauren Hutton, who carried an intrecciato woven clutch bag in the 1980 movie American Gigolo, entered the runway). And indeed, we could see those belted trenchcoats and tee dresses be worn by a large group of women, any time of the year, to just about any occasion. Lots of (bright colored) leather, leather detailing (belts, pockets, collars), a classic silhouette (with a focus on the waist) and a selection of fresh looking statement bags (15 bags from the Veneta archive were reproduced). 50 years of Bottega Veneta celebrated with timeless style.

Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2016

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#animalistic and #sporty probably were often used hashtags at the Bottega Veneta show this morning. Inspired by the outdoors Thomas Maier opened his show with a hoodie and 7/8 pants done in nature inspired (camouflage meets mosaic) and leopard prints. A look that set the mood for one of the most laid back Veneta collections in a while, evolved around themes like hiking and sailing. Grommet, ropes and fishnet detailing referred to the latter (seen earlier at SportMax too). Models wearing their hair in post-gym knots looked look like they’d been outside, trekking, walking, living. “The more I can get out of an urban environment, the better it gets,” said the Miami-based German designer. A mix of fleece, calf and lots of craftsmanship detailing added dept to the looks. Leather lining and satin ribbons not only gave perfect shape, together with the large pockets and zippers they added to the sportive vibe of some looks too. The silhouette was athletic as well. Those 7/8 pants, hooded tops with tucked up sleeves, midi skirts with short stiff leather jackets and a variety of cocktail dresses (suitable for most diverse occasions) in the mix. A blunt bundle of eclecticism and freedom in a collection that went back and forth with it’s dress code. Therefore we’re not quite sure in what style category we’ll place it, but there’s time to evaluate. Needless to say the accompanying leather bags were impeccable.

Bottega Veneta Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2016

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Tomas Maier has been steering the brand in an athletic meets leisure direction for some time now, and for ss16 he presented a luxe wardrobe for five-star trekking in the Black Forest. “A journey back to nature,” the designer said of his outdoor-like collection, an ode to earthy colors, mossy textures and slouchy or active silhouettes.
Much of this trail gear was literal — anoraks, windbreakers, climbing pants, Sherpa sweaters — albeit done with Maier’s sophisticated eye for colors and fabrics. He also blended in lounge-y items, including bedroom jackets and crumpled pants in ticking stripes. And of course the new normal detail: socks in sandals. It’s official now.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2014

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The Bottega Veneta-collection focused at asymmetry with pleats and ruffles. There were rows of little ruffles and piles of big, the latter cheapest viagra online sometimes positioned in back, atop the model’s posterior. The fabrics, mostly crisp, neutral cottons, delivered a certain urbanity. Softer looks came in belted dresses with artisanal fringing and a black trapeze dress that closed the show.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2013

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Tomas Maier’s Bottega collection today wouldn’t strike you as showstopping or mind blowing by taking a quick look. For the show attendees in the sixth row the designs probably just appeared as beautiful creations and we’re sure even the front rowers wouldn’t have been able to see what the clothes were all about. Yes the dresses looked well made and chic, but there was a whole lot more going on. Tomas experimented with fabric construction and chose wool as his main material. “I was into wool, and using it in different ways, washing it, bonding it, or felting it to create print”, he stated backstage. He managed to make wool look sexy and used it to create structured shoulders, 3D peplum details and ruffled skirt pleats. Fabrics were embroidered in order to create several trompe l’oeil prints. In between his see of fully black dresses touches of color (red, beige, yellow) made a good match with the models’ seventies appearances. Lots of attention to detail on designs that definitely deserve a closer look.

Bottega Veneta Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2013

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Monocolored looks seem to be the trend for come fall. At Bottega Veneta they sure understood that. Done in a selection of perfect winter shades perfectly cut double breasted suits followed each other on the catwalk.
Walking with their hands in their pockets Veneta’s guys looked confident and they sure had every reason for it. A clean cut hooded camel coat looked swell, a retro color block sweater was both cosy and cool while a purple shaded leather suit provided just the right amount of edge to the collection. All good ensembles for a walk in the park, a family dinner or any business get together. But of course we already knew Bottega Veneta was capable of creating that.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Tomas Maier  focused intenso on dresses and the silhouette for the Bottega Veneta ss2013-collection. The dresses had a strong Forties-vibe with slender shapes and without hard shoulders. Each design looked like a treasure found in a vintage shop, but without the dust. These dresses glanced back at the past, but the cuts were modern and the embroideries state-of-the-art.
It was the workmanship that made these dresses so special. Like a  dress collaged from two different flower prints, the bodice folded and pintucked and the seams, all of them, edged with glossy strips of snakeskin lined with matte bronze studs.

Bottega Veneta Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Tomas Maier took Seventies California as his source of inspiration. The result: loose, pullover tunic tops in buttery brown, gray, and pale olive. Some had  lace-up details at the neck or hippie fringes at the bottom. It all had a relaxed and luxurious feeling. The crumpled suits and lightweight coats looked great, especially in those dusty colors like red, cement, teal and taupe.
More structured and slim–fitting suits looked as if they were stained with spilt coffee or tea at first glance, but it was actually a faded flowerprint. Those flowerprints came also back as an all over pattern.

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