Trend Report SS2015: Classic Duo

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Some trends just never go out of style. Take the leopard print or the little black dress. Each and every season they make their appearance on both modern looking and more classical looks. The same goes for black & white, a classic duo that never gets old. Even though the summer season might be more about color and print many fashion houses opted for monochrome looks. A safe bet, you can hardly go wrong with. Lots of checks (Balmain, Sportmax, Michael Kors) and stripes (Marni, Victoria Beckham). Some floral prints (Anteprima), a few polka dots (Marc Jacobs) and a wild touch of zebra (Roberto Cavalli). Fringes at Fendi, mesh at Balenciaga and embroideries at Chanel; enough variation to make you stand out without wearing actual colors. Then again who could resist the ultimate minimalistic chic attire we were presented with at Avelon.. Black pants and a crispy white shirt; a match made in monochrome heaven.

Trend Report SS2014: Colorless

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There are those fashion lovers that stick to black their entire life. And there are fully white attire fanatics around just as well. But for everyone else the good old black & white is the safest go to color combination. No they might not even be called colors, but the styling options they provide are never ending nonetheless. Just take a look at our streetstyle gallery and tell us there’s not a look you’d love to wear yourself. Well? Isn’t the black and white trend a all time favorite that is just for everyone. You might not like prints, you could be totally against wearing dresses, perhaps high heels are you’re worst enemy, but the monochrome look you can’t resist. Work it with a little sixties vibe this season and look at fashion luminaries Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Rodarte and Celine for inspiration.

Trend Report SS2013: Black Crows

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Although during fashion season the streets are usually filled with the most extraordinary dressed fashion show visitors, the rest of the year the bigger part of the fashion professionals dresses up in nothing but black. Good news for those people ’cause even this summer wearing all black is the way to go. Lanvin, Etro, Saint Laurent showed it. And of course Ann Demeulemeester, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons stressed their darker side. Now you might find this ‘Black Crow-look’ (as Suzy Menkes described it) a little boring, fact is black is always right. Or like Yamamoto put it: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.” So keep that in the back of your mind when you’re selecting your full on black attire. And be sure to keep things interesting by mixing knits with mesh, cotton with sheerness and lace with wool for that unexpected 2013 twist.

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Beauty Trends FW2010: Dark Eyes

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Though the make-up we see this season is rather light, dark eyes are always a hit on the runway. Wheather you’re opting for a mysterious look (like the models at Blumarine), a sensual look (like the models at Diane von Furstenberg and Bottega Veneta) of a powerfull appearance (like the models at DSquared).

If you don’t want your eyes to be superdark, add a little bit of color. Perhaps a shade of blue or green to enlighten your look.

We suggest not leaving the house with black Rick Owens eyes. Yet for any Halloween party they should be great fun.

Check out our beauty pics for some inspiration. And if you don’t know how to create smokey eyes, on Youtube you can find tons of Do It Yourself videos, in which the whole proces is explained.

Catwalktrend FW2010 – Black leather

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Black leather, it can look so sophisticated, yet it can appear very nasty & gothic as well. For fall, both examples were shown on the catwalk.

More than any other color leather, black was by the world’s top designers. Often total looks were created out of black leather. So the models wore coats, capes, hats, pants, gloves, dresses, skirts, belts and shoes of black leather.

Alexander Wang made it look grungy, at Moschino it was cool and Hermes used a croc-version. Ann Demeulemeester gave it a Gothic touch, Dior’s was girly and at Dsquared the black leather was worn by Dominatrix.

It’s clear you can go create many different looks with just this one material. On the catwalk it all looked great, yet when walking down the streets fully dressed in black leather, you’ll soon be judged. Our advice is to mix & match your leather with other pieces, so you won’t come across as some leather fetishist.

Streetfashion: in the navy

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Navy-stripes are back in fashion and in the streets. Especially the French marine-shirt, a classic that goes back to the heydays of Coco Chanel and later Brigitte Bardot. This summer it mixes well with your jeans, khakis and boyfriend-jacket. Every time you need to add a casual, fresh touch to your outfit.

Catwalktrends SS2010: in the navy

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Not only is navy blue a big hit this spring, the whole navy theme is extremely popular at the moment. The ‘basic’-looking striped top is popping up everywhere. Of course blue and white horizontal stripes suit the navy theme the best, but red, black and gray also look good with white.

The striped tops come in multiple variations. You have the short sleeves, long sleeves, wide stripes, small stripes, round and straight collars and there are versions with buttons and bows on the shoulders.

Then there’s also this navy jacket. It comes with stripes or just in one collor, it has eye-catching buttons and you often see anchor detail on it. Clements Ribeiro showed some nice examples of that jacket, loosely worn on top of a striped t-shirt.

Brands like Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Antonio Marras all had some navy accents in their collections for the summer of 2010. Also, large fashion retailers like H&M and ZARA are promoting the navy look big time. A smart move, that’s for sure.

Cause, while the striped top has a very basic look, it fits well with shorts, skirts and wide pants. And although it might not look that special at first, just because it’s so basic-looking almost any woman can look great in it. They just need to put on a pair of sunglasses, a nice scarf or a hat, take their big beach bag and they can join the navy in style!

Catwalktrends ss2010: eyeliner

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Make-up artists seemed to have had the same inspiration for the past catwalk shows. Many models had black eyeliner around their eyes, that as a continued line often went a little further than the eye.

The use of eyeliner resulted in several different looks. At the Rick Owens fashion show it looked kind of gothic. The models at the Marc Jacobs fashion show got a more classic look from it.

At the Vivienne Westwood’s Red fashion show the eyeliner wasn’t black, but brownish and was used around the model’s eyes. 

The models at the Antoinia Berardi, Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste and Wakely show all showed some black eyeliner. The models therefore looked extra feminine and mysterious. 

What a little bit of eyeliner can do for you…