Jef Montes presents Velero

Jef Montes presented his third collection VELERO  in Amsterdam yesterday. Again, modern high tech fabrics and expressive silhouettes merged into a spectacular collection with a leading role for water and light.
For VELERO Jef Montes got inspired by the construction of sailing boats and the materials they are built with. Montes used fibres as glassfibre, nylon, carbon, silk wool, cotton and viscose. The silhouettes were based on the contours of ships and the way they were draped around the body symbolized the constant fight between nature and machine. The collection was a collaboration between various artists and product designers.  Jef Montes translated the work of artist Simone Albers to graphic colorblocks and into textile developed with  Textile Lab of the Museum for Textiles in Tilburg. At this lab he also developed a material build with four ‘layers’  nylon and cotton that reveals sailinpatterns once the light is projected. Product designer
Lennart Bras developed the material for shoes and the fabric that is used in the first look of the show is an abstract pattern of product designer Eva Bloemsma. The pattern was fixed into the fabric by a chemical process.
The show was followed by an exhibition.

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