Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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A room painted with stripes and filled with large black balls set the mood today at Fendi. The clothes too were divided into different parts and color fields as they were brought together by blunt black detailing.

Designs looked strong and structured, yet Lagerfeld assured to add some femininity in the clothes. For instance by creating peplum pockets and highlighting the models’ waists.

Every single piece sent out on the runway was beautifully tailored and stiff materials gave the looks some extra prestige. Leather for summer will still be a hit next year, yet you could wonder if the fur was really necessary.

Besides gorgeous dresses and glamorous coats the accessories may not be left unspoken. Models walked on true statement shoes (in multiple shades, metallics, incl. spiked heels), which Bryanboy already described as ‘shoes of the season’. Plus Karl created a two for one bag; a large Fendi bag with a baguette attached to it.

A perfect shimmery finale, in which Joan Smalls lead a small disco ball pack, covered some extra party looks. One thing’s for certain: with a mix of so many attention grabbing pieces it will be hard to overlook the Fendi woman next spring.

Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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Today’s Fendi show seemed to be about ‘more is more’. Not in an Anna dello Russo way though. No, instead of bold, printed, over-accessorised looks Karl presented rich winter looks in which he not only played with structure and texture but also with color.

His creations had a patchwork look to them, being made of many different materials, ranging from fur to silk and from leather to lace. Therefore every single look was ‘cut’ into several pieces. Something those tall slim models can work with, yet seems more challenging for the everyday woman.

Due to the rich styled looks we hardly knew where to focus on. Those partly pleated, partly fur skirts definitely caught our eyes. The beautifully shaped peplums/belts deserved some of our attention too. And then, of course, there were the coats, in fur (white, colored, degrade – Hello Sesame Street), with pointed shoulders and made out of two separate (one long, one short) pieces.

With those heavy materials and a color palette ranging from olive green to burgundy the collection definitely was winter proof. Yet for ‘normal’ woman to be able to pull some of these looks off it could have been slightly more fool proof too.


Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan ss2012

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The models at the Fendi-show looked like housewives from the Sixties with their beehive hair and pleated dresses with apron-fronts. The collection Karl Lagerfeld presented reminded us of women cooking, baking and cleaning dressed in stiff apron-like dresses, black and white ensembles, bermudas and jackets. It was a no nonsense chic, with the fly-eye shades and cotton jackets, featuring bare shoulderparts and soft, shapely cuts to match the full skirts.

The tufted fur coats of mustard and green fox, wide mesh striped knits and multiple bangles worn up the wrist had a homespun appeal. While the sleeveless cable-knit jumpers – oversized in cream or black with sheer back panels – and the little jackets added a more casual feeling.

Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011/2012

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The new Fendi girl Karl Lagerfeld presented today was sexy and sophisticated. The kinda girl everyone notices once she stepped in the room. A girl with an outspoken way of dressing up; mixing bright colored (orange, yellow, red) tights with chic skirts and tight blouses with eye catching ruffles.

She loves wearing fur; as an accessory and used on complete coats. Not a day goes by without her wearing her headband or her structured handbag and oh my, does she love her enormous sunglasses.

The new Fendi girl has a look not everyone will immediately love, but she has her own style and knows what she wants. Hurray for that!

Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Last season was all about the fifties and sixties and their feminine Mad Men-inspired looks. Now, just one season later, Fashion Week is all about the seventies. It started last week in New York with Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui and this week the seventies were all over the place at Gucci and Fendi.

The two Italian fashion houses not only promoted the style from the same period, they also showed their designs in the same color palette, existing of turquoise, orange, purple and blue.

Harem pants and tops with puffy sleeves were combined with bright waist belts. When Karl Lagerfeld added 3-tone belts, shoes and bags the color blocking theme was complete.

Still there were some graphic prints too and some of the first outfits were white dresses with a remarkable burning passion cut flame print. Just like we saw at Alberta Ferretti the Fendi show had asymmetrical dresses (with just one sleeve) in it as well. We didn’t necessarily love them immediately, yet by the time it’s summer again we certainly will.

Overall the collection looked glamorous and, apart from the high heels, very wearable. We got a feeling fashion is going to be so relaxed next year.

Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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Karl Lagerfeld dared to combine two big fall trends in his Fendi collection: fur and patchwork. His patchwork fur coats came by in all shapes, sizes and colors. Yet none of those coats convinced us that the combination of fur and patchwork will become a huge hit. Especially not the first one, in white, gray and black. It looked like a mix of a panda- and a dolphin suit and didn’t do anything for the model’s body. Other patchworks in hues of beige, camel and brown were better, but never stunning. It just seemed very unnatural to combine so many different types of fur in one design.

Front row guest Rachel  Zoe must have loved the show, though. Karl introduced some waistcoats in fur as well. And we’ve seen Rachel Zoe in one of those quite often…

Karl’s waistcoats were worn on top of long, loose-fitting skirts and blouses with wide sleeves. Brown waist belts finished the looks. A beige coat with matching dress, made from a fabric that resembled an enlarged corduroy, caught our attention. And the color pallet of green, brown and mustard yellow appeared to be lovely.

Towards the end of the show many black dresses were shown. In these dresses lots of texture, as well as some see-through fabric could be seen.  The dresses were transparent in all the right places and had just the perfect length. They looked elegant and feminine and were sexy enough to make some of the men at that cocktail party look twice.

Catwalktrends ss2010: really tiny bags

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Tiny bags definitely seem to be a trend on the runway. Yet they are very unpractical, because there aren’t many items that will fit in these bags.

But can we still call it a bag? Most versions we saw on the runway looked more like extraordinarily shaped purses, if you ask us.

The bags may be unpractical, yet they created some funny looks on the catwalk. Extremely tiny were the bags in the Anteprima, Blugirl, Bottega Veneta, Etro, DSquared, Fendi and Moschino fashion show. .

Most original were the Fendi bag with spikes, the pink bag form Gianfranco Ferré, the wooden ‘bag frame’ from Stella McCartney and the silk heart shaped bag from Moschino.

Unfortunately you’d have to keep most of these tiny bags in your hand all evening, but do they look cute!

Groupielove #4

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Karl Lagerfeld is still going strong and he can’t get enough of fashion yet. “I like imagination — and the way I think things could be, had been, or should be — better than reality”, is one of hist latest oneliners at Twitter. Well, hios collection for Fendi was better than reality: wispy fabric, ivory and ecru, off-pastels, and fraying edges with a little touch of Parisian lingerie. It looked as if Karl Lagerfeld had drawn from his French vocabulary to make a cream silk high-necked playsuit (part classic blouse, part romper) and a dotted tulle shirt with a frilled triangle bra beneath. Thankfully, it didn’t slip completely into the clichés of boudoir (hypersexy is not the mood). That’s because of the more rough-hewn elements—say, a pale blue linen sarong, wrapped like a simple piece of raw-edged fabric around the body—and the incredibly luxurious Fendi craftsmanship.

Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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