Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

September 22, 2012 by  
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A room painted with stripes and filled with large black balls set the mood today at Fendi. The clothes too were divided into different parts and color fields as they were brought together by blunt black detailing.

Designs looked strong and structured, yet Lagerfeld assured to add some femininity in the clothes. For instance by creating peplum pockets and highlighting the models’ waists.

Every single piece sent out on the runway was beautifully tailored and stiff materials gave the looks some extra prestige. Leather for summer will still be a hit next year, yet you could wonder if the fur was really necessary.

Besides gorgeous dresses and glamorous coats the accessories may not be left unspoken. Models walked on true statement shoes (in multiple shades, metallics, incl. spiked heels), which Bryanboy already described as ‘shoes of the season’. Plus Karl created a two for one bag; a large Fendi bag with a baguette attached to it.

A perfect shimmery finale, in which Joan Smalls lead a small disco ball pack, covered some extra party looks. One thing’s for certain: with a mix of so many attention grabbing pieces it will be hard to overlook the Fendi woman next spring.