SS2017 Trend: Teeny Tiny Bags

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A key, a coin, or perhaps a credit card? Those are the items you’re going to be able to fit in your handbag this summer. Slightly unpractical in a season that seems to be all about functionality and wearibility. Still, if you want your bag to be on trend, it should be tiny. Teeny tiny that is. Just click through our gallery of Chloé, Céline, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Valentino catwalk images and you might even have a hard time to spot the latest it bags. Yet, they might be small and you’ll for sure have some struggle picking the items you’ll bring with you on date night, that doesn’t make these babies any less popular. The Chloé Nile bag has been sold out on the brands website for weeks now. That croc bag around your neck Hermes created is the ultimate mix between a piece of jewelry and a handbag. Same goes for the metallic Valentino bags on a chain. Slightly useless, but extra cute! Louis Vuitton’s phone cases appear to be the coolest statement accessories. Oh and a small bag attached to your bigger handbag (like Prada introduced a few seasons ago) is still very fashion forward-y too. So you’ll at least be able to bring your phone, your keys ánd some money next time you’re going out for a drink.

Catwalktrends ss2010: really tiny bags

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Tiny bags definitely seem to be a trend on the runway. Yet they are very unpractical, because there aren’t many items that will fit in these bags.

But can we still call it a bag? Most versions we saw on the runway looked more like extraordinarily shaped purses, if you ask us.

The bags may be unpractical, yet they created some funny looks on the catwalk. Extremely tiny were the bags in the Anteprima, Blugirl, Bottega Veneta, Etro, DSquared, Fendi and Moschino fashion show. .

Most original were the Fendi bag with spikes, the pink bag form Gianfranco Ferré, the wooden ‘bag frame’ from Stella McCartney and the silk heart shaped bag from Moschino.

Unfortunately you’d have to keep most of these tiny bags in your hand all evening, but do they look cute!