Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2014

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The Emporio Armani ss2014 show presented a gentle, feminine collection in watery pastels and blurred florals on languid tailoring and cocktail-dresses. cialis prices There were small, cardiganlike jackets in papery and glossy fabrics; wide-leg pants that sometimes narrowed toward the ankle and short, shoulder-baring dresses with tiered ruffles or light metallic embroideries.

Emporio Armani Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2013

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If it’s up to Giorgio Armani we pair our usual winter shades with a touch of camel. Whether bottoms or tops, as long as it’s a fifty (camel)/fifty (black or navy) look it’s Armani proof. Besides duo colored Armani was extremely modern and sporty too. Pants and jackets done in thick neopreen and other modern-looking fabrics gave us a glimpse of the future of fashion. Not all looks the 2013 men will be ready for, but the sporty theme is always a trend in menswear. The short rabbit fur vests looked unflattering and unnecessary, but other than that Armani showed tons of hit pieces for the modern men.

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013 Milan

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For anything light, classy and feminine Giorgio Armani is your go to guy next year. The designer’s spring/summer looks breathed one hundred percent sophistication and softness to the max. Dressed in shades ranging from nude and natural and pastel models looked innocent and ladylike at the same time. Besides a touch of metallic gave the collection a welcome edge. Materials layered on top of each other gave the looks a nice and rich feeling, while the loose fit of the designs added a bit of effortlessness. Some tops and skirts maybe resembled pieces of origami; folded asymmetrical creations never looked this cool. A basket-like braided pastel shaded jacket worn with a graphical printed pair of silky shorts made up for the ultimate show stopping look of this spring collection. It beautifully illustrated mixing unexpected materials and light shades can look surprisingly fresh and natural. We like!

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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Today’s Emporio Armani looked like fun. Fun to wear and fun to watch. Outfits were outspoken when it came to silhouette and print. Besides they were finished off in all kinds of playful ways (ethnic, chunky jewelry and eye catching hats).

We saw cut out jersey jackets, combined with striped, structured skirts and berets. Models wore knee high shorts with woolen vests and wide decorated hats. Fringed coats were presented next to tweed and polka dot versions. And there were some peplums in the mix as well.

Along the way Armani, who is always a great fan of the basic shades (black, blue, grey) experimented with busy prints and rainbow colors. He presented some great colored coats and skirts in line with the fun colored trend of the moment and perfect to brighten up a dark day. It might have been slightly out of his comfort zone, but we would love to see that ethnic/bright colored Emporio more often.


Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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Giorgio Armani is expecting a cold winter next year. Wrapped up in the thickest, stiffest belted leather, hidden under fedoras and swaddled in scarves his male models were sent down the runway.

The looks seemed influenced by different part of the world; forming a mix between something American and European influences with some sort of Nomad touch.

Armani’s tailoring skills again were impeccable and his eye for detailing was visible in each one of his dark (not a color in sight) looks.

The small leather accents, the right kind of ties, the slick glasses and the perfect hats gave the collection it’s coolness. And those small pointed necklace pockets (which reminded us a bit of the ones in the latest Givenchy s/s2012 womenswear collection) might just be the hit of next season.

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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If anything the Emporio Armani show today was relaxed. The silhouette was loose, the fabrics were airy and the nonchalant male models walked in a chill mode (sunglasses on, hands in their pockets).

The fabrics moved with every step the models took. Those loose pants seemed ultra comfortable, several knitted sweaters looked weightless and some of the jackets appeared almost translucent.

With a colored palette ranging from off white and light grey to navy and black Armani’s silk and linen designs were the perfect example of casual elegance.

Dark denim and leather jackets with lots of zippers added some streetwise feeling. And the barefoot finale once more stressed the relaxed spirit of this collection. No sharp & sleek business looks here, but maybe Armani wants men to loosen up a bit. It sure looks very tempting.



Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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As always Giorgio Armani is choosing his own direction when it comes to fashiontrends. For him no fancy colors, no Mod-style, no dressing up at his Emporio Armani-collection. Instead he plays his well-know play with fabrics, textures, black and white. He got inspired by a film noir, where beauty is concealed behind a pair of dark glasses and under a hat. This resulted into a total black collection, with flashes of white and blue. There were jumpsuits, sharp cut full trousers and  sculpted jackets. The silhouette was long and fluid with raw-edge finishes, fabrics were matt, velvety and mongolian fur added a touch of luxury.

Remarkable were the detachable details, like pockets on a belt around the waist, balloon-shaped sleeves, cuffs and leather kneehigh bootcaps.

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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The collection Emporio Armani sent out this morning had an industrial theme, with lots of long coats, black and greys and a mix of fabrics and textures.

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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According to the pressrelease the collection of Emporio Armani was concentrated around ten elements: glamour, geometric deco, lightness, sheath, daywear, sleekness, shades , shape, form and fancy. Well, it briefly told what the collection was about: different layers of different shapes created new (sleek) forms, stretch see through tubes and leggings tamed the short dresses and skirts, minreal shades got company of green, black and watermelon red.

Emporio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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You’ll never know what to expect with Armani. But one thing you know for sure: he does his own thing being it off trend or not. Well all the tough leather he sent out today was on trend, we’ve seen it in more collections this week, but the erotic edge was new and daring for a label like Emporio Armani. The designer  probably got caught by Lady Gaga’s videoclip Alejandro, in which he dressed the police-like posse.

But if you leave all the styling behind, what is left are some good, black leather pieces. Like a skinny pant, a (sleeveless) jacket and a shirt. Perfect items to mix with a pair of jeans, a short or  loose, linen pants. And please, shall we ban the mix of shiny leggings with bermuda’s? That’s something for soccer-players who are afraid of the cold, but not for normal human beings.

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