Goodiebag!? Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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At the Claes Iversen fashion show we saw a lot of butterflies. They were there on the clothes, the models hair and they even ended up in our goodiebag. Other products in that bag were from L’oréal, the sponsor of the show and Martini, who served some nice cocktails during the night.


Key ring – Martini
Shampoo – 250 ml – L’oréal
Hairspray – 300 ml – L’oréal
Mascara – Maybelline
Lipstick – Maybelline


Folder – Vondel Hotels

Estimated value: 20,-

Rating: 7,5

Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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On Tuesday fashion designer Claes Iversen presented his spring/summer collection for next year. He chose the Felix Meritis building (a meeting place for art, culture and science) in Amsterdam as his show location; the perfect spot for a fashion show.

To the sound of piano’s the first model appeared in the round show area. She wore a white dress embroidered with hundreds of butterflies. Even her braided hair had butterflies in it. While the model was waiting to start her runway walk, small butterflies came falling down from the ceiling.

Those butterflies appeared to be the theme of the show. For Claes they represented the passing of time, beauty and fragility. They were everywhere; attached to skirts and dresses, but also in yellow and white prints (and even in our goodiebag!). Though the butterflies were something new for Claes, they reminded us of the post-its he’d used is a previous collection.

Apart from butterflies Claes showed a lot of pleats in his summer collection. He designed pleated skirts, dresses and tops. Other show stopping items were several detailed corsets, made with lots of patience and combined with, for example, a pleated or a feather skirt. The sand-shaded jumpsuits and trench coat-inspired jackets were a little more save, but just as stylish.

Overall the collection was beautifully made, pretty wearable and feminine. The color palette existing of hues of beige and sand, mixed with coral/salmon pink, turquoise and light yellow seemed perfect for spring. And hats off to the styling team who combined nude-colored knee stockings with high heels, waist belts, eye-catching clutches and gorgeous hair.

Goodiebags!? Day three – Amsterdam Fashion Week

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This year we pay attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the winner of our Goodiebag Contest. Check it out!


Non by Kim

The goodiebag we received at the NON by KIM fashion show contained:


Hair conditioner – Redken


Gift voucher 5 euro – Lensworld

Folder – Aluminium Chair

Liv magazine – Volvo

Estimated Value: € 1,-

Rating: 3



The goodiebag we received at the SUPERTRASH fashion show contained:


Mirror and hairbrush – Styletoday

Bag – I Love Fashion News

Soap – Gamila Secret

Energy shot – Dagravit

Chocolate – Australian – 250 gram

Magazine – Supertrash

Snack – Fruit & Crispy – 10 gram

Color activating treatment – Redken – 50 ml

Candle – Supertrash

Home fragrance sticks – Rituals

Body Cream – Aveda – 25 ml

Mascara – Maybelline

She – energy drink

Dinercheque 25,-

Supertan – 12 ml

Mentos – Aqua kiss

Scrub glove – Pure

Voucher for a pair of Porsche sunglasses


Folder: fashioncheque

Estimated value: € 250,-

Rating: 6*

*We would really love to give the goodiebag a 9, yet while we didn’t receive one we changed it into a 6.We were dissapointed about the fact that not everyone at the show received a goodiebag. All first two rows got one, except us, sitting in section C. Did they ran out of goodiebags, did some people steal them before the show started or do journalists just don’t get one?
Dear Olcay Gulsen, we hope we will receive one of your great goodiebags at your next show.


Claes Iversen

The goodiebag we received at CLAES IVERSEN’s fashion show contained:


Ultra-straight balm – Redken

Mascara – Maybelline


Estimated value: € 8,-

Rating: 6

Claes Iversen Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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Claes Iversen’s collection called Le Petite Femme was indeed a very feminine collection. We saw lots of ruffles and shiny kristall flowers.

Claes showed some great designs in which heavy winter fabrics were mixed with transparent organza. From under some skirts and dresses was a transparent layer visible. A checked skirt was matched with a floralprinted blouse. All blouses had a small cute collar.

The collars in this collection were bordeaux red, gold, pink and navy blue.

At the ending of the show a model appeared in a white wedding dress full of price tags. But not only the dress, also the model’s face and the veil of the dress had price tags added to them.

We already heard a lot of people saying Claes’ collection was great and we couldn’t agree more.

Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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For his new ss 2010 collection Claes Iversen found inspiration in surreal elements and the work of Rene Magritte. Classic menswear represents the hard, businesslike reality that’s a contrast towards the ever changing feminine forms. The Post-It-form is like Magritte’s apples, fishes and pipes – you’ll find it throughout the collection as a graphic element or as a symbol of connecting different techniques.

Claes Iversen Catwalk Backstage SS10

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Take a quick look backstage at the Dutch/Danish Claes Iversen, where Lydia le Loux and team did a wonderful job on the models. We loved those drops of morningdew. And the collection of course!

Claes Iversen & Iris van Herpen Catwalk Fashion Show Video FW09

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[flashvideo filename=uploads/2009/01/claes-yversen.flv /]Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show Video

[flashvideo filename=uploads/2009/01/iris.flv /]Iris ver Herpen Catwalk Fashion Show Video

Claes Iversen at AIFW09

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Claes is a bit nervous right before his show, thank God he has Sanne, who helps him get organised.
Interview Sophie @ Team Peter Stigter

Bibi van der Velden en Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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