Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2019

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Kristen McMenamy kicked off the Valentino show in a voluminous black off shoulder caftan. She looked good, no doubt, but that black look and all that fabrics were in no way a forecast of what was about to happen later on in the show. After a selection of all black looks in all kinds of shapes, sizes and fabrics, which was ended with a black dress and an enormous feathered hat, Pierpaolo Piccioli introduced a few looks in white, black and white and he sent out two girls with an enormous Valentino V logo printed on their chests. Then the show really kicked off white shades of orange, pink and Valentino red. On came the prints, the most gorgeous floral inspired mirrored prints in the most perfect SS2019 palettes (purple, green and yellow) which came back in the color of the models eyeshadow. A sequined dress worn by Britt Ensink with purple fur on the sleeves simply was the star of the show. Pockets in dresses added an effortless touch. Gold colored chunky earrings and furry footwear put the picture together. And even more so than usual this was a parade of dreamy, dazzling dresses that could’ve just stepped out of a fairy tale. Now name one woman who wouldn’t want to step out in one of these pieces of art.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear FW2017

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It was the first solo men’s Valentino show for Pierpaolo Piccioli after the split from longtime design partner Maria Grazia Chiuri, now creative director of women’s collections at Christian Dior. Piccioli got inspired by Jamie Reid, the English artist best known for his Sex Pistols album cover art and used two short poems of him for the brand. “Beauty is a birthright, reclaim your heritage,” read one. “It seemed to be the end until the next beginning,” said the second.
Those phrases, in Reid’s signature ransom-note style, appeared on everything from an ankle-length gray double cashmere coat to a pink intarsia sweater.

Piccioli did not go down the punk route of safety pins and mohair sweaters. He gave the lineup a collegiate feel by pairing the outfits with sweaters worn over shirts with slim black bow ties. Shrunken suit jackets looked like they had been outgrown, while off-kilter shades like pastel green and pink gave duffel coats and workwear jackets a confident flair.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2016

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It’s hard to top the Zoolander surprise appearance during their last FW2015 show. Derek Zoolander and Hansel (aka Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) showed up at the end of the Valentino show, each doing his world-known “Blue Steel.” It took the social media crowd and fashion world by storm. Would they pull this off again, without this huge crowd-pleasing element? The show may not have been as spectaculair and entertaining, its theme was about performance though, yet on another level. They dragged us into the magic world of ballet and modern dance, inspired by the movement of ballet dresses and dance films such ‘They shoot horses don’t they?’ With Vanessa Redgrave. Something that fits perfectly with the Valentino signature of romance, grace, sensuality and underlining your femininity. A world that asks for the ultimate perfection on every surface, a language that’s fluently spoken in Maison Valentino. But we can all remember the Black Swan movie, and perfection sometimes drives you to the most dark places, so it felt like this collection was exploring both sides. Delicate tulle skirts with golden stars referred to the punk ballet style of Karole Armitage, an embellished black tutu worn over a chunky knit, laminated and artistic fringes dancing around the body, tutus worn as meagre tops and the guitar cross body straps. But also crystal-embroidered nude-color tulle dresses, fragile transparencies, silk stockings, fluid draperies, pale pink silk dresses and a blush coloured sequin dress worn over knitwear. We counted so many knockouts it’s impossible to mention them all. Their goal was to let us be in the moment, and only this moment. Which wasn’t a hard job with such a mesmerising collection in front of you and that was supported by an actual pianist who is playing compositions by John Cage and Philip Glass.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2016

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Taking inspiration from etnic cultures is something quite familiair for spring summer collections. What can we say: in summer we mostly prefer wearing bold colours, playful prints and anything that makes us feel ready for summer. Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli took us to wild Africa. Or they took wild Africa to Europe. Or not they, we did. Cause their inspiration is some with a heavy and controversial undertone, it was about the thousands of African refugees that have made their way to southern Europe, Italy in this case, to save their own lives. We were not only witnessing pretty dresses and must have shoes and bags, but also the humanitarian crisis that Europe is facing right now. What does fashion have to do with this? It gives a message. In this case: tolerance. As Maison Valentino described it on Twitter: “Primitive, tribal, spiritual, yet regal” and the collection was a “journey to the beginning of time and the essential of primitive nature.” They translated this into a mix of Italian en African essentials. Roman influences with tribal treatments. We saw Masai-style beadwork, bone necklaces, raffia, laser cut leatherwork, feathery details, micro studs and beading on tulle, white ceramic neckpieces (chockers), embellishment, embroidering and fringing. Not to speak the countless floor sweeping translucent red carpet ready show stoppers at the end of the show. The models wearing cornrows. Bongo drums as musical background. There was so much eye for detail (the mask details on the bags), craftsmanship, grace and elegance. It showed the best of both worlds, easily joining forces to create breathtaking beauty. It may not work like this in the ‘real world’, but it was the best message to put out there right now.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2014

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‘We are wearing Valentino!’, a pregnant Olivia Wilde mentioned at the Oscars on Sunday evening. And today there were more than a few Academy Award-worthy dresses at display during the brand’s fall/winter show. Starting off with quite a bold, colored print, inspired by Italian Pop art from the sixties and seventies, Valentino began young and playful. Midi skirts and short, yet long sleeved, flared dresses popped up in shades of red and pink. The silhouette than got a little more elegant and laid back, when longer, looser dresses and jumpsuits appeared. A selection of capes paired with skirts and leather boots made up for sexy yet sophisticated autumn looks. Quickly followed by romantic winter floral printed dresses, above the knee as well as the midi length. More flora and fauna inspired prints (on both dresses and heavier coats) came in the most beautiful color combinations. Materials like leather, lace and wool were all in the mix and a lot of attention was paid to details. Like the embroidered flowers, the butterfly appliqués, sequins and touches of metallic. Not to mention the perfect little handbags to match every single look. A few pairs of gray pleated pants were introduced towards the end, combined with turtlenecks and pieces with a large check pattern on them they looked refreshing yet classic. Oh, it’s too bad Anna Wintour had to watch from the second row. Especially the finale was like a fairytale full of long, sheer, airy, warm shaded, floor sweeping, Oscar proof dresses for next year.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2014

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It was obvious that workwear and military uniforms were the guiding themes for Valentino-designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli.   The show kicked off with a series of suits and outerwear, including shirt jackets and parkas, spliced together from various shades of denim. 

The designers gave a twist to aviator-style khaki or beige jackets by adding blanket stripes and a single black leather breast pocket that was bonded so flat, it looked like duct tape.

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Satiny pants came in a floral chine design that resembled an abstract camouflage print, while toile de Jouy motifs in muted shades evoked faded World War II-era Hawaiian prints.

Valentino Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2013

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At Valentino we were surprised by a perfect mix of British style and Italian craftmanship. Suits, with houndstooth and Tartan checks, were given a modern touch by pieces of leather and a tight fit. Models looked their best in fashionable pieces like a checked cape, a camel coat with fur detailing and a sportive army printed parka. Next to the perfectly cut leather jackets, the slick pleated pants and business chic loafers, colored classes and casual briefcases all breathed modern luxury.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2013

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There was nothing unexpected or surprising at Valentino. Yet you can ask yourself the question if a label that produces such beautiful garments, really needs change.

In the familiar color palette of nudes, blacks and – of course – Valentino reds models worked a large series of new dresses. Slip dresses with a touch of leather, cocktail dresses done in lace, floral printed Sunday brunch dresses and puffy sleeved sheer evening dresses. Designers Chiuri and Piccioli were inspired by their city, Rome, and the work of photographer Arturo Ghergo in particular. Nothing too literal though; they mainly focused on his way of capturing a woman’s beauty.

And beautiful the Valentino woman will be… She will rock the lace items with dandelion motif. She will launch in one of the many romantic, floor length pieces. And she will head to work in her favorite jumpsuit. The embroidered lace, snake skin appliqués and beaded embroideries will make people stare. And she may not be sporty, seductive or tough; she will be gorgeous nevertheless.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2012

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Folk seemed to be the theme of the Valentino-collection, but we couldn’t tell that from the clothes. Or is must have been the dresses with native motifs that reminded of Greece, Russia or the Orient. But the black leather that opened the show, told a different story.  All in all it was a smooth, feminine collection with the familiar dresses and jumpsuits, softened with macramé seams and passementerie details.

The focus was at day-wear  with smart-looking frog-closure coats and Aran sweaters dotted here and there with crystals. For evening there were long, loose-fitting shorts in black leather with a tunic and an embroidered velvet vest—black tie, but with a modern touch.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris ss2012

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It was their best Valentino collection so far. Piccioli and Chiuri keep on getting better at their job. For spring/summer they came up with the most beautiful collection of lace, embroidered, floral printed dresses.

They presented a perfect picture; romantic, sophisticated, fairy tale like. With looks most women dream of. “Fashion is a dream, and in this moment we need dreams,” were Piccioli’s words before the show.

Dresses were the perfect mix of short & cute and floor sweeping & romantic. The models waists were highlighted by thin belts, which together with the accentuated shoulders created the perfect silhouette. Flat sandals and loose French braids completed the fantasy look.

Perhaps the dresses were all a little too perfect for our everyday lives. But if we don’t buy them, there sure will be more than enough A-lister (like front rower Jessica Biel) to strut around in them at some fancy premiere party.