Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2016

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It’s hard to top the Zoolander surprise appearance during their last FW2015 show. Derek Zoolander and Hansel (aka Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) showed up at the end of the Valentino show, each doing his world-known “Blue Steel.” It took the social media crowd and fashion world by storm. Would they pull this off again, without this huge crowd-pleasing element? The show may not have been as spectaculair and entertaining, its theme was about performance though, yet on another level. They dragged us into the magic world of ballet and modern dance, inspired by the movement of ballet dresses and dance films such ‘They shoot horses don’t they?’ With Vanessa Redgrave. Something that fits perfectly with the Valentino signature of romance, grace, sensuality and underlining your femininity. A world that asks for the ultimate perfection on every surface, a language that’s fluently spoken in Maison Valentino. But we can all remember the Black Swan movie, and perfection sometimes drives you to the most dark places, so it felt like this collection was exploring both sides. Delicate tulle skirts with golden stars referred to the punk ballet style of Karole Armitage, an embellished black tutu worn over a chunky knit, laminated and artistic fringes dancing around the body, tutus worn as meagre tops and the guitar cross body straps. But also crystal-embroidered nude-color tulle dresses, fragile transparencies, silk stockings, fluid draperies, pale pink silk dresses and a blush coloured sequin dress worn over knitwear. We counted so many knockouts it’s impossible to mention them all. Their goal was to let us be in the moment, and only this moment. Which wasn’t a hard job with such a mesmerising collection in front of you and that was supported by an actual pianist who is playing compositions by John Cage and Philip Glass.

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