Bibi wins our goodiebag contest!

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With a fashionable key ring, a book about modeling by Yfke Sturm, a scarf from the Percy Irausquin collection and a Redken tube, we chose Bibi van der Velden’s goodiebag as the best of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Just as much as we loved Bibi’s show, we loved her goodiebag. We estimated its value at € 25 and gave the goodiebag an excellent 7,5.

Though the Bibi van der Velden key ring will be a little bit too big for our pockets, we thought it looked pretty cool. And as our whole team dreams of becoming a top model we also liked getting Yfke Sturm’s book about how to look like a top model. Besides, the scarf from the Collection PRC (Percy Irausquin) will surely match one of our outfits. And the Redken tube will be added to the rest of our Redken collection, which we gathered during this Amsterdam Fashion Week.

We want to congratulate Bibi van der Velden on winning our goodiebag contest.

Yet we have two remarks to make:

1.      After comparing all goodiebags from this Amsterdam Fashion Week, it was obvious the Supertrash goodiebag had the best content of all bags.
It came close to winning our contest. However, as none of these bags ended up in our hands, it didn’t.
We think it’s only fair to give all first two rows at a fashion show a goodiebag and not make a distinction between the sections. Moreover, since we have officially started a goodiebag contest, we think we should always get one, no matter what section or row we sit. (We also don’t want to have to goodie-beg for it).

2.      We accidently discussed one of the goodies in the Non by Kim goodiebag wrong. We described one of the items as a folder, but it actually was a handmade screen print, worth about 50 euros.
We want to apologize for this mistake. Yet we think its value wasn’t clear to a lot of people, especially since it was printed on the back of the press review, which most people throw away shortly after the show.
Maybe it should have been handed out in a different way or maybe it was just bit of a baddie to give away at a fashion show. Anyway, we are sorry for our misinterpretation.

Looking back on all the goodiebags we received last week, we think there is some pimping to be done. Some of the bags seemed worth more than their contents and after a few shows we were almost buried in Redken products. There was also a huge gap between the Supertrash goodiebag and all the other bags. So there’s a job for the other brands if they want to equalize.

We will continue on rating the goodiebags we receive at different fashion events, so we hope all brands will take the challenge and put some extra effort in arranging some new goodies for next fashion season.

Wanna take a hint?
Scarfs, books, accessories, make-up or food and drinks will do just fine!

Goodiebags!? Day three – Amsterdam Fashion Week

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This year we pay attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the winner of our Goodiebag Contest. Check it out!


Non by Kim

The goodiebag we received at the NON by KIM fashion show contained:


Hair conditioner – Redken


Gift voucher 5 euro – Lensworld

Folder – Aluminium Chair

Liv magazine – Volvo

Estimated Value: € 1,-

Rating: 3



The goodiebag we received at the SUPERTRASH fashion show contained:


Mirror and hairbrush – Styletoday

Bag – I Love Fashion News

Soap – Gamila Secret

Energy shot – Dagravit

Chocolate – Australian – 250 gram

Magazine – Supertrash

Snack – Fruit & Crispy – 10 gram

Color activating treatment – Redken – 50 ml

Candle – Supertrash

Home fragrance sticks – Rituals

Body Cream – Aveda – 25 ml

Mascara – Maybelline

She – energy drink

Dinercheque 25,-

Supertan – 12 ml

Mentos – Aqua kiss

Scrub glove – Pure

Voucher for a pair of Porsche sunglasses


Folder: fashioncheque

Estimated value: € 250,-

Rating: 6*

*We would really love to give the goodiebag a 9, yet while we didn’t receive one we changed it into a 6.We were dissapointed about the fact that not everyone at the show received a goodiebag. All first two rows got one, except us, sitting in section C. Did they ran out of goodiebags, did some people steal them before the show started or do journalists just don’t get one?
Dear Olcay Gulsen, we hope we will receive one of your great goodiebags at your next show.


Claes Iversen

The goodiebag we received at CLAES IVERSEN’s fashion show contained:


Ultra-straight balm – Redken

Mascara – Maybelline


Estimated value: € 8,-

Rating: 6

Frontrow Day three – Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Supertrash knows  how to get attention: inviting lots of vips, and creating a buzz who’s coming or not. Well, we noticed many Dutchies found their way to the show, although a few left angry because of the way they were treated. Maybe they were not happy with their seats, or they didn’t receive that much wanted goodiebag?

Anyway we spotted a.o. Bridget Maasland, minister Cramer, soccer-player Edgar Davids, Lieke van Lexmond, model Yfke Sturm and as special guest Alexandra Richards – daughter of Rollings Stones-member Keith Richards.

Supertrash Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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“A new era has begun in which power is back where it belongs, women finally will take over authority. SuperTrash tells this story with her new winter collection, specially created by Power women for Power women! Who can we honor better to celebrate this than the most famous queen of our history that ruled over a whole empire: Miss Cleopatra.” This was according to their pressrelease.

And it was a strong woman indeed that walked the catwalk at the Supertrash-show. And she couldn’t care less what others would think of her ultra-tight, short dresses, high heels, glitzy leggings and comfy cardigans or leather jackets. Colors moved form black to brown, green and off white. Silver studs, golden tinkles and long zippers made it look more tough, while big flower-prints added a touch of femininity.

Supertrash Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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Suptertrash is getting more and more popular in our little fashionminded country and also abroad. The label showed in a crowded venue with former supermodel Janice Dickinson as special guest sitting frontrow.  The collection was split into three themes, Animal Jungle, Blossom and Caleidoscope. The first was inspired by all imperfections of nature, animalprints and flowing lines, the second theme had a spring-connection – elegant, glamourous and a little naive – Caleidoscope was all about colors, tunics and kaftans. Very commercial, very feminine, and a lot of supertrashy fashion.

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