Front Row Sjaak Hullekes FW2012

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Curious who were there at the Sjaak Hullekes show? Check out the front row!

Sjaak Hullekes Preview Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Sjaak Hullekes is the second designer to reveal a little bit of the collection he will show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Together with Bas Kosters Hullekes will present his  fall/winter 2012/2013 collection on the opening-night, Wednesday 25 January at 07.00 PM. He spoke with us about his brand new collection.

“The first time I showed my collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week was in 2007. Although it’s been a while, I’m glad to be back. I decided to show again during AFW since the fashion week has made a new start. It’s more about the fashion again, instead of the people and the party.”

“For us showing at AFW is about showing my work to the press and trying to sell. Yet we also want to give everyone in the audience a small stimulant. It’s good to be able to show our collection to a broader audience.”

“We’re right on schedule for this collection. Since we’re going to Paris a few days before the show, everything had to be done in time. There’s still some work to do but I am not worried. At some point you just have to have faith in the people around you, so I am actually pretty calm.”

“Our inspiration for the show is Gemstone. The collection is about the contrast between the way we work with technology nowadays versus the way in which people just used to work with what the earth had to offer. To get in the mood for this collection we watched the movie Pink Narcissus and we watched clips of Serpentine Dancers. The city Marrakesh was also a big source of inspiration. We visited the city a couple of times and just love how everything stimulates your senses; the hammam, the gardens, the herbs.”

Look & feel
“The color palette of the collection is very rich, we used deep shades like amber and aubergine. We also used Berber influences and you’ll see aesthetic and mystic references.”

“We’re going to show a total of 40 looks; 32 looks we will show on models and 8 other looks will be shown on dancers. I cannot tell you anything more about that. Let’s just keep it a surprise until Wednesday.”

Photography: Jeannette Huisman@Team Peter Stigter

Opening Sjaak Hullekes store

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Pauline Krikke, major of Arnhem, had the honor to open the first shop of Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes. Besides his menswear-collection, Hullekes is the first shop in the Netherlands to sell the wonderful French scented candles of LaDuree. And, soon he will present a small collection of womenswear.
The day of the opening, Hullekes had an interview in de Spits and he told the newspaper he wanted to have a store so he can see how people react to his collections and he can get to know his clients better. “And with a shop you can present the identity of a label better”, he said. Besides the store Hullekes also started a webstore, especially for international sales in the US and Japan.

And the latest news is that Sjaak is collaborating with shoe-designer Fred de la Bretonniere, he will be responsible for a new womenswear-collection!

Sjaak Hullekes, Kerkstraat 34, Arnhem ; more info

Backstage at Sjaak Hullekes

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Team Peter Stigter went backstage at the intimate presentation of Sjaak Hullekes’ fall winter collection 2011 in the Institut Neerlandais in Paris. We watched the models getting dressed carefully by the designer himself and we also discovered the beautiful, elegant logo Hullekes has developed for his fashionbrand.

At his blog we read he will be opening his first shop soon in march in Arnhem. Cant’t wait to see the collection there!

Sjaak Hullekes Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes showed his new menswear collection in Paris this week. Like you’d expect from Sjaak it was full of perfectly tailored designs, like neat trousers, blouses, coat and some winter proof cardigans. Sjaak used a beautiful colored palette ranging from light grey to camel to black. His designs were all very wearable and he showed nothing too over the top. Two items people will need some time to adjust to were Sjaak’s black shirt made of a large netting and a white version with a netted collar. Apart from those two items, we’re sure the collection will be a definite hit once it hits the stores.

Sjaak Hullekes wins Dutch Fashion Award 2009

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Sjaak Hullekes won this years Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award, and received a price of € 25.000,- to extend his brand. Last friday the third edition of the MBDFA took place. After being held in Amsterdam twice, for this edition the Dutch fashionscene was gathered in The Hague.

For these annual award five Dutch designers were chosen by an international jury. Bas Kosters, Iris van Herpen, Mada van Gaans, Sjaak Hullekes en Jeroen van Tuyl were all nominated for their distinctive designer style.

The most important award of the evening is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Award. It goes to the designer who is most likely to succeed on an international level.

On the night of the awards Sjaak showed an enlarged version of his summer collection, called Oscar. Backstage before the show he told Team Peter Stigter: ‘The Fashion Awards are something I look forward to every year. Winning an award on this special night is really a great way to get noticed on a national and international level. It’s a great boost for your label and your career.’

Sjaak thinks he won the award because he distinguishes himself in the use of fabric. ‘I use natural materials, light fabrics like silk or linen. These are materials you usually wouldn’t expect for a menswear collection. My tailoring and the many details I use in my designs are aspects that mark me off as a designer too.’

Apart from his way of designing Sjaak also stands out because of the niche market he designs for. ‘In Holland everything always has to be favoured by the crowd. I’m glad I design for a special group of intelligent, classic, sensitive men unafraid to address their feminine side.’

The money-prize Sjaak won will be invested in his label. ‘We will continue doing what we were doing. We can use the money to maintain the status we reached. We also want to explore the new vision we have on men.’

Sjaak thinks he will be successful in Japan, America, Italy and France. In time he wants to build a strong and independent fashion label. We wish him all the best.

Tess van Daelen

DFF Prelude: Catta Donkersloot & Sjaak Hullekes Presentation SS10

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By Ivo Wiermans

It’s time for change! And we don’t refer to the legendary words spoken by Obama, but to the atmosphere at Prelude. You know, the seasonal event on the eve of Amsterdam Fashion Week, where young Dutch fashion talents show their newest collections. The young designers at Prelude brought a unanimous message. Long-lasting designs, with a focus on shape and excelling with simplicity, showed a new generation of designers that prefers high quality to short-term fashions

In the hotel lobby of The Grand Catta Donkersloot presented her collection, which was inspired by poppy flowers and summer birds. The feeling of a warm and romantic summer resulted in graceful ribbon-covered dresses, some decorated with bird prints. The models were draped at the lobby furniture, looking like taken away by a sunny day dream.
Inside one of the hotel’s most impressive rooms, the fashion show by Sjaak Hullekes took place. The collection covered preppy outfits with Riviera-like pieces: shorts, chinos, blazers and polo shirts. Accessories and other small details were both surprising and delicate. Small leather belts covered shirts, very short shorts had fringes at the legs and male models wore bow ballerinas. ‘I want to create a new androgyny in fashion,’ explained Hullekes after the presentation. ‘With small I want to give a new impulse to classic men’s fashion.’ The items and colour palet – bright pink, beige and brown – had a vintage look. ‘My menswear has a vintage edge, but when you come closer you’ll see the renewing materials and high quality’, Hullekes concludes.

Sjaak Hullekes Prelude Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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