Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear FW2014

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Prabal Gurung payed a trip to his home in Nepal and visited a tiny place called Mustang in the Himalayas. He was caught by the traditional culture and serenity and translated that into his fall-collection.
The designer infused his lineup with a sense of ease beginning with beautiful melange knits — capes and trapeze shapes — elegantly bundled with scarves and crafty Mongolian lamb coats worn over draped chiffon skirts. Nepal provided more than inspiration — some of the cashmeres were produced there.

There was balance to everything, whether the fluidity and structure of tailored jackets and pants laced with draped satin panels, or the drama and softness of cocktail dresses and gowns embellished with mosaic crystals and ostrich feathers.

Done in warm colors, such as crimson and orange, the finale was romantic and racy.

Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2014

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Prabal Gurung took a very modern take on womanly traditions, or in his words, “femininity with a bite.” His inspiration cam from the 50’s elegance, especially Marilyn Monroe. Gurung’s colors, the roses and the Marilyn-esque glamour were all imaginatively retooled throughout the canadian discount viagra online collection, which opened with the models lined up behind clear plastic walls.
There was also a clinical element to the show, which Gurung used to subvert the retro sophistication. White double-bonded cotton poplin dresses with fold-over details backed in pastels brought to mind nurse uniforms. There was also a collision of athletic details and tony classics.

Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear New York FW2013

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For his fall 2013 collection Prabal Gurung took inspiration from an article about US military body armor for women which he read in Time Magazine. The basic idea of the collection was empowerment. Gurung feminized the classic army-wear of olive green and navy tailoring inventively, slimming the cuts, accentuating waistlines with belts and leather harnesses, and topping off day-wear with white fur. Chunky knits and slinky satin skirts and blouses featured fleshy cutouts and epaulet details. Skirts were shown with thigh-high footwear that approximated leg braces. With women dressed like this we can win the war.

Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2012

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In Prabal Gurung’s fall collection Hell and Heaven came together, starting off with all black, followed by a blue period, and culminating in a finale of gold and ivory.  To the press the designer talked about his own spiritual quest, about embracing both the dark and the light within.
The show went from dark to light, beginning with all-black looks on brunette/black models, then a blue section on girls with light brown hair, followed by the ivory and gold finale shown on blondes. With this collection Gurung moved away from the ladyfied looks that got him noticed in the first place.

A sense of precision was revealed in well-defined lines: sculpted coats, tunics and sexy bootleg trousers; a black neoprene dress with sheer tulle inserts at the waist and neck accessorized with a patent-leather spine harness. Bold variations on spring’s Rorschach-like prints turned up, as did the flounced-skirt silhouette.

Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2012

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For his sumer collection Prabal Gurung brought sweetness and bondage together. Inspired by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki he came up with a gorgeous sensual flower print that he used in most of his designs. It was there on his dresses, shorts, skirts and pants finished off by dark lines and edges.

Apart from the vivid print there was a lot of sheerness too. Dresses had cut-outs in all imaginable places and transparent fabrics were used to cover up arms and legs. Gurung used sequins, lace, latex in shades like turquoise, purple, white and black.

His models looked confident, sexy and tough, just like he intended to. Yet it felt like there was a little too much going on at once. He might have pushed the boundaries a little too far with the dark edges, the sheer fabric ánd the cutouts.

But that surely won’t stop front row Nicki Minaj from wearing his designs; she is all about taking her outfits to the next level and not giving a damn.


Prabal Gurung Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2011

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Prabal Gurung got the inspiration for his romantic-with-an-edge collection from Miss Havisham, the rich, heartbroken bride that becomes mad in the Charles Dickens novel ‘Great Expectations’.

That explains the beautifully made and seductive dresses in scarlet or blush pink with dramatic flaws: a ‘wrong’ shoulder above a full skirt, a black leather jacket contrasting with a lacy chiffon skirt, harlequin patterned pants, a juicy mix of red with pink. But also fabrics that were washed so many times they almost began to break down. Fur and feathers worked into the surfaces also gave that disordered look.

It was a daring collection, since Prabal Gurung’s signature seemed more the American sportswear-style. But the designer explained he was in for a new challenge and it seems it worked out very well for him.