Cacharel Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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Today Cacharel showed us a lot of what the brand is famous for: prints. They were there on the skirts, tops, dresses and coats and were computer printed. Some designs had small flowers all over them, others had larger patterns. A 16th century French tapestry appeared to be the inspiration for these prints. So Cedric Charlier, whose second collection for Cacharel this was, literally ‘used the history of the brand (the prints) and took it to the future’ (computer prints), like he told the press.

The warm colors (red, gold, burgundy, green) were breathtaking and perfect for autumn. Especially a golden skirt with a red top and a black cardigan looked lovely, and very wearable too!

Made of silk and wool most pieces looked pretty decent. The long sleeved dresses (knee-length), the belted coats, and the skirts (above the knee) were not very exciting when it came to shape. Still the models looked very elegant and well-dressed in it.

The great thing about this Cacharel collection is the fact that almost any woman will find something she likes. And, while the designs are so wearable, she will easily be able to mix and match that item with clothes from her own wardrobe.

Manish Arora Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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I remember helping his models get dressed for a show he gave in the Netherlands. I was amazed by the colorful architectural designs he had created. I loved how his designs were embroidered with crystals and beads. It was all so different from everything I had seen before.

With his fall/winter collection Manish Arora proved he still had that ability to amaze people. We were wowed by an off white dress with eye-catching, padded shoulders and a strange print. A dress with a pink peacock pattern and a gray sequined top caught our attention as well.

Apart from the peacock influences and some floral details Arora used a lot of geometrical prints in every color of the rainbow (all made from beads and crystals). The emphasize of the clothes was clearly on the shoulders and upper arms. Rounded and pointy designs alternated each other.

As if there wasn’t enough color used in the clothes all model wore bright, short wigs and contrasting colorful eye make-up. The last three girls even had a luminous bundle of treads on both side of their heads.

Manish Arora’s show full was a lot of fun to watch. Not all designs will be very wearable, but when you show this much creativity in a collection wearability is not all that matters.

Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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With their hair combed backwards and their black (mean) eyes Rick Owens’ models looked like a tribe of wild, powerful women. Their asymmetrical clothes had the most unusual shapes. Some of the garments even seemed to exist of only a thick blanket in some way sewn to make it wearable.

The show felt dark in many ways. The runway was hardly lighted, the models wore dark make-up and, as always with Owens, the clothes had a very dark edge to them. Yet we must say it was pleasant to see some earthy shades of green, gray and brown, in stead of all the black we saw last season. Owens even used a splash of metallic in some of his designs.

His materials varied from fur to wool and leather. Most of the leather jackets had eye-catching standing collars, which made the models look even tougher.

A combination of a long waistcoat and a hoodie was repeated throughout the show several times. It came by in a gold/beige metallic version and in fur and leather. One of them had geometric patterns all over it. Those patterns and the zigzag leggings felt pretty renewing for Rick Owens.

Many of the clothes were decorated with small pointy pieces of (what looked like) plastic. The small hooks with which they were attached were clearly visible.

The models wore wedge boots and remarkable gloves with fur details. Their big leather belts made them look extra powerful.

So all though ladies will have to make their way to the Rick Owens store next season. Let’s see if they can make those tribal designs work without the crazy hair and make-up from the show.

Balmain Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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Many of us must have thought it would be time for Balmain to say goodbye to the emphasized shoulders. But just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more variations to his pointy shoulders and military influences, Christophe Decarnin impressed us with his glittery, sexy, shoulder-emphasized dresses and military jackets.

The dresses were short and came in gold with black or purple. They had some Baroque-inspired floral patterns on them, made from shiny sequins. We loved the dresses and the whole eighties vibe around them, including Prince’s song ‘Let’s get crazy’, which actually proved to be a good catwalk song.

The pointy shoulders seemed to look the best on the short snappy dresses and on some slim cut jackets. We just didn’t get the same glam rock vibe from the three long dresses. But we suppose they had to represent the small ‘winter part’ of the collection, together with a few tight shiny pantsuits.

Apart from the glitters, the gold and the black Decarnin’s designs were colored purple. The color popped up two or three times: on a fur coat, a dress and a tight velvet jacket.

We can not say this Balmain collection was very renewing but it surely had some amazing success-items in it that will keep the sales as sky-high as they’ve become since Decarnin got involved. Never change a winning look?!

Oscar de la Renta Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

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The first things that caught our attention at the Oscar de la Renta fashion show were Jessica Biel sitting front row and the hair and make-up of the models. All girls had a classic look going on: beautiful eyes and lips and flawless curls. Even the spiky hair of model Freja Beha Erichsen now looked amazing.

The clothes were pretty impressive as well. The striking colors alone would make you look twice on the street. A woollen coat in red had a purple fur collar. A silk dress came in shiny orange, followed by a cobalt blue one. We also saw outfits in emerald green, turquoise and pink.

A couple of designs had a busy indescribable print, others were embellished with sequins in different shapes and sizes.

All models were very well-dressed. The dresses all stopped at knee-length and had very decent collars and necklines. The collection was spiced up a bit by some transparent tops and a pair of trousers (one of the three trousers in the whole collection) with several cut-outs.

Oscar’s evening dresses seemed to belong to four different collections. Some were column shaped, other were voluptuous. A few had floral prints, others had small polka dots. Some had sequins, others were transparent. A few came in black and white, others were turquoise or fuchsia colored.

The final dress was our favourite one: long, silver colored and shiny. It had a gorgeous collar and was completed with the perfect belt, brooch and clutch.

Overall Oscar de la Renta showed an elegant, feminine collection, yet he should have made it a little bit more cohesive.

Carolina Herrera Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

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Though Carolina Herrera recently stated she would watch her expenses, at her fashion show there was no sign of her cutting back. The sophisticated clothes were as luxurious as ever. Then again with a brand new boutique in Las Vegas, an extra children’s collection and sold out eight thousand dollar gowns, Herrera probably won’t be hindered by the economic crisis.

Her elegant clothes represented wealth and luxury. The fur details, the wide legged trousers and the chique dresses all looked very elegant. Not to mention the blouses with Herrera’s signature puff sleeves. They had the perfect size, shape, ruffles and pleating.

Caronlina Herrera used shades of deep red, silver, beige and grey. She added a few brush stroke prints and in two ochre colored dresses she even dared to show a tropical print.

Accessories like felt hats, leather waist belts and silver earrings completed the looks.

The finale was all about tight column dresses which accentuated the models’ silhouettes in the most perfect way. From the knee down those dresses flared up so the models – though carefully – were able to walk.

Carolina Herrera’s collection was pure, feminine, chique and everything it was supposed to be. Financial crisis or not, we’re sure there will be many wealthy ladies standing in line for this collection next fall.

Claes Iversen Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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Claes Iversen’s collection called Le Petite Femme was indeed a very feminine collection. We saw lots of ruffles and shiny kristall flowers.

Claes showed some great designs in which heavy winter fabrics were mixed with transparent organza. From under some skirts and dresses was a transparent layer visible. A checked skirt was matched with a floralprinted blouse. All blouses had a small cute collar.

The collars in this collection were bordeaux red, gold, pink and navy blue.

At the ending of the show a model appeared in a white wedding dress full of price tags. But not only the dress, also the model’s face and the veil of the dress had price tags added to them.

We already heard a lot of people saying Claes’ collection was great and we couldn’t agree more.

Mattijs Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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Tonight we saw what Mattijs was all about. His fashion show contained some qualitative, wearable fashion items.

Just as in his latest collection he presented a lot of pleated designs, like a black and a red pleated dress combined with golden belts and bracelets. Other eye-catching details were ruffles and frayed ends with long threads hanging at the bottom of some dresses.

We saw a fur balloon-shaped skirt and tops with puffy sleeves. The models wore snake leather shoes.
Mattijs used crazy color combinations like turquoise with pink. And again we saw a lot of metallic and shiny fabrics.

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