Oscar de la Renta Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

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The first things that caught our attention at the Oscar de la Renta fashion show were Jessica Biel sitting front row and the hair and make-up of the models. All girls had a classic look going on: beautiful eyes and lips and flawless curls. Even the spiky hair of model Freja Beha Erichsen now looked amazing.

The clothes were pretty impressive as well. The striking colors alone would make you look twice on the street. A woollen coat in red had a purple fur collar. A silk dress came in shiny orange, followed by a cobalt blue one. We also saw outfits in emerald green, turquoise and pink.

A couple of designs had a busy indescribable print, others were embellished with sequins in different shapes and sizes.

All models were very well-dressed. The dresses all stopped at knee-length and had very decent collars and necklines. The collection was spiced up a bit by some transparent tops and a pair of trousers (one of the three trousers in the whole collection) with several cut-outs.

Oscar’s evening dresses seemed to belong to four different collections. Some were column shaped, other were voluptuous. A few had floral prints, others had small polka dots. Some had sequins, others were transparent. A few came in black and white, others were turquoise or fuchsia colored.

The final dress was our favourite one: long, silver colored and shiny. It had a gorgeous collar and was completed with the perfect belt, brooch and clutch.

Overall Oscar de la Renta showed an elegant, feminine collection, yet he should have made it a little bit more cohesive.

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