Carolina Herrera Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

February 16, 2010 by  
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Though Carolina Herrera recently stated she would watch her expenses, at her fashion show there was no sign of her cutting back. The sophisticated clothes were as luxurious as ever. Then again with a brand new boutique in Las Vegas, an extra children’s collection and sold out eight thousand dollar gowns, Herrera probably won’t be hindered by the economic crisis.

Her elegant clothes represented wealth and luxury. The fur details, the wide legged trousers and the chique dresses all looked very elegant. Not to mention the blouses with Herrera’s signature puff sleeves. They had the perfect size, shape, ruffles and pleating.

Caronlina Herrera used shades of deep red, silver, beige and grey. She added a few brush stroke prints and in two ochre colored dresses she even dared to show a tropical print.

Accessories like felt hats, leather waist belts and silver earrings completed the looks.

The finale was all about tight column dresses which accentuated the models’ silhouettes in the most perfect way. From the knee down those dresses flared up so the models – though carefully – were able to walk.

Carolina Herrera’s collection was pure, feminine, chique and everything it was supposed to be. Financial crisis or not, we’re sure there will be many wealthy ladies standing in line for this collection next fall.

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