Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2017

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President Trump— or reaction against him — has been all over the runways, or more accurately, all over show notes and backstage conversations in New York and Milan. Angela Missoni’s reaction made it onto the chairs in another way as well — in hats. Hundred of pink pussy hats, the accessory symbol of feminist outrage over the Trump presidency. But it did not mean the collection had a political message, it was all about chic.
Angela Missoni dived into the family archive embracing the house patterns and colors in all their flamboyance. But Missoni managed to control the frenzy, keeping to one pattern per look or subtler combinations. And she favored linear silhouettes, creating a sense of sporty chic.

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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Spaghetti bolognese, espresso and their fiery temperaments. Oh boy, do we love those Italians. But if we talk fashion, we can’t skip their nation of knitters. Something we seem to forget sometimes, but Angela Missoni will make you remember it in the best way she can. Their idiosyncratic patterns, knittings and use of bold colours make us wish we had some Italian DNA ourselves. Or at least own a beautiful house near the Riva del Garda, with a beautiful patio where we can sip our homemade wines all day long. As perfect as this sounds (we know, working on it), that’s how imperfect this collection was. Not in a bad way, but if you expected anything super matchy-matchy, here’s your sorrynotsorry. Because the many layers of color and pattern in each piece may not match in a classic way, but worked surprisingly well as a total look. Stripes, zigzags and checks on every level and in every way, from oversized cardigans, dresses, tunics and sweaters to chunky beanies and almost floor-sweeping scarves. Towards the end the more eighties and bohemian slim-cut disco dresses and plissé maxi dresses in shimmery black and silver showed they can do more than just drown us with what once made them so famous.

Missoni Milan Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Menswear FW2015

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On a catwalk ‘built’ out of a mix of printed rugs, Angela Missoni presented her F/W looks, also all about a mix of prints. Inspired by Trans Siberian travelers she used prints and colors you’d come across on this exotic journey. Prints ranged from holographic to geometric (some almost matched the tapestry) in predominant shades of blue, red and beige. Pieces varied from pleated pants, shirt and tie to more free spirited wrap tops and open coats. Large scarfs tossed around. Therewith Missoni overs a city chic style for every man. The family guy, the globe trotter and even the office clark (in knitted or woven, checked suits).

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2015

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Seating celebrities front row at your fashion show might not be such a thing anymore, Johnny, Angela Missoni’s English bulldog, did earn his ‘frow’ spot at Missoni. And there’s no doubt about Johnny liking the sugar sweet, ultra light spring collection. Although the extremely long and lean knitted dresses would probably not be a perfect match. Relaxing maxi skirts, dresses and trenchcoats with lace and tulle parts followed each other in rainbow pastel shades with not only a subtle vector print but some wave and floral details too. Like at Fendi the orchid popped up quite a few times. Flat sandals, colored turbans and bright red lips topping the full on summer looks off.

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2014

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Earth, air, fire and water were the four basic ingredients of the Missoni show on Sunday, which came together in Angela Missoni’s vivid collection. Prints of waves smashing on rocks, abstract birds, mountains and multiple variations of wavy patterns were used on what seemed to be travel inspired clothing. Like asymmetric sarong-styles, caftan-shapes and sari-silhouettes in vibrant shades of blue, turquoise, pink, orange and fuchsia, followed by a series of designs in black and white. No doubt these looks will work perfectly in any holiday destination, but for the normal everyday city life it maybe all appeared buy viagra without prescription a little too bold and experimental. Especially since subtler prints and softer shades always work so well for the brand. The final selection of monochrome looks, which had the Italian fashion house’s brand name printed all over them, might just be picked up, however. As brand names may be clearly visible again and ‘logomania’ might even become bigger next year.

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Menswear SS2014

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Angela Missoni presented a fresh, comfortable ss14 collection and introduced a new loom knit made with a rubber coated yarn in indigo, sand and sage green, which she used to create overcoats and short parkas.
Cardigans — some loosely knit, others light  — had an airy feel and were done in a palette inspired by West African fabrics. The fabrics were also used as inspiration for classic men’s suits, featuring plaid patchwork patterns on cool wool, as well as a series of pleated linen pants and cargo shorts.

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Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2013

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Missoni ended with a standing ovation today. Also, for the first time Angela spoke to the press about still having hope for Vittorio and her wish to carry on, be strong and focus on work. So without any hesitations the Missoni fall/winter collection was presented like any other show on the Milan Fashion Week schedule. It included loungewear, from pj’s to bathrobes. With bare shoulders, sheerness and fishnets many looks felt slightly too fresh for fall, yet layering up those pieces by comfy cardigans was Angela’s winter proof solution. Touches of light green, pink and blue brightened up the black and white color palette. Some of the shades were used to a degrade effect making two long lean dresses change from white to pink and grey to black. A full on off white winter look, made a perfect new season picture as Missoni demonstrated monotone, in this case sporty, looks will stay in fashion. Not a lot of signature zig zag prints, yet with all the layering and material mixes there’s not a dull moment in sight.



Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Angela Missoni re-imagined the label’s signature knits through interesting plays with layering and transparency, often veiling the pieces in soft organza for an ethereal effect. A short fitted dress in a patchwork of pink knits was visible under a looser one in pink organza, and a sequined sheer floor-length gown was shown over a white knit version that hugged the body.
Missoni has a strong eye for color – often in gradations of greens and oranges – and the silhouettes and proportions were in control so the clothes had a certain allure. The final black dresses had a slight futuristic vibe.

Missoni Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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With models stepping on colored sand arranged in chevron shapes, Angela Missoni presented a collection for fashion nomads. The house’s fine, patterned knits — with their aged, sandy aspect — looked as though they came from under some desert rock. The weave pattern crept across military-flavored utility jackets, part of the brand’s expanding outerwear offer.
As the show progressed, color stepped in, with beetle-green sequins glinting across the chest of a crewneck sweater, or a zigzag blaze of poppy, ruby and pink threads erupting on a short-sleeve brown Henley in ribbed cotton and linen.

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2012

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Long, lean silhouettes determined the Missoni fall/winter collection we saw today. And while the looks were very feminine, Angela Missoni added a fresh touch of grunge to her outfits. It was visible through the hair (divided into three parts), the eye catching jewellery (large earrings – in one ear – brooches and matching waist belts) and the odd styling (wrongly buttoned vests).

The new look for fall was also dictated by patchwork details (we saw earlier this week) which combined knits with fur. Presented in shades ranging from faded pastels tot seventies shades to different grey and turquoise tones it made up for a graceful collection.

Skirts and dresses below the knee were combined with body wrap tops and long leather gloves. The label’s signature zigzag print had made way for lines, stain-like prints and graphical patterns.

Angela showed a fresh, young collection and clearly tried to do something different this time. And well.., we think she succeeded.

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