Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

February 29, 2016 by  
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Spaghetti bolognese, espresso and their fiery temperaments. Oh boy, do we love those Italians. But if we talk fashion, we can’t skip their nation of knitters. Something we seem to forget sometimes, but Angela Missoni will make you remember it in the best way she can. Their idiosyncratic patterns, knittings and use of bold colours make us wish we had some Italian DNA ourselves. Or at least own a beautiful house near the Riva del Garda, with a beautiful patio where we can sip our homemade wines all day long. As perfect as this sounds (we know, working on it), that’s how imperfect this collection was. Not in a bad way, but if you expected anything super matchy-matchy, here’s your sorrynotsorry. Because the many layers of color and pattern in each piece may not match in a classic way, but worked surprisingly well as a total look. Stripes, zigzags and checks on every level and in every way, from oversized cardigans, dresses, tunics and sweaters to chunky beanies and almost floor-sweeping scarves. Towards the end the more eighties and bohemian slim-cut disco dresses and plissé maxi dresses in shimmery black and silver showed they can do more than just drown us with what once made them so famous.

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