Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2016

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Micheal Kors’ show was all about function made special and chic — coats (and more coats), sweaters, pants and skirts. How everyday can it be? Kors opened with the basics — peacoat, white blouse, pullover and jeans, but the jeans happened to be feathered from the knees down. Camel made it onto the runway in a shawl-collared coat — a floral mink, worn over a sweater and cropped pant. Other coats got abundant fur collars or were cut in glistening floral brocades. An officer’s coat was sashed in mink. Another simple pleasure, knitted cashmere, came in a charcoal sweater-and-skirt duet that got the reality diva treatment with feathers. Kors kept his shapes from classic to retro.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2015

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Opulent restraint, that was the theme of Michael Kors fall 2015 collection. A very American idea referring to Wallace Simpson, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. All of these women understood how to play with the yin and the yang.
Kors’ fall collection was runway reality at its most alluring. He showed both languid and tailored, the former in pretty bias dresses and sweater dressing; the latter working that gender yin-yang crossover — tweeds, trousers, crisp shirts and especially the outerwear, including a trench-cape hybrid worthy of an ultrachic Sherlock. In the opulent column, Kors’ fabrics were luxe, but often quietly so — the tony cashmeres and wools, the silk foulards.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2015

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Michael Kors’s collection can be described as American optimism, feminine but also rugged and sporty.

Seethrough such skirts played a role in Kors’ prevailing silhouette — waist-centric with a full skirt that indeed hints at the Fifties without ever making the trip to retro. The polite transparency recurred as well, wearability achieved when paired with crisp, elongated skirts.
Flowers abounded — pristine daisy appliqués on all-white looks; a camellia print on a pajama; big geraniums embroidered on indigo mikado. Kors delivered on the sporty side of his equation with cropped chinos, one pair worn with a shirt and gray cashmere pullover with matching corsage; strong outerwear, and his grounded footwear. This included a rugged sandal set on a prim, low heel. The style’s name, at least on Sunday morning: the Jesus Kitten.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear FW2014

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Michael Kors designs clothes for real women with real lives and real wardrobe preferences. These women take care of their bodies and prefer a little sexy with their fashion.Kors is happy to go public with his love for women with real bodies (albeit well-toned), women in their 30s, 40s and beyond. He knows that most of those women would rather look mainstream glamorous than stop-traffic-fashiony.
The collection Kors showed played to those women with panache and charm.
The silhouettes were almost invariably relaxed and rooted in sportswear — a great coat over a sweater and chiffon skirt; a chunky hand-knit over a fringed suede skirt. Plays of texture were key — thick sweater knits, mannish tweeds, flannels, python, sequins, chiffon, fil coupé — worn in the most inviting of combinations.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2014

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His latest collections might not all have been hits, but for s/s2014 Michael Kors is back on track. The American designers sent out a perfect collection of wearable designs for a walk in the park on the first day of spring as well as for those mid summer hot NYC rooftop parties. He described the designs as “romantic but tailored”, which translated into soft, fluid tailoring with a focus on the waist. Forties and seventies were brought together in light printed flare dresses, high waisted shorts with neat shirts tucked into them and pencil skirts worn with python printed (leather) tops. Most girls looked office proof, yet thanks to the floral printed skirts (and matching bikini tops) they could be beach ready within minutes too. High slits and viagra on line canada low V-lines took the collection into evening wear, where sheer fabrics and small cut-outs made Kors’ women appear even more seductive. Leaf prints and a natural color palette ranging from white to green, and beige to navy were simple but perfect. Nothing too shocking or extremely progressive here, just beautiful clothes for the American (minded) woman.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2013

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Rugby stripes, bold blocks of color, digital prints of clouds and pools, hints of the mod 1960s. Michael Kors went for  “geometric glamour.” The collection had a crisp look and feel. Sixties & stripes played a major role this season in New York, so Kors is right on track.
There were covetable items like a one-piece tank suit with zips on the sides, a white  leather shirtdress with gold snap closures, and trim coats in primary brights.

Micheal Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2012

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Michael Kors chose a rustic-luxe cabin in the woods in wintertime as his location, what collection will fit there we all can guess.  Buffalo checks and fox fur. His trick, as always, was to filter it all through his glamorous yet practical lens. Manhattan meets Aspen, besides lots of fur women who prefer their outerwear on the tamer side Kors, showed tartan chesterfields and striped blanket ponchos with deep fringe.

Daywear was all about the mix: an almost conservative midi-length skirt paired with a knit lace tank bustier, or black leather adding edge to a gray plaid dress. Cocktail hour continued to match country with city—like the ivory fisherman sweater and the gold lace skirt.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2012

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Michael Kors ‘afriluxe’ collection wasn’t the most flattering we’ve seen from him. His models wore oversized djellebas, scruffy skirts, shredded tops and gladiator (which often and on the worst fashion item list) sandals.

Yet he did manage to give that African theme his own touch of glamour. He came up with some cute animal prints, feather dresses and his accessories upgraded the collection. He designed leather bags with crocodile belts, waist&chestbelts (2 in 1) and some snakeskin bangles and chunky chokers.

His animal printed dresses looked the most wearable and will probably be the hit of this spring collection. Also Kors’ bathing suits with sophisticated leather details will make his clientèle look swell on the beach. Yet the rest of the collection failed to impress and we seriously wonder who’d wanna spend a thousand dollars on a scrappy patchwork sweater and skirt.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2011

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It was a great Michael Kors Greatest Hits-show, with lots of topmodels wearing wonderful clothes with that typical Michael Kors casual accent.

You don’t have to tell Kors anything about a good fashionshow and -collection, especially after a remarkable 30 years in fashion.  Kors’ grit, grounded ethos and overarching optimism have been tested and retested, and have endured with great style. He has always gave women what they wanted. His anniversary provided an obvious occasion for reflection. Kors wanted to incorporate elements of each decade in his anniversary-collection:the sporty decadence from the Seventies, the athleticism of the Eighties, restraint from the Nineties and from the Aughties, a little exuberance. But above all he wanted this collection to show his core belief: making people look longer, leaner, leggy; showing off skin; comfort.

Even by Kors standards, this was the purest of collections, worked almost exclusively in a palette of neutrals and, tone-on-tone neutrals.  The prevailing line was lean and structured (a tricot tunic and trousers), languid (a jersey dress and pyjamas) and  racy (stretch jersey jumpsuits). For every clean charcoal flannel jacket and straight-leg trouser, there was a clingy cocktail dress or gown. He loves a tunic for Fall, but they shared the runway with bodysuits. The magic word here was sleek. Nearly every look in the show was monochrome, the better to create that long, uninterrupted line Kors favors. Eveningwear was sparkling and glamorous.

Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2011

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For spring 2011 Michael Kors decided to design happy, colorful clothes. Backstage he was telling how he tried to incorporate all things in life that make him smile into his collection. He got inspired by his large terrace and the great beach life he lives.

The inspiration was visible through the colors in the show: beige, camel, green and pink. ‘In fact all colors I used, are colors you can find in the garden or on the beach’, Michael said.

The backdrop of the show was a green grass turf and even the models had a very natural look going on. Their hair was in a messy ponytail and they got red cheeks, which represented small sun burns.

The clothes were all very relaxed; long, over the knee skirts and jackets and loose fitting tops and dresses.  The designs looked effortless, without being boring. And according to Michael Kors that’s where fashion is going. ‘Clothes are going to be much more relaxed; longer lengths and more comfortable shoes’, he said. A minute later he added: ‘Clothes have to be cosy enough for at home, yet luxurious enough to wear in the city.’

Michael stressed the nature aspect of his collection by sending out some surprising looks which seemed to be made of turf. He showed some stunning bathing suits and combined a grey jersey sweater with a beige-shaded pair of glitter pants together in one contrastive look. The stuffy granny’s hats were not quite our taste, yet overall Michael showed enough great designs to choose from.

And the fact that he was proud of it, was proved by his whole victory lap at the end of the show. Bravo!

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