Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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The fall-collection of Bottega Veneta exuded in precision and discipline, with lean silhouettes and narrow fit. There were tailored jackets and skirt suits cut straight. It was just simple, chic elegance in black, navy and maroon. Fabrics were rich and decorations modest, a big brooch, pendants and earrings. Controlled, but not forced.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta likes experiencing with materials, colors and effects. Well, the lean pristine suits he sent out this morning with optical effects in geometric color blocking were sure new and daring. But the effect was not always working out well. Later on the collection took a more cool and rock ‘n roll turn with knits and outerwear, like biker jackets and coats with graphic black rubber details.

In a season of mixed materials, Tomas Maier lightly applied tonal accents and contrasts, like glistening patches that looked like plastic tape. Fabrics were rich and warm, yet ultra light. Flocked velvet dripped from the V-neck of a black cashmere sweater; black cashmere-velvet pads capped the shoulders of short jackets and rubber details gave wool coats an urban touch.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan ss2012

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For Bottega Veneta ss2012 Tomas Maier wanted to make a collection with a sense of freedom and high spirits. He managed to create clothes with a certain joy in its mix of colors and textures. The colors were so strong and full, the silhouettes so feminine and free and the fabrics modern yet comfortable. Maier started with corsetted dresses, followed by shirt dresses of matt silk en leather inserts that gave it a cool attitude.

As always the collection was full of ideas from trouser-suits to wide knits, elegant silk dresses with ethnic/geometric patterns and transparent overlays. The tunic dresses and tops had a hippie-feeling, while the rich colors (indigo, purple, red, fuchsia, orange) and organic feel of the fabrics gave it a more homemade character. Of course there were some signature dresses that were tied and twisted around the body and looked very sophisticated.


Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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Oh, how I wish every man would dress like Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta uses to dress his men. How tough, sensitive and beautiful they would look in one outfit. The Bottega Veneta ss2012-collection proved it again. Impeccable suits in decent colors and patterns, soft and tough leather pants and jackets, workwear de luxe in denim and leather and intelligent mixes of prints, knitwear and fabrics. It seemed a fine mix of the inventive and the innovative without screaming or being to eccentric.

The sheer quality of the materials put the collection into a high register and the essential alost invisible codes of the house were all there, especially in the soft bags folded under the arm like giant envelopes. Even the use of ‘shocking’ colors, as in turquoise or green suits, the result was still classy.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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The collection of Bottega Veneta was about color, textures, proportions and a very feminine, grown up image of women. The program-notes said the collection was something  “between restraint and exuberance.”
But this collection was more about fabric development, this fall with a deliberately weighty, homespun feel for daywear, often in bold colorslike dark pink, mustard, pale yellow, orange and deep red. It looked inviting in thick tweed wools but a bit itchy on mohairs. The look became ladylike thanks to Sixties retro hairdo’s. The coats were minimalist and skirts were above the knee, with off-white stockings and high heels. Some of the other looks included jersey tunics and blousons — like sweatshirts – and very simple dresses in black-tinted white silk overlaid with black lace.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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The Bottega Veneta collection was a relaxed mix of formal and informal wear, with cozy knits, wrinkled and washed fabrics, layers and color. Besides black and grey, Tomas Maier spoiled his customers with red, mustard-yellow, green and blue. Just what a man needs during the day.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Just like his menswearcollection for ss2010 Tomas Maier tried to mix formal and casual wear into ultra-comfortable womenswear without losing the feminine touch. So flowing dresses got structure thanks to leather inserts, tankstops were attached to wide skirts decorated with studs, dresses were long, wide and fluid and suits looked as if they came straight out of the water.

The silhouette was close to the body but never tight, sometimes (crocodile) leather contrasted with the  silk and jerseys that had a wetlook.  It was the fluidity of the fabrics that gave the collection it’s sensual touch. Colors were rather modest compared to the vivid pinks and yellows we spotted in other collections. Bottlegreen, gray, black, white, babyblue and taupe were the key-colors. The flat sandals and slippers accentuated  the casual theme.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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The Bottega Veneta show was a parade of sexy, well-dressed men from the beginning till the end. Apart from making beautiful garments Tomas Maier had fun with it too. There were all sorts of playful details on the clothes he designed.

One detail that kept coming back was a thin loose-hanging collar/piece of fabric. It had absolutely no function, it was just a funny accent.

Other playful details Maier added were lots of zippers, drawstrings, pockets and rolled up sleeves and legs. Those gave the outfits a more technical and sporty look, while the double breasted suit jackets with the pointy collars appeared more formal.

Maier chose to use a few colors (blue, red, green), but managed to keep the looks very manly. The leather bags, that bring in an important part of the fashion house’s sales, matched with the hues of the clothes.

Altogether the suits, the belted trousers, the leather shorts, the parkas and the torso-revealing tops made a steady menswear collection from which any modern man would love to have one or two items…

..together with the bearded models and their hot bodies it all resulted in a wonderful fashion show.

Spring is in the air #4

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Time to put on something white, a shirt, skirt or dress. Add some color with a yellow cardigan or purple tie-dyed scarf – like the collection of Bottega Veneta. And keep it simple and clean.

Bottega Veneta Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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This was a different collection at Bottega Veneta. Tomas Maier switched the nonchalant chic for tough, black leather and over-designed pieces. No more sweet, simple dresses in light colors, but rather severe looking dresses in black wool, leather or mixed worn with high boots and triangle-shaped bags. There was even a loosefitting, draped overall in black.

The Bottega Veneta collections used to have a certain edge, colorwise, in shape or in the use of fabric. The fw-collections looked a little bit dreary though. But that doen’t mean there was nothing we loved:  the fluid looking dresses in purple and gray, the coats in shiny techno-fabrics, the eveningdresses in pleated, sheer organza, the pantsuit with green metallic shoes and the pink leather pants with lighter colored shirt.

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