Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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Last week Vivienne Westwood said queen-to-be Kate Middleton had no style and she would never design her wedding dress. Due to that she might have lost some fans, but after the spectacular show of today they’ll come running back soon.

The Westwood show, attended by the likes of Kanye West and Boy George, was one big parade of over-the-top looks. On a golden runway models with dark make-up, crazy headpieces, funky hairdo’s, big big earing, knee socks and costume-like clothing appeared.

They wore loose pants, ultra shorts pants, printed jumpsuits, pencil-like skirts and chalk suit jackets. Shiny accessories (in golden baroque prints) gave the looks a funky twist and some outfits, covered in golden beads and sequins, were too glittery to handle.

The finale was a true fantasy, with one special dress after the other. A ‘classic’ wedding gown was Vivienne’s last masterpiece, with a tight body and loootts of tulle. Indeed, not the kind of dress we picture Kate Middleton in, coming April.

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Today the Vivienne Westwood show area turned into a circus. There were no elephants or tigers, but we saw quite a lot of clowns. Absolutely everything appearing on the runway was screaming for attention. To start with, there was a huge pile of old TV’s on stage. Then the models came on stage. Dresses in colorful, printed, shiny outfits full of crazy details.

Vivienne presented a crazy kind of streetstyle in which we saw rolled up legs, high-waisted pants, short suit jackets, shiny disco-pants, polos, V-neck sweaters and tight swimwear. As if those items weren’t eye-catching enough, they all had different prints. The suits got a mix of checks and stripes, the tops had a more spacey print on them.

On top of the attention-screaming outfits there were some hysterical accessories, like small feminine scarves, colorful belts, striped braces, small printed ties, bright knee stockings (worn in open shoes) and canvas bags. One model had a sailing boat as a hat.

As an extra the models wore questionable wigs and had tattoos. Besides, some entered the runway on skateboards, while others carried big parasols with a text on the show’s theme – endangered species – on it. Even the model’s poses at the end of the catwalk were exaggerated.

If Vivienne Westwood was to portray any message with this collection we think it was that there are no boundaries in fashion and that you have to make your outfit into your own little party.

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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Fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel, the Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beansteak were Westwood’s inspiration for her Prince Charming (fall) collection. Her models wore large colorful crowns, hats and cloaks. Their lips were bright red, their eyes were dark and some models had small mustaches painted on their faces. Very fairy tale-like indeed.

Like children love fairy tales they would have loved this colorful collection. The brightest pieces (in purple, red, mustard yellow and blue) were combined together. Colored leggings, belts, enormous hats and big bags completed the looks. Every item seemed to add more fun to the collection. Yet, apart from a pair of printed black and gold leggings, we probably wouldn’t leave the house soon in any of the designs. The shapes just looked too crazy and many items didn’t look finished.

The emphasized shoulders and the voluminous dresses were two great aspects of the show. Towards the end a white dress with floral prints and a light-colored waist belt looked lovely. An orange/pink gown felt like French couture and would also look perfect on the Sleeping Beauty (plus sleeping is probably the best thing to do in a delicate dress like that).

As in this year’s menswear shows Vivienne Westwood paid some attention to climate change. According to her climate change is, at the moment, the context of everything she does. ‘Like everyone who has woken up to the fact that we are endangered species I try to do something about it. And I wish to understand the world’, she said. Still, apart from a water bottle with the message ‘Stop climate change’ on our seats the problem wasn’t visible during the show.

With this collection Westwood showed a good game of dressing up. But although we knew the inspiration (fairy tales) of the show we didn’t get the one model that seemed to be calling on her cell. We also didn’t understand the dress full of paper streamer. As far as we’re concerned that dress was never worn in any fairy tale. So when we heard ‘If you could read my mind love’ at the end of the show we actually wanted to read Vivienne’s. Caus some parts of the show we just didn’t get.

Groupielove # 15


A piece of paper displaying eco-slogans greeted guests on their seats at Vivienne Westwood. The same messages (“Act fast, slow down, stop climate change”) appeared on the clothes, sometimes pinned to the models’ chests as if they were competitors in a running race.

This is nothing new for a Westwood show; Dame Viv has been spreading her anti-consumerism and pro-green beliefs via the runway for years. The collection trod mostly familiar ground as well. There were the clingy intarsia knits, the wrapped and draped dresses with odd volumes, the bustiers with the deflated bra cups.

The unfinished edges and hems on almost everything reminded you that Westwood did them, if not first, then decades before this season’s manifestations.

Paris Fashion Week ss2010 Impressions #11

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Paris Fashion Week ss2010 Impressions #10

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Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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A show of Vivienne Westwood is always like a little party: you know she’ll send out sexy hunks in funny clothes with some kind of message. This time the models looked scary with their Joker-smile and Zorro-masks. The collection was a  little predictable: printed shirts, full trousers, colorful sportswear and a gimmick now and then.

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear FW09

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Vivienne Westwood Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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