Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan ss2012

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Modern elegance, that is the Marni spring 2012 collection  in two words. Beautiful in it’s simplicity and silhouette, upbeat in it’s color-palette and modern where it comes to print and fabrics. The elegant dresses, just nip-tucked  in the waist, in sorbet-colors where mouth watering, as were the deux pieces. The see through nude-colored skirts that peeped out under the skirts added a sensual touch.

The show started in plain colors, followed by flowerprints in pastels, shades of brown and yellow and multicolored. There was a lightly ethnic vibe in a silver/brown/black print for dresses at the end of the show. But again, this Marni-collection proved that classics can look modern and almost futuristic by the use of high tech fabrics and still be wearable at the same time.

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Trend Report SS2011: Be a sport!

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The world of sports again was a big inspiration for many summer collections. Sporty fabrics (nettings & neopreen), sporty details (lots of zippers and layers pockets or buttons) and sports-influenced accessories (caps, glasses and bags) popped up in many runway shows.

At Marni it was the mix of colors and materials that made the Marni girls look sportive. At Balenciaga the shape and materials gave the inspiration away. For Lacoste classic shades like white, black and red added a sporty touch to the collection and at Celine the fit of the clothes seemed perfect for the sporty types.

So weather you’re sticking with the classic sportswear or opting for some brand new more modern sporty style; you can never go wrong this season. So be a sport and try this new trend on for size!


Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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The fall-collection Marni sent out this morning was completely different from the sporty, vibrating and colorful collection that’s in the stores for spring. And yet, typical Marni, thanks to the motifs, color-choices, chunky shoes and jewelry. The overall look felt vintage with a very modern and contemporary touch.

The shape was rigorous: strict yet softened around the edges. The tone is graphic, dry, non-romantic: juxtapositions of colors and textures give garments a constructivist feel. Straight lines and dense fabrics defined a new dialogue between clothing and body, but the underlying message was definitely feminine.

The silhouette is lean and coherent, with rounded shoulders and hemlines that stop right below the knee. The garments encase the body as they were soft cocoons. Bonded leather coats have an architectonic purity, while furs add a tactile element through intarsia patterns and unexpected tonal combinations. Fabrics had an intense, tactile hand: double-faced wool crepe; wool fil bouclè; bonded lurex knit; knitted wool felt; bonded leather.
The palette was precious and strict, with slight ruptures: tones of black, cream, midnight blue and jade green are accented with flashes of yellow, pink, coral and inky purple.

Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Marni mixed athletic wear with her typical contemporary style into a streamlined, colorful collection with slim sportpants, collarless jackets and mini-dresses as the centerpieces of the collection. Short dustcoats in leather were perforated, minidresses were made of macrame-lace or embellished with embroidered 3D applications. Nearly every outfit was a mix of layers. The silhouet was slim but structured. Colors moved from blue, white and green to pink, orange and yellow.

Colorblocking, contrasting stripes in black, diagonally striped motifs and psychedelic flowerprints added an upbeat touch to the collection. The stiff techno fabrics for mini-dresses and cropped pants sometimes reminded of the Sixties space-style, while the long dresses in hallucinating prints reminded of the Seventies.

This was not one of Marni’ best collections, maybe because she suggested too much. But sport is defenitely back in fashion.

Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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It’s always a surprise which direction the Marni-collection goes. Bohemian, more severe, vintage luxury? For next fall the designer Consuela Castiglione brings light and the optimism of spring to the stores. Not only because of the slightly faded colors – tabac, pink, red, yellow and green – also for the 3/4 pants, bermudas and T-shirts with prints done by the artist Gary Hume.

The overall character of the collection was ladylike, with hourglass cut, stiff skirtsuits, sleeveless jackets and dresses. A small pleated, separate apron added  hips and shape to the silhouette. The colors, metallic details, mosaic prints and treated fabrics  – laminated, transparent, dense, inside out, unfinished –  added a contemporary  elegance tot the clothes.

The shoes and boots- in perforated leather and ponyskin – were tough and modern, the bags elegant and with a modern classic character. And of course the accessories were to die for, big chunky necklaces in matching colors were the finishing touch.

Marni Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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Marni ss2010 is all about a soft and fluid silhouette in sun-bleached colors (pink, yellow, blue, white, gold) with a vintage 20’s feeling. T-shirts, chemisiers, blouses, tunics, skirts and dresses were layered, tied together with ribbons or belts and often worn with black&white striped leggings or kneelength bikershorts. Very laidback and relaxed but with enough elegance to wear it to the office. No necklaces, but wouden bangles, antique earclips and a silk scarf wrapped around the head. Large flowerprints were mixed with stripes, dots or checks, combinations of materials (silk & cotton, linen & paper, organza & suede) gave it all a sense of modernity, the unexpected and a touch of the recherché.

Marni Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Marni Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear SS09

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Marni FW08 Catwalk Show

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Marni FW08 Marni FW08 Marni FW08 Marni FW08

Marni FW08 Marni FW08 Marni FW08 Marni FW08

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