Marni Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

September 27, 2009 by  
Filed under Fashion, Milan, womenswear

Marni ss2010 is all about a soft and fluid silhouette in sun-bleached colors (pink, yellow, blue, white, gold) with a vintage 20’s feeling. T-shirts, chemisiers, blouses, tunics, skirts and dresses were layered, tied together with ribbons or belts and often worn with black&white striped leggings or kneelength bikershorts. Very laidback and relaxed but with enough elegance to wear it to the office. No necklaces, but wouden bangles, antique earclips and a silk scarf wrapped around the head. Large flowerprints were mixed with stripes, dots or checks, combinations of materials (silk & cotton, linen & paper, organza & suede) gave it all a sense of modernity, the unexpected and a touch of the recherch√©.

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