Linda Valkeman Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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The winter collection of Linda Valkeman had some handmade materials mixed with futuristic shapes. We saw patchwork clothes with frayed ends and large visible seams. The models walked the runway in a slow pace wearing clog-like shoes. Linda Valkeman used diverse colors like faded blue and green.

Linda Valkeman (25) is a graduate of School of Arts in Utrecht and followed the master-program at the Fashion Institute Arnhem. At her website she tells more about herself in a short, telegram-like way. She is a night-reveller, a huge fan of Maison Margiela, born blond, lives in structured chaos, is inventive, fashionated by timelessness and searching for a clash. And she likes  vintage, the 20-ties, new york, simplicity and deadlines. Well, enough things a good designer needs to get somewhere.

Fashion Institute Arnhem Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Fashion Institute Arnhem catwalk show, in order of appereance: Linda Valkeman, Roos Koster, Lisa Wernberg, Marloes Blaas, Felicia Mak, Rudolph Holmond, Maryam Kordbacheh and some backstage photo’s.