Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2013

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Today’s Just Cavalli show was filled with the most beautiful ethnic prints. Inspired by Roberto and Eva Cavalli’s trip to Bhutan they covered plants and special buildings. They appeared on completely printed looks; blouses, pants, ultra short dresses and even evening gowns.
Now don’t think they forgot about the animal prints; there was still a large enough dose of tiger stripes, leopard spots and snake patterns. On the lining of a coat, pants, dresses and as a detail part of one of the lively prints.
Yet apart from all those prints and all that color the most interesting part about Just Cavalli today was that is was not just sexy. Yes there were some figure hugging dresses, but the thick sweaters (even with turtle neck and a high white collar), wide tees and structured coats felt the most surprising and refreshing. They still were very Cavalli, but the designers definitely took a risk here.
We encourage them to be risky more often, ‘cause we really liked what we saw today.

Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Roberto Cavalli took the sea as inspiration for the spring collection of Just Cavalli. The show opened with a white biker with “pearl”-studded sleeves. Short dresses were covered in sequins that looked like mermaid’s skin. And the handkerchief hems of chiffon slipdresses trailed like underwater plants.

The collection was ultimately classic Cavalli: the  jungle prints, the jaguar spots, the digital bougainvillea. Also the python, the slither of lace under the jacket, the blue majolica pattern duplicated in everything from tees to leggings, the distressed denim, and those sexy slipdresses.

Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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He might be 71 years of age, Roberto Cavalli still knows how the youngsters love to party. Extremely loud (some front row ladies were spotted with their hands on their ears) and super sexy, that is.

Cavalli took his party back to the sixties  as he presented long sleeved, drop waisted dresses, mostly in black and white. His signature animal prints were mixed up with typical sixties prints, like a leopard print slowly evolving in a hounds tooth version.

The silhouette and fit of the dresses might have been modest, Cavalli still gave the designs his sexiness by opting for airy fabrics and sequined details. Besides, he gave his pumps a pink sole, for extra sex appeal and… to party on till early morning.

Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan ss2012

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This was good old Cavalli-stuff: smoky-eyed models in low skinny pants and sheer tops, animal prints and leather jackets. The Just Cavalli-collection was sexy and young, bohemian and rock ‘n roll. Just what his younger clientele wants.

Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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At today’s presentation of the Just Cavalli winter collection it was clear this line is aimed at young customers. Primary colors like blue, red and yellow were visible in almost every look. They were there in some leopard printed house pants and on a few crazy printed leggings. Even the fur on some coats came in those colors. Besides, some of the skirts and dresses were pretty short, teenage short you might say.

Fortunately Roberto Cavalli was able to add some sophistication to his collection as well. He designed some romantic, transparent blouses with ruffles on the neckline and on the sleeves. Yet we didn’t really get the sort of bib he added on top of those blouses. It had it’s own ruffles and details and seemed to be tied at the models’ backs.

The crazy mixing continued when we saw wide belts, matched with short skirts and small jackets with pointy shoulders and fur collars, all in a different print.

By adding some tartan prints, multiple fans, necklaces with huge pendants and several patchwork sweaters Roberto Cavalli proved he dares to experiment. Though we admire his courage we advice to combine his items with more basics.

Just Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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Just Cavalli Catwalk Show

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Just Cavalli

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