Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear Milan SS2017

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Fashion might have made a big turn from normcore to maximalism over the last few seasons, the Roberto Cavalli woman has stayed true to her sexy seventies style all along. For spring/summer too she’s going to dress like a free spirited vixen, be it with a little more accessory and detailing.
Not only will she be wearing colored velvet flared pants. They’re going to be embroidered from top to bottom too. Patchwork (a mix of floral and animal prints as seen on pants, tops and dresses) is going to be a big theme in her warderobe ass well. Airy maxi dresses and studded leather jackets fit in perfectly as extra fringes, lace up details, studs and ruffles will add to the seventies swing. Beaded jewelry, bee-like glasses, cowboy belts and skinny scarves in the mix. The Cavalli girl has always loved to live life to the max, she’s just turning things up a notch for next summer.


Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2016

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A trademark isn’t a trademark for nothing. It means you love it, you own it and you’ll use it in any possible way. For Cavalli that means a collection full of his famous exotic elegance, wild prints, vintage looking denim, flashy metallics and bohemian glamour. And glamour by Roberto Cavalli means: sexy, sexy, sexy. Important ingredients that are inherent in every collection and his seductive take on clothing and women have provided lot’s of women to look their best. Wether in real life or on the red carpet. Since Brigitte Bardot wore his creations in Saint Tropez in the early ’70s, Cavalli has been the king of party glamour. And it is up to the new appointed creative director Peter Dundas, Pucci’s former head designer and former chief designer at Cavalli, to evolve the Cavalli staple and get everyone excited again. Yesterday was his first attempt.

Keyword? Eighties glamour. The era of Dallas and Dynasty. Over the top fashion. It was all in the boxy jackets, high waisted trousers, shiny fabrics, lots of embellishments, acid wash and neon colours (that lilac and pink denim!), oversized waist belts and dresses in all sorts – some with ruffles, some with cut-outs, some flowy others body-con as can be. Don’t worry too much about the combinations, as long as it looks extravagantly glamorous. No question about it: this woman rules her own empire, symbolically translated into a large dose of a digital image of a lion’s face on tailored suiting and dresses. Something that would fit us Dutchies perfectly, as it is our national symbol. You have to start somewhere to get world domination…

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2015

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A super short animal printed party dress opened Cavalli’s f/w show. Luckily paired with a large woollen cape, or we would have been looking at the wrong season. Although in Roberto Cavalli’s world an animal printed party dress is always appropriate. What followed were floor sweeping dresses and airy poetic blouses combined with waistcoats and statement trousers. Ruffled bibs, frilly cuffs and a strong focus on the waist. Some denim, silk and corduroy. There were touches of military, bohemian influences and maybe even some eastern references. But most of all it was a mix of fashion pieces that will make the Cavalli customer’s hearts beat faster. Festive, seductive pieces to hop from cocktail to dinner to fancy yacht party. That Cavalli women doesn’t care too much about whether the silhouette is more seventies nowadays or the color palette should be pastel and faded; she just want to have a good time. That being said the sizzling ombré plissé goddess gown that concluded the show is a dreamnumber in any woman’s world.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2015

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The words chic, romantic and delicate might not usually be the best words to describe a signature Roberto Cavalli creation. Yet on Saturday the designer did present us with such a collection. A collection with a type of resort feeling, “the vacation life” as Cavalli’s team stated backstage. With modest, kaleidoscopic, tribal kind of floor length dresses, sliced up and pleated. With dreamy cotton lace decorated by elegant bows. And with destroyed, ultra light, vintage looking denim (the labels’original trademark) numbers. Still, who thought this would only be a dreamy, loungy holiday selection of clothing, might be disappointed. Of course Cavalli couldn’t resist to throw in a series of club worthy outfits. Like croc leather skirts and motor jackets. Like plunging, glittery leopard dresses. Like sheerness, fringes, sequins, leather and animal prints all in one party look. Now that’s the Cavalli we know! Although we don’t mind his little resort half of the collection, at all.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2014

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A light catwalk, serene pale models and a collection mostly made in shades of white and silver. Cavalli’s angels seemed to have all walked out of the same silver shower, but still there were more than enough variations in the designer’s summer looks. Like sheer snake printed pants, airy reptile dresses, floor sweeping gowns, loose printed pants with matching jackets and XL caftans.
Also, this time the designer didn’t just stick to his signature animal print as a statement on his creations. He used about every possible technique for his selection of garments, often even mixing and matching those into one design.
So his pieces were embroidered, studded, fringed, beaded and layered all at once. Often combining sheer and lace parts online canada pharmacy viagra with slightly (just slightly) heavier fabrics. If Cavalli would have released this collection one year earlier 50% of his looks could have easily ended up on the bodies of the extras in over the top styled remake of The Great Gatsby. ‘Cause one things for certain: those extravagant heavy accessorised pieces belong to a wild night of partying and are meant to shine!

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2013

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It was not only the Just Cavalli show earlier this week that demonstrated a different ‘Cavalli-feeling’; the Roberto Cavalli line took on a new chapter. The designer seemed to have headed into a new direction for fall leaving out his regular animal prints and over the top sexiness. His printed suits and fur coats were still very Cavalli. Yet his short metallic shift dresses, his oriental printed chunky sweaters and his transparent floral printed ensembles could just as well have come out of a different designer’s collection. Besides black and whites Cavalli introduced deep mineral shades and with floral prints, sheerness and statement making jewelry he added a touch of romance to his industrial collection.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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This ss 2013 collection looked like a Cavalli in a calm, almost Zen mode. Instead of all sex appeal it was pure elegance and modernity. The show opened with a group of white looks in a clean silhouette with tailored jackets, crisp shirts and flared pants with  extravagant treatments, like draped fringe and leather that was laser-cut and embroidered to look like lace. Prints were shown mostly in black and white, with a few muted neons.
The soft palette and simple shapes  had a calming effect on Cavalli’s extremely sexy items like the lean, elaborately beaded evening gowns with low cutouts  on the hips, down the midriff and around the bust.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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The tiger stripes, leopard spots and croc details (Cavalli’s signature animal details) were still all there. Yet Daniele Cavalli presented them in a more subtle way than Roberto would probably have done.

The boys walking the show looked tough in their leather jackets, statement coats and capes. They rocked suit jackets with croc patterns, whole looks in feather print, tiger printed blouses and chevron patterned coats. One of them even got away with wearing a poncho at the very end of the show.

Besides the common grey and black, we see so much of every fall/winter collection, Daniele added a some looks in yellow, pink and blue/violet. A nice cheerful touch to a collection, which was already a clear stand out.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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Going from the Giorgio Armani show to that of Roberto Cavalli is quite a change. From sober to over the top, from sophisticated to sexy. And we don’t mean that in a bad way. Cavalli was overwhelming as ever, presenting lots of color, gold, embroideries and – of course – animal prints.

Cavalli too, dropped his waist. He even accentuated the models hips by thick leather belts.

It was a super feminine collection even though lots of masculine influences could be seen. Like the sharp looking suits, the tough embossed leather jackets and the suit jackets (with black strips) worn with long evening gowns.

A nice mix of styles for the Cavalli woman who doesn’t want to loose any of her sex appeal by wearing what’s in fashion right now. For next spring she mustn’t worry; the sexiness was everywhere (the colors, the prints, the shiny element and the silhouette), you can leave that up to Roberto.

Roberto Cavalli Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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It was the first time Roberto Cavalli’s son Daniele Cavalli had some influence on the menswear-collection. His father asked him to add some youthful juice to the line. He presented an almost clean collection, where blue-tones and white played a central role plus some bold colors. The show was a romantic take on Riviera summers with influences from all over the world. Instead of playboys in flirty clothes came men dressed smart casual in natty blazers, suits in vivid fuchsia, yellow or purple/blue, and jackets with inserts of python.It seemed the young designer wanted to do a very good job, not too cool and hip.

And somehow it worked out fine, to be honest: it was better than all the rock ‘ roll, Jim Morrison meets Mick Jagger inspired Cavalli-collections we’ve seen in the past seasons. Although it lacked a bit of irony.

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