Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: A whole lotta dress

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Just about anything Alessandro Michele has sent out on his Gucci runway has become a hit in the last few years. The loafers, the nerdy glasses, the pleated skirts, the bow tie blouses and the berets. Next it-item introduced by the Gucci God is the costume dress. Of course many of the clothes from his latest show appeared to be coming straight off of a theater’s styling rack, but these dresses overruled everything. First time we took a good look at them they even seemed too dressed up, costume-y, perhaps a little ridiculous? Yet, as it goes with fashion, give a fresh idea a month or six and we’re all head over heals with it. So it was only a matter of time before we were all craving these over the top dresses. And now we don’t even know how we ever survived without them. Clicking through our gallery above you must admit these highly comfortable dresses are the most effortless way of going all out. A showstopper look guaranteed and you can still eat, drink, walk and do a little fashion dance. So there you go, a maxi ruffled dress up on your wishlist. And don’t be shy. Opt for color, print and a little extra sum sum while you’re at it. More is more in Michele’s world.

Streetwear Trend: (Take it) to the floor

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Maxi dresses, maxi skirts; they’ve been around in fashion for a while now. But since fashion is always evolving even these maxi pieces are slowly changing. First it was all about the floral prints, then we only had eyes for the pleated skirts and now it’s all about showing some skin. Be fully on trend in a transparent maxi dress or a skirt with a high slit and don’t forget the hi-low trend, which is actually a mix of mini and maxi. Many of the streetstyle sensation in the gallery above master the art of revealing while keeping things classy. Other just look stylish, long and lean in their floor sweeping pieces. Unfortunately it’s not a very practical trend, but it sure makes a up for a beautiful image.

Lady Gaga wears Jan Taminiau

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Lady Gaga was spotted in Paris this week wearing a dress of Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. The extravagant singer looked incredible in the couture piece from Jan Taminiau’s collection.

The shades of light pink and grey looked stunning on Gaga and the dress made her even more tall and slender.

We’re very proud of Jan Taminiau, but ofcourse we always knew he was a genius!

Check out the dress on Lady Gaga.

Check out the whole collection of Jan Taminiau

Catwalktrend FW2010: the Olsen-look?

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Oh what a waste it will be. Designer skirts and dresses sweeping all over dirty floors and streets. Yet if we believe the grand fashion houses floor-sweeping fashion is certainly going to be a trend.

Especially long skirts for daywear are ‘new’ in fashion. They have this kind of grungy feeling to it and, to be honest, not a lot of people can pull this off.

On the runway the long skirts were very diverse; transparent, sequined, layered and knitted. Quite often they were combined with the most unexpected tops.

D&G combined Norwegian printed knitted sweaters  with transparent floral printed skirts. Marc Jacobs matched his shiny skirts with heavy cable knitted jumpers and Michael Kors & Dries van Noten let their bottoms and tops clash as well.

Glamour meets grunge you could call this look and the Olsen Twins may just have set the trend.

You might have to buy a few extra skirts, cause the bottoms will wear out so soon. But hey, think about all the money you’ll save on shoes. ‘Cause since they won’t be visible you can just wear one of your old pairs.