Jacob Kok Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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After watching a kaleidoscopic video with a virtual model talking about ‘little fluffy clouds’ and a moving backdrop Jacob Kok sent his models out on the LAB runway. They appeared sportive and modern in their structured, colorful pieces. They sported braided buns, backpacks and platform sneakers, details that gave away Koks eye for styling and accessories. Their hands in the pockets gave the girls a streetwise attitude. The link between fashion and technology, in which lays Koks focus, was visible in every single look. From the metallic sneakers to the shiny cream dress and some of the outstanding jewelry pieces. A short collection for Jacob Kok, but it impressed nevertheless.

Fred, Britt & Jacob Kok Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013

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Some familiar faces during today’s LAB shows.

Fred Farrow, who won the Frans Molenaar price in 2010, and his friend Britt Avalon Tan presented their spring/summer collection. Their models appeared to the tunes of an acapella song played in the corner of the room. They looked elegant in a selection of handmade macrame designs in a beautiful color palette which included lots of white and some accents in yellow, mint green and rusty.

Then Jacob Kok, who we know from last year and winner of the Dutch television program Project Catwalk, showed his collection named WROEG. Inspired by the end of times of the Maya calender he sent his men down the runway carrying their own light installations. They had a radar projected on their chest, guiding them in the unknown. Jacob showed some stunning prints, which he developed himself together with his sponsor Dylon.

Impressions of Amsterdam Fashion Week FW2012 Day 3

It was a big day at the Amsterdam Fashion Week yesterday. Although she was supposed to arrive late in the afternoon, everybody was obsessed with princess Máxima’s visit at The Green Fashion Competition. They almost forgot there was much more to see. We saw interesting shows of Jacob Kok and Marloes Blaas, and Alexia van Engelen choose a wonderful, atmospheric venue to present her Sage & Ivy-collection.

The Cast-Iron-show was a spectacle that closed the third day of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

It’s all in the family: Jacob Kok

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This edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week we focus at designers and their biggest supporters: their family. Where would they be without their mom, dad, brother(s), sister(s)and or grandma’s? They help finishing their designs, they drive the car, they cheer them up and cry emotional tears. The next family we would like to present is Jacob Kok and his lovely cousins Marte and Anne. Cool having an uncle like him!

Backstage at AFW FW2012 Marloes Blaas & Jacob Kok

Take a look backstage at Jacob Kok and Marloes Blaas. Who both held their own show today.

Jacob Kok Frontrow Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Check out the front row of Jacob Kok’s fashion show below.

Jacob Kok Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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At Jacob Kok we all received a flashlight with which we could look for treasures in his new collection, named treasure hunting. Inspired by mineworkers Jacob came up with dusty looks with special glittering details that functioned as special minerals and crystals; the treasures.

Jacob showed strong jackets and funky pants in washed off colors. Though the looks were well made, we could tell Jacob has more of a passion for details and fabrics. He chose and developed (at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg) gorgeous thick fabrics with unique prints, matching his show theme.

Let’s hope for Jacob there were some interested fashion labels at his show. We already feel a nice collaboration coming up.

Goodiebag!? Jacob Kok Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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We received a pretty nice goodiebag at Jacob Kok’s fashion show.

It contained:


Herome – red nailpolish

She – energy drink

Sloggi – pen

Recon – flashlight + red laser (the best!)

James magazine

Falconetti – pocket umbrella (very useful!)


Clarks card

Clarks collection card

Estimated value: 25 euro

Rating: 7,5

Jacob Kok Preview Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Jacob Kok will show his fall/winter 2012/2013 collection on Friday 27 January at 02.00 PM. He spoke with us about his brand new collection and his plans for the future.

“The name of my collection is Schat Zoeken (Treasure Hunting). I began with the idea of minerals and crystals and eventually I added the world of mineworkers to it.’

“My inspiration for this collection is a result of the winning collection I showed on Project Catwalk. There I designed clothes with stone details and I thought it would be nice to start from there. The mineworkers theme is very visible, since I used many work clothing details. Also, I added some sort of treasure to every look…”

“The treasures in the collection can for instance be a special fabric. I developed my own fabrics at the Audax Museum of Textiles in Tilburg , which represent my treasures. The clothes might appear pretty normal; it’s the fabrics that make it special. Besides those new fabrics I also used recycled ones, so there’s a real contrast between old and new. I, for instance, worked with blankets movers use when they want to protect the furniture.”

“Overall the clothes look quite dusty. Even if I used colorful fabrics; they still have this washed out feeling to it; as if everything is covered in dust.”

“I was actually planning on coming up with about 20 looks, but as fashion week is approaching I think that number might diminish to 15 or 17. There’s still a lot to do, so I’ll definitely work till the very last hour. I have really panicked about this, but now I am planning on just doing the best I can and not stressing out any more.”

“With this collection I am not planning on impressing buyers and press, like others. I just hope my knowledge of fabric and the way I work with it will get noticed. It’s not my goal to create a new collection every six months and sell as much dresses as possible. I would love to just work together with an established fashion brand. For instance, a collaboration like Peter Pilotto and Kipling; I would love to work on a project like that. I don’t even have to work with clothes necessarily; I think I am much better in creating accessories anyway. I don’t see myself as a fashion designer, yet more as an art director.”