Backstage at Graduation-show 2023 Rietveld Academy

Take a look backstage where students and volunteers of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam are preparing for their graduation-show 2023.

Graduationshow 2023 Royal Academy of the Arts

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The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague presented their fashion- graduates in a vivid show. Meet the work of Iglesia, Hefferon, Van Doorn, Nooy, Eleftheriou, Noordam, Blancheville, Wang and Yoon.

ArtEZ Graduationshow 2023

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Finally it’s Graduation-time! We will kick off with a selection of the Graduation-show of ArtEZ. This year 26 fashion-students presented their final collection. ArtEZ is the fashion-department of the University of the Arts in Arnhem. Enjoy! Below you’ll see three pics of the work of – in order of appearance: Abduraman, Bondt, De Heer, Demir, Fromm, Goossens, Kern, Knoop, Li, Lottersberger, Luurssen, Mahrah, Mehrabian, Mogendorff, Mollema, Perben, Reijnen, Rorije, Roson, Schaarsberg, Shin, Vanderwerff, Torrens, Straatman, VanDijk and Wiersema.

ArtEZ Graduation Show 2016

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It’s time for Graduation-shows again. The fashion department of Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem (ArtEZ) kicked off with a big show, followed later this month by others. This year 24 students graduated at the Academy in Arnhem, and they presented their collection in the Elektrum in Arnhem. Among them are two graduates which are nominated for the Frans Molenaarprijs 2016: Johannes Offerhaus and Liesbeth Sterkenburg. Two other students will represent ArtEZ during Lichting 2016 which show will take place july 7th, Ailene of Elmpt and Johanna Bas Backer.
Other designers are participating in international contests. Laudy Verschuren, Boaz van Doornik and Maartje Janse (alumna from 2015) were nominated for the Mittelmoda Fashion Award 23rd Edition in Italy. Alissa Nicolai and Max Beets are selected for the Apolda European Design Award in 2017, a fashion contest that takes place in Germany once every 3 years

All graduates will show their collections in an exhibition about ArtEZ Finals 2016 in Arnhem from june 29th till july 3rd during the ArtEZ Finals exhibition in the Rietveld building at Onderlangs 9 in Arnhem.
Here are the highlights of the show and groupshots of all the collections.

Gerrit Rietveld Graduation Show 2013

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Friday night the 14th of June we headed to Paradiso, Amsterdam. Not to see (or hear) an upcoming band, but to witness the graduation spectacle of six graduation students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Directed by head of fashion Niels Klavers Charlotte Beeck, Tümay Faydaci, Alla Kuzmyk, Duran Lantink, Verena Michel and Niki Milioni presented their final collections as students.

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In a special catwalk construction designs by two of the academy’s architectural design students models walked a specific route in order to let both the photographers and the audience get a good glimpse of every angle of the creations.

Where Beeck presented a small collection of constructed menswear designs, Duran Latink’s dark and daring presentation seemed to have no ending. And where Kuzmyk held things sober, Faydaci held a small Paradiso party.

One thing the collections did have in common was their uniqueness. Besides the six fashion innovators showed some off impressive techniques and styles. We’re curious to see who we will see during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Which student will start his/her own label. Or perhaps some of these young talents will start working for a big international brand… Time will tell.

See a gallery with full catwalk looks below.

Below you can find some backstage impressions.

HKU Graduation Show 2013

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In Utrecht too fashion design students were able to finally reveal their graduation collections to family, friends and press. Earlier this month twenty-one students from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht presented their final collection in the Zijdebalen Theater in Utrecht.

A mix of well constructed immediately sell-able pieces and experimental designs. Whether portraying a futuristic, oversized, architectural, mysterious, cheerful or refreshingly new image; all students proved to have their very own handwriting. A unique point of view and a determined way of working, both so utterly important in fashion.

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Below two galleries; one with all the looks from every graduation show, the other with some black & white backstage shots.

Students Fashion Design: Aniel Algoe, Anbasja Blanken, Clemence de Beer, Bettie Boersma, Angela Bouwer, Daniek van Doorn, Ynchomar Dossett, Marieke van Geffen, Wenda Harmsen, Carmen Hendriks, Charlotte Kiekebos, Marina Martirosova, Roxanne Mion, Wagma Momand, Eva Reuvers, Jess Tak, Iris Terol, Naomi Timan, Esmay Hijmans, Sanne van der Wal, Petra Schuddeboom.

Graduation Shows 2011 – ArtEZ Arnhem

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On thursday night, right after Topshop was opened in Amsterdam, Arnhem became the fashion hotspot again. There the fashion crowd (and many moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends) gathered for the graduation show (one of a total of 5 shows!!) of 22 ArtEZ students. In a warm, sold out and fully packed show area, which is part of the Arnhem Mode Biënnale, we witnessed one and a half hour of some great ArtEZ fashion.

The collections of all 22 students couldn’t be more diverse. From childrenswear (Cleome Clements) to minimalistic (Sanne Schepers)- and survival (Jarwo Gibson) wear, from skinhead styles (Tom Nijhuis) to asymmetric items (AnneMarie Keizers) and from on trend fashion (Zonia van Uden) to over the top, structured designs (Annie Bosman); a perfect mix of signatures and styles.

ArtEZ seemed especially proud of talents like Linda de Jong, Anne Bosman (structured menswear), Mattia Akkermans (bright designs, crazy styling), Magnus Dekker (a collection made out of flags) and Sanne Schepers.

Linda de Jong presented some extraordinary selfmade fabrics. She showed a lot of knitwear and even used plastic in some of her Chanel-inspired designs.

Another great collection was made by Sanna Schepers. Sanne showed skirts and tops, which were scecretly attached to each other. Her designs looked simple, but in fact were made out of some difficult constructions.

A graduation student who really stood out too is William Tan. His designs (he showed so many looks) were perfectly tailored and his prints were stunning.

All these students proved they have a clear vision of their own style and potential. They also know how to turn 6 or 7 looks into a collection, which not everyone can.

ArtEZ received a Grand Seigneur this month; a corpus award for people/companies in the fashion industry and judging from some of the great collections we saw this award was well deserved.

Check out the gallery below.