Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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The afternoon after Leonardo DiCaprio received his first Oscar wearing Armani we all gather at via Bergognone for the Giorgio Armani show. One of the final shows of Milan Fashion Week, but given it’s length a spectacle to stay around for. The 81-year old designer sent out no less than 82 catwalk looks. Seemingly monochrome, yet with sligt touches of pastel if you’d take a closer look. Fringes and flowers seemed to be recurring elements. Floral prints kept popping up throughout the show in small and bigger versions, on dresses, bags, shoes and coats. Still the collection felt sober. Floral printed maxi dresses and embroidered velvet suits breathed Armani’s classic elegance as they passed by. Hair (a springy nest of messy curls atop a double French twist ) and make-up (classic makeup with a nod to the Seventies) appeared flawless. And that finale filled with evening numbers could one by one have had earned a spot on the red carpet at last night’s ceremony.

Giorgio Armani Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2016

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Famous for his self-titled shade of ‘greige’ Giorgio Armani presented us with a rather colourful collection for coming summer. Navy and icy greige were given feminine touches of flame, lacquer, and geranium. Proof that it’s never too late (Armani has been celebrating it’s 40th anniversary) to shake things up a bit. The overall feel of the collection wasn’t necessarily different, but all creations did have an uncommon sense of lightness. One that made sassy cocktail looks (in the form of high waisted shorts, sheer tops and embroidered tailored jackets or see through billowy skirts and macramé tops) appear even more elegant. Fresh felt a floral printed red jumpsuit in contrast to some of the more classic Armani ensembles of long wide legged pants and red/white striped tops. Models may have been fully dressed, airy materials turned their clothing into the chicest fashion pieces. While transparency might turn out cheap or trashy in the hands of other designers, maestro Armani made his weightless designs highly desirable. Whether office bound or off to a fancy party Armani’s weightless spring summer attire will make sure you’ll float off to any occasion.

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2014

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Giorgio Armani went green with his fall 2014 collection. In combination with gray that is. According to Armani green, lime-green – is a stimulating color and a bit avant garde. But the result was more classic in the end. Armani opened the show using different shades of gray, often in combination, for jackets, pants and dresses. He loosened his tailoring for easy coats with one-button closures at the neck.

Then the green showed up subtle, as a small stripe on a jacket collar, but later full on, in dresses and integrated separates.

Evening started with black jackets and T-shirts over fluid green pajama pants, some of them crystal-embroidered. The mood was casual. Pretty gowns followed, some cut with bodice treatments. These came in gray and black with varying degrees of lime.

Giorgio Armani Menswear Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2013

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Every single one of the models’ hair was perfectly put in place, but apart from that Giorgio Armani’s models were less concerned about their looks. The f/w man is, according to Armani himself, “a more spirited and less decadent man, who is more involved in what happens around him”. A guy that combines pinstriped pants with an army green jacket if he feels like it. Who is men enough to wear ruby colored velvet and can pull off (too) short double breasted jackets. He can put on a houndstooth shirt with a quilted, checked jacket without looking like a clown. And when he goes out in his three piece suit women just throw themselves at his feet. He dresses sporty, trendy and functional; let’s schedule to meet this guy ‘cause he sure seems like a fine lad.


Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Giorgio Armani kept his ss2013-collection ultra subdued with cloud-like colors that moved into a range of lovely blues. The first part of the show contained sportswear pieces worn in layers, often a short jacket over a tunic and pants.  Airiness was the point, and often, the effect, as Armani worked mostly in lightweight silks. Armani’s message of elegant ease he delivered via jackets with softly pleated, flyaway backs; a  focus on shorts and some dresses in gentle prints. Into evening celestial prints and dazzling crystals — grids, starbursts and spheres — exploded against grounds of black and navy.

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

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In Milan traditional men’s wear fabrics such as tweed, herringbone and plaids were dominating the fall-collections, and Giorgio Armani is no exception. The designer presented a masculine but soft-edged collection,  with knitted wool, stretchy fabrics, velvet,  corduroy and leather. Knitwear was also used as outerwear in double-breasted coats with patch pockets and short jackets with high, zippered necks.

Softness and comfort wove its way throughout the collection: fitted tweed or corduroy suit jackets had deconstructed shoulders, while anoraks were made from black velvet. Armani choose  a looser, pleated silhouette of trouserd that narrowed at the ankle. Plus he presented his version of the power suit, which exuded the arrogant confidence of the Roaring Eighties.


Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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With the Milan Fashion Week coming to an end Giorgio Armani presented his new collection this morning. A luxurious collection full of shiny silky designs. The looks were clean and simple but never dull. Low V-necks, sheer fabrics and the beautiful use of material made sure of that.

There was a lot of diversity in the looks; for every cute dress Armani made a shiny pair of pants too. Giorgio Armani’s spring women did feel somewhat middle-aged yet she looked stunning in his over the knee skirts, asymmetric dresses and pleated jackets.

The ending was gorgeous with three models in long sequined dresses appearing on the runway. It just was a great collection, although we would have loved to see some extra color.

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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The name of the Giorgio Armani fall collection was Boudoir. Maybe because of the powdery pink colors? The fluffy furs? The dreamy dresses? Anyway, the master redefined the trousers by cutting them off at the ankle and giving the room to sway. Skirts were long and flowing, dresses skimmed the figure, fluid as water, and the Armani-suit got an update: buttons at the back instead of the front.

Soft pinks were a constant, together with black , gray and brown. Every single fabric was the product of research said the program-notes: satins that seem to meld into the skin, siks, velvets and chiffon that float like a trail of perfume.

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Of course it was a madhouse outside the Armani Theatro in Milan before the second Giorgio Armani-show. The rumour was confirmed: George Clooney was coming. So paparazzi and fans gathered outside and fought for the best picture. Clooney smiled all the time.

Luckily the collection stood on his own and drew the attention away from the American moviestar. Indigo-blue was the only color Armani used for this Touareg- inspired collection. The models wore small turbans, their outfits were thin layers of different textures (glossy, matt, glittering, transparant) and items which created a compact silhouette. Short tunics mixed with loose pants and cropped jackets, long skirts with flat shoes, accessories like amulets.

It was a beautiful, restraint and elegant collection. Sensual and relaxed, it made me forget the lack of color. Blue can be so mysterious.

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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If someone would have said Armani showed his pre-fall collection today, we would have believed that person. The summer inspiration was hard to find in the Giorgio Armani show. Almost every look existed of a pair of long pants and a jacket. No shorts, no Tees, no airy fabrics.

Besides Giorgio chose to use very dark colors like deep blue and black, only once in a while alternated by a hint of light gray, green or yellow. No summery prints or colorful excesses, just one or two stripes and checks. Many of the models did wear sunglasses (with circular and yellow glasses) but that was not enough to give us a feeling of summer.

Jackets really were the hot item of the collection, double breasted, waisted, more sportive, leather and linen. They had striking buttons and sometimes a handkerchief popped out of the front pocket.

Another item Giorgio introduced was the waistcoat. Maybe that was the reason he invited Ricky Martin to the show. Waistcoats and tight Tees have become this singer’s signature throughout the years.

The Armani models all walked with their hands in their casual trousers. The loose pleated trousers didn’t look spectacular, yet seemed very comfy.

And that’s exactly how we would describe this Giorgio Armani collection. As a good mix of comfortable, wearable clothes with some amazing well-tailored jackets. It’s just that for summer we would have loved to see a little bit more light colors.

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