D&G Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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Oh life is good and full of fun in the world of the D&G man. Despite it’s highly commercial level and copy & paste of all American logo’s and comics it was a breath of fresh air. Fashion has to be fun too, no? Especially after the dark years that are behind us now and the serious search of other labels for a new look and a new dresscode.

D&G let the sunshine in with their colorful, low crotch, small legged pants, copy/paste T-shirts with the Coca Cola logo and Disney-comics and preppy jackets and shirts. It seemed the American Fifties college-nerd inspired the designers for this mix and match of checks, prints, fits and proportions. It looked fresh and new thanks to the new proportions, shrunken wool knitwear, corduroy and padded nylon.

D&G Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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It was a hypnotizing soundtrack at D&G’s ss2011-show. N.E.R.D.’s Hot ‘n Fun played in a loop while the models strolled along the field of fresh green grass all dressed up for a country picnic. It felt  like one of those hazy, lazy days.

The vibe reminded of the innocent fifties as seen in movies, with happy people, days full of sunshine and the picnic as the ultimate day-trip. Well, with the D&G-boys keeping you company it will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

Loose fitted khaki’s and Vichy-checks for shirts, polo’s, pants and espadrilles formed the most important part of the collection. Sleeves and legs were rolled up, bare feet were stuck in sandals or vintage sneakers. Some faded flowerprints popped up at jackets and polo’s. Colors looked like they were faded by the sunlight, there was just a hint of green, gray, red, blue and brown. The light colored tuxedo’s were simply striking, never knew yellow, blue and green could be so near white. It matched beautifully with the white shirts and pants.

The season’s T-shirt was decorated with a portrait of Johnny Depp as seen in Cry Baby and a painting by Edouard Manet, Le dejeuner sur l’erbe.

Spring is in the air #7

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Something white and something beige make a great mix. Especially in the cowboy-inspired collection of D&G, with skirts in broderie anglaise and tops in buttersoft suede.

Milan Catwalk Fashion Show fw2010: D&G

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The D&G fall-collection is the answer to what the well-dressed snowboarder will be wearing, in the snow or at the after-ski. Thick Fair Isle sweater-coats, trapper hats, chunky turtlenecks, shimmery ski pants, shearlings and bombers—all luxe and made to be layered. Mixed with gray flannel suits, a velvet blazer or even a black tie  and the Olympics can begin.

backstage world ss2010: smile!

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It’s a whole different world backstage at the fashionshows. A world of fun, excitement and creativity. Today: backstage at D&G, where models are telling jokes and making fun of each other.

D&G Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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Yiepieyaheeee! D&G ss2010 collection was all about prairie-girls and saloon-ladies. Good old John Wayne would have been jealous at the dirty jeans, western-shirts and pretty neat suits and he would have loved to see his girlfriend Jane in a lace-shirt, fringed boots and ultra-short leather skirt. This was a very commercial collection, but – he- whats wrong with that? It will probably sell as hell and put copycats in the overdrive. Soon in a shop near you…