Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2011

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The Calvin Klein fashion show was like a parade of Dutch models. New girl Daphne Groeneveld opened the show, followed by Dutchies like Nimue Smit, Mirte Maas, Patricia van der Vliet and Lisanne de Jong. Another new Dutch girl named Iris Egbers was booked for this Calvin Klein show exclusively. So her career is off to a good start. The show was finally ended by Lara Stone, who is of course half Dutch. And with so many Dutch girls walking the Calvin Klein show we can be nothing but proud.

From the front row Katie Holmes and Julianne Moore watched Francisco Costa’s new, yet again very minimalistic collection. The designs looked clean and soft as they came by in shades of ivory, black and grey (there were exactly one red and two blue items).

According to Costa the collection was more about the body, the fabric and obvious interesting cuts.’The new field for me is softness, and making that very sharp and crisp, which is much more difficult. It was challenging, fun, much more fluid, elongated’, he said.

There were a lot of long dresses, which ended mid-calf. They were either very broad at the shoulders or shaped like a tank-top. Some dresses had a very sexy low V-line, others had subtle pleats added on the front or decorative folds.

The models wore simple ponytails and all looked very sophisticated in the CK designs. And although the clothes were very plain, Costa made them feel relevant and fresh for next summer.

Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show – SS2011

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Today’s Calvin Klein collection had an overall sporty vibe to it. This was visible through all kinds of aspects, like the hi-tech sneakers, the sweaters, the belly-exposing tops and jackets, the many zippers, the (partly visible) Calvin Klein logo and the sunglasses hanging on cords.

The many suits Italo Zucchelli came up with weren’t necessarily very sporty, yet they felt quite modern. Zucchelli once said ‘I no longer believe there is a fabric that’s wrong for making a suit. You could use material designed for tents and make a spectacular suit out of it.’ And so he did. Leather, silk, satin, he used almost any fabric for his slim-fit suits. Overall they looked very shiny and smooth. And the turquoise, the beige, the light grey and the blues appeared to be a good mix of colors.

In between the slick suits and sporty jackets some models in ultra-tight swim-shorts passed by to the sound of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wildside.

The old-fashioned, fully buttoned blouses, the glossy suits and the belly-exposing tops might not be a huge hit in stores next summer, but overall the show was fun to watch. So we’re sure the people watching the show on LED screen at the Piazza del Duomo in Milan had a great time tonight.

Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

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For the Calvin Klein fashion show young and old models were united. Doutzen Kroes was in the audience and watched topmodels from the 80’s/90’s, Kirsten McMenamy (1966) and Stella Tennant (1970), strolling down the runway. They walked in the show right next to beginning models such as Karlie Kloss (1992) and Dutch model Gwen Loos (1993).

All girls had the androgynous look (which made McMenamy and Tennant so famous) going on: their hair was combed backwards and their clothes were kind of stiff.

It was clear Francisco Costa let his clothes speak for themselves. He didn’t send anything on the runway that could distract you from that. So, no accessories, no bags, no special make-up, no crazy poses, just Calvin Klein fashion like we know it.

The designer came up with a few non-waisted woollen coats. Their shoulders were rounded and the sleeves were wide. Those coats were shown in black, brown and white. And apart from a blue and a lilac colored dress all designs came in those neutral shades.

Costa’s streamlined shift dresses and coats all ended just above the knee. Besides, his clothes were all pretty loose fitting so the collection did lack some sex appeal. The designer did use some shiny black and white (almost silver) silk for his pants, blouses and dresses. He also added a few sparkles on the last designs of his collection but it didn’t make a lot of difference.

Two good things about the clothes are (1) in a room full of people they won’t attract all the attention towards you and (2) you are never showing too much skin when you’re wearing them. Yet you’d have to have a strong, expressive personality to make some of the looks work.

Groupielove #9

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Practicing his signature brand of arty minimalism, Francisco Costa replaced the sharp angles and dark colors of his Fall collection with soft, organic shapes and light-reflecting neutrals. It made for a Spring collection more sensuous than  sexy—and more youthful in feeling than his recent efforts. He opened with a white one-sleeve bubble dress that, like the needle-punched nylon coat that came down the runway a few looks later, caught air behind the model as she walked. When he wasn’t experimenting with volume, Costa was creating interesting textures: smocking and puckering cotton voile for an A-line shift, or hand-pleating and pintucking an organdy dress. Playing natural off techno, and sheer against opaque, the designer sent out mohair jacquard tank dresses that shaded from black to brown to gray and revealed subtle swaths of skin. The only departure from the show’s earthy palette was a group of crinkled silk-cotton tank dresses and asymmetrical shifts in shades of pale aqua, citron, coral, and jade.

Trends ss2010: slim silhouettes

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Although models usually  have a slim silhouette already, for ss2010 a few designers made their models look even taller and thinner than they normally are.

At Missoni’s fashion show the clothes with maximum lengths accentuated the models’ slim figures. The girls were wrapped in lots of layers as well. They wore long cardigans on top of long dresses, that only left a small part of their legs uncovered. The fact that Angela Missoni mostly used one shade per outfit added  the feeling of the girls looking slimmer than ever.

Besides Missoni, many other brands had long slim pieces in their collections. Etro, Calvin Klein, Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti and Oscar de la Renta showed some great examples. Most of these were long feminine dresses, made of ultra-light and airy fabrics to make the outfit look less stiff.

Flowers or sequins were the finishing touch on many of these silhouette-accentuating outfits.

Tess van Daelen

Back to the future: CKFree

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Outside the venue of Calvin Klein in Milan we spotted a group of gorgeous looking guys in a black Mustang convertible. The picture took us back to the future. Actually the car stars in CK’s new adcampaign for the men’s fragrance CKFree. It’s one of those young, fresh, upbeat fragrances we know so well of Calvin Klein.


Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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Transparency was the keyword of Calvin Klein’s menswearcollection, designed by Italo Zucchelli. It’s a trend we saw with more labels. Zucchelli pushed the idea into another, futuristic world. Using America’s archetypal sportswear he shows a vision of the way men might ideally dress in a parallel universe. Seethrough fabrics, mesh cardigans and jackets, transparent parka’s  and shiny surfaces in silver grey, black and stone. Plus a serie in orange and turquoise, because color is the new black.

Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Calvin Klein Collection Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear SS09

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