Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2016

September 26, 2015 by  
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#animalistic and #sporty probably were often used hashtags at the Bottega Veneta show this morning. Inspired by the outdoors Thomas Maier opened his show with a hoodie and 7/8 pants done in nature inspired (camouflage meets mosaic) and leopard prints. A look that set the mood for one of the most laid back Veneta collections in a while, evolved around themes like hiking and sailing. Grommet, ropes and fishnet detailing referred to the latter (seen earlier at SportMax too). Models wearing their hair in post-gym knots looked look like they’d been outside, trekking, walking, living. “The more I can get out of an urban environment, the better it gets,” said the Miami-based German designer. A mix of fleece, calf and lots of craftsmanship detailing added dept to the looks. Leather lining and satin ribbons not only gave perfect shape, together with the large pockets and zippers they added to the sportive vibe of some looks too. The silhouette was athletic as well. Those 7/8 pants, hooded tops with tucked up sleeves, midi skirts with short stiff leather jackets and a variety of cocktail dresses (suitable for most diverse occasions) in the mix. A blunt bundle of eclecticism and freedom in a collection that went back and forth with it’s dress code. Therefore we’re not quite sure in what style category we’ll place it, but there’s time to evaluate. Needless to say the accompanying leather bags were impeccable.

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