Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2014

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It was clear that Alberta Ferretti got her inspiration from the woods and birds. The result was far from magcical and arty, it got a depth and sobriety via heavy textures and embellishments. Feathers were a key component of the collection — as a print; as an illusory mélange of pleated ribbon; and as a real detail.
Ferretti also played up decorative elements such as sequins, feathers, flower appliqués and ribbons. Her palette contained the colors of fall, green on the point of turning to orange, or peculiar leaf-mold tones. The textures followed suit — fabric technology duplicated tree bark, a nubby autumnal tweed was shot through with gold.

Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear Milan FW2013

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For her fall 2013 collection Alberta Ferretti stayed close to her DNA, meaning: soft romance and femininity. Out came lovely clothes, subtle and sometimes playful with some impressive workmanship in re-embroidered lace and floral adornments. Two silhouettes dominated: straight to the floor and a shorter version. Colors varied from black and white, blue, purple, red and green. Especially her velvet dresses were pretty.



Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013 Milan

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Shiny, sheer and sequined; three words that cover Alberta Ferretti’s brand new spring/summer collection. Siren chic seemed to be the dress code for her romantic catwalk presentation and oh my did Ferretti’s sea goddesses look seductive.

Dressed in a series of delicate, short and sheer cocktail dresses the models showed lots of skin and still looked sophisticated. Peplums of light tulle and beaded Fringes kept it playful even though we’re sure Ferretti could come up with tons of extra light-colored cocktail dresses if she had to.

A long black evening dress, which appeared sheer in all the wrong places, looked purposely risqué. Yet the sheerness did give Ferretti’s collection the extra sexy touch it needed.

No need for an ocean, nor for beautiful voices; all Ferretti’s sirens need are those gorgeous ivory, black, blue and green shaded dresses to sweep any man of his feet.

Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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At Ferretti we saw sheerness in all kinds of places, shapes and sizes. Yet it was never overdone, it appeared subtle and sophisticated, like you’d expect from Ferretti.

The designs looked a little more sporty and minimalistic than before and a little less dreamy, which felt good. Due to the use of brights like tangerine, deep blue,  yellow and turquoise the outfits seemed more modern and youthful too.

Exotic prints gave the collection a hippie kinda twist, yet Ferretti managed to still keep it very chic.

Apart from a few beaded bags the styling was as simple as it can be; no extreme make-up or hairdos, hardly any jewelry, not a lot of layering.

Ferretti let her ensembles speak for themselves and they sure spoke beautifully.

Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011/2012

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Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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Just like a lot of the collections we saw the last two weeks Alberta Ferretti today showed very relaxed and comfortable designs in her show. Her long dresses were loose-fitting and airy so the models moved very gracefully in them. The Italian designer herself told the press she was reinventing femininity and feminine is one thing the designs definitely were.

The floor-sweeping lace and chiffon gowns felt a little bohemian/hippie chic. Especially with the long, messy hair of the models, some of the straw hats and the sandals that were shown. Besides, nature-inspired prints of plants and birds added to the free spirited feeling of the whole collection.

Apart from the (several asymmetric) dresses Alberta also introduced a few knitted sweaters, pleated miniskirts, coats and braided belts. In light pastel shades it all fit very well together and made up for a wonderful, feminine spring collection.

Fashion focus: all about Alberta Ferretti

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This Italian fashion designer started working with fabrics at the age of 12. When she was 31 she presented her collection for the first time during Milan Fashion Week.

Learn more about Alberta Ferretti…

Name of the brand:  Alberta Ferretti
Name(s ) of the designer(s): Alberta Ferretti
About the designers: Alberta Ferretti is an Italian fashion designer. She designs for Alberta Ferretti and another label, called Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti (for younger women and less expensive). Before she had her own fashion label, she had her own boutique in Cattolica, Italy. She designed her first collection in 1973 and started showing her clothes on the runway of Milan in 1981. Besides her two clothing lines Ferretti also heads a manufacturing company that makes and distributes the lines of designers Narciso Rodriguez and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others.
Start of the brand: 1980
First collection: 1981
The Ferretti woman: is a curious woman with charm and is part of the cocktail crowd. She never misses a good party and loves to show of her legs in a skirt or dress (at knee-length)
Pilotto women: Eva Mendes, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore and Meryl Streep
The clothes are: very feminine and made out of delicate fabrics. The Alberta Ferretti dress is often slim and has folded pleats, separated by rows of tucking.
Type of clothes: little elegant dresses are Ferretti’s trademark.
Signature: Alberta Ferretti’s designs often are twisted, tucked and draped. The clothes are also regularly layered. Many of the dresses are cut high in the front and draped low in the back. Alberta Ferretti takes inspiration from many cultures, not just the Italian one.
Remarkable: Alberta Ferretti would never wear a pair of jeans. She says jeans don’t look good on her body, are not flattering and not comfortable.
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti was first called Ferretti Jeans Philosophy for five years.
Ferretti once said: ‘I work all day. I’m a real woman. I cater for different needs. I’m not tall and I’m a bit, shall we say, rounded. I understand such problems and always design clothes that I myself would like to wear.’
Awards: Alberta Ferretti was named best female entrepreneur in the state of Emilia Romagna, Italy, 1991.

(the pictures you see are of SS2010/2011 and F/W 2010/2011)

Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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Although Alberta Ferretti had to design a winter collection her dresses were just as airy as they were last summer. Alberta used a lot of see through material and shiny silk-chiffon. She introduced some pleated designs and brought back the nudes from her summer collection. Instead of the flowers from last season the dresses now got crystal embellishments, gracefully put around the neckline and on the shoulder.

We know the dresses looked wonderful, but there is no way women are going to wear these ‘summery’ dresses in their daily life next winter. For a special party or a chic event, on the other hand, the dresses and ankle boots will be perfect. Especially the evening dresses looked very delicate. Some of them had transparent sleeves, but you had to take a close look to even see the fabric.

Apart from the frilly dresses there were fur coats that actually seemed appropriate for winter. They came in cream, blue, gray and black. Their waistbands and pleating at the back made them look extra elegant.

Commercially this was a smart collection. The women buying the new Alberta Ferretti dresses will need to buy one of the designer’s fur coats as well to keep themselves warm throughout the winter. Still it seems like their legs will be cold next year.

Philosophy Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

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The Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti-show had the familiar boy-girl thing, but looked also very romantic and almost Victorian with the long dresses, high collars and black lace over white. Fragile dresses with high, white collars were mixed with polished, tailored officer’s coats in wools and thick leathers

Luckily it became a little bit edgy with black lace-up knee boots. It just needed that.

Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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The ss2010 collection of Alberta Ferretti was radiating peace and quietude. Not models but angelic figures showed off the designs in pastel-shades like beige, pink, lilac and blue. It was merely a show of dresses. A few times they were alternated by skirts or completed with a blouse or jacket. The designs were made in every possible length and decorated with flowers, ribbons and bows. Due to this fact and because of the use of see-through and shiny, silky fabrics the collection breathed softness and romance. The loose fitting designs, the delicate draping and pleating gave the clothes a Greek/Roman touch, which we’ve seen before in Ferretti’s designs. Apart from a couple of belts, a few hats and some bags the models didn’t wear any accessories so all the attention was focused on the clothes in which the models floated off the runway. (Tess van Daelen)

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