At AIFW day 3: the sun is out, let’s play!


We thought it would rain forever, but look: the sun is out. And suddenly life & fashion looks much better.



Frontrow at Lichting 2011 – AIFW SS2012

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How was sitting where at Lichting 2011, that was the question. So many prominent guests and so little frontrow-seats. But hey, it’s not the seat that makes you important it’s the fact you’re invited!

Lichting 2011 backstage at AIFW SS2012

There was order in chaos backstage at Lichting 2011. Getting fourteen different collections prepared and all kinds of models in make up and dressed required special skills from the backstage-team. But in the end it all worked out fine. The result was a beautiful, fast show.

Pauline Van Dongen & Etranger LAB Backstage at AIFW SS2012

Take a look backstage at Pauline van Dongen and Etranger preparing for their LAB-show.


Impressions of AIFW SS2012 Day 2

This was Day 2 of Amsterdam International Fashion Week  edition SS2012. Highlights – despite the rain and wind and rain and wind – of yesterday were Pauline van Dongen and Lichting 2011 with winner Sanne Schepers from Artez.

Outsider at AIFW SS2011, part 1

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Photographer Nick Helderman is new to the world of fashion. He knows his way quite well in the music-scene, but is still an outsider to the wonderful, glamorous, intoxicating, exaggerated world of fashion. Peter Stigter invited his talented colleague to experience the Amsterdam International Fashion Week and try to capture his vision in images.

Nick Helderman  lives in Amsterdam. He published in Het Parool, Glamcult and OOR. In 2010 he was nominated for the Popview/Lex van Rossen Award. You can look at his portfolio here

Winde Rienstra en Gomes Esser Design Backstage AIFW SS2012

The second part of the LAB-shows was filled by Winde Rienstra and Gomes Esser Design. The handcrafted designs – and especially her shoes – were a favorite of the audience, while the futuristic creations of designers Aleyda and Denise of Gomes Esser Design also got a lot of admirers. We also went backstage to capture the tension.


Roya Hesam & ZEM Backstage AIFW SS2012

Let’s take a look backstage at two LAB-shows that were held this morning in the Machinegebouw: Roya Hesam and ZEM, the menswear-label of Samira Algoe


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