Zeeman / Frank Catwalk Fashion Show AIFWSS2012

July 16, 2011 by  
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Saterday afternoon the Zuiveringshal at the Amsterdam Fashion Week was filled with fashion people. Everyone was anxious to see the very first collection of this ‘new fashion label’ named Frank. Some people heard it was a mix between ready to wear and haute couture, others didn’t have a clue.

As the first looks came up on the runway we saw some very wearable designs. A shirt dress, a leather jacket, a pleated skirt, a trenchcoat, a pair of leather pants (with lots of zippers); easy to wear we would call it.

In between those items there were a few shiny evening dresses in shades like turquoise and ochre or gray and pink. And the last look of the collection was a bridal gown with the name Frank on it.

After that blue and yellow lights were projected on to the backdrop. Some items were highlighted with texts like “Now low priced” and we then started to get a feeling….

As the letters ZEEMAN appeared everyone reacted surprised.

Frank was actually ZEEMAN and nobody knew. The people from ZEEMAN kept everything a secret, only five people of the organization knew they were going to hold a show. What a surprise and what a guerrilla move! ZEEMAN rocks Amsterdam Fashion Week!