BEAUTY TREND SS2016: Special Effect

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Do not try this at home. Some of the most outstanding beauty looks of this season might have been the icing on the cake of an incredible runway outfit, in real life they won’t have the same special effect. Not only will you run the risk of looking ridiculous, you won’t even be able to recreate those beauty extravaganzas by yourself. DIY is a no go. We admit, those quilted smokey eyes looked to die for on Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid. But since we already have a hard time drawing a smooth eyeliner we won’t even go there. Same goes for the bright colored fantasy eye make-up at Fendi. On the runway it was a success, in the streets it’s bound to turn out as a mess. The full on glitter faces we spotted at Burberry and Julien McDonald sure had us inspired for any upcoming glamorous partay, although we will not go all the way like the make-up artists did backstage. Their was one crazy beauty trend we can actually try at home. Thanks to the launch of Armani Beauty’s red mascara (Black Ecstasy) we can now actually try out those red eyelashes we spotted at the Emporio Armani show. Of course in a more subtle way. Oh and we’ll keep in mind those (kinda scary) doll eyes the models at Dorhout Mees were sporting. They might just turn this year’s Halloween appearance into a hit.

WOMENSWEAR SS2016: The metallic movement

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You could think of this as something that belongs to glitzy granny’s in Advanced Style, Lady Gaga or ’10 outfits Only Samantha Jones Can Wear’. But as a matter of fact, shiny gold fabric and metallics are a huge trend (ever since 2014) and seem to make a lasting impression. Although it feels like a throwback to the 80’s, don’t be scared, cause the metallic trend is less space man and over the top than you might think. It’s actually more out of this world. That means: modern, classy and sophisticated. Even sexy.

It’s becoming more and more versatile and it can be as simple as teaming a metallic skirt or trousers with a simple white shirt for a less boring everyday look (looking at you Loewe). Or have a look at Chanel on how to add a metallic shoe, purse or hand glove (how Michael Jackon can it be) to your outfit. Bright metallic accessories is a proper and easy way to add a a little va-va-voom. And literally shine all night with all the girls wearing a sparkly metallic (slip)dress (check check, Saint Laurent). And if, if you dare to take it up another notch, show your wild side with Prada’s golden lips. How sassy! All else there’s left is just a bunch of confidence.

WOMENSWEAR TREND SS2016: Ponytail Plus

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Sure, the clothes are very important during fashion week. But no finishing business without the hair. A woman prizes her hair over anything else. It’s like a big cream cake that needs some strawberries to top it off, right? Luckily, the majority of hair and beauty trends are surprisingly easy to pull off (woohoo!), like the upgraded ponytail.

We know the classic ponytail for years and years now. It’s something our mothers loved giving us to dress up with. Nothing new about that. But this season we see many different spins on this golden oldie. Because same shit, different day, it makes you bored out of your mind. The great thing about ponytails is that it’s pretty easy to DIY and still make you look completely different ánd sophisticated. So how to upgrade the usual ponytail? You have several options. According to Oscar de la Renta and Dior, add a classic fabric accessory ASAP. Just a simple ribbon around it can do the trick. Want something more classy and high fashion, opt for Balmain’s high, slick variation. And Marni, Miu Miu, and Chanel only had one important question: why stick to one when you can have two? Bring in the double tails gals! Although it’s a risky look, because it might result in something really girly and youthful, there are enough examples of how to pull it off as an adult. And with the daring make-up looks and likewise attitude, it wasn’t even close to girlish. It was actually le freak c’est chic.

MENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Gettin’ beggy with it

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When it comes down to menswear trends you need to know for spring, this one definitely needs to be included. The baggy trouser (or wide-legged pants) was always shining through the mens collections and have been making a slow but definite return on the men’s catwalk for the past few seasons. It’s having its big big breakthrough with a vast majority of designers showing loosened-up silhouettes. And by that we mean not only smaller companies, but the actual big boys. Giorgio Armani, Etro, Fendi, Versace, Yamamoto, Lanvin, Raf Simons and Bally. Not only in casual ensembles, but also in a suiting and shorts. Comfort is playing a major role right now, with the hems becoming lower and wider. Why always in tight and skinny jeans, seems to be the question. In the end, wide-leg pants have always been one of the most important staples in men’s style history. From Russian troops till Sinatra in the 1950s.

It’s like bringing sexy back (thank you Justin), but in a new and different way. We know, take a deep breath, because it may sound scary and it won’t be the most easy and comfortable trend to integrate for a lot of men, but all these baggy trousers are really important for the development and change of men’s style. Make sure it has a high waist so you won’t look overweight or seem to drown in it. And make sure that you wear on top is either cropped or slim, so it balances each other out. It may feel uncertain at first, but wide-legged trousers are more wearable than you can probably imagine.


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A brand new The Jungle Book movie was released this spring. Reason for fashion brand Kenzo to launch a special collection dedicated to the Disney movie. But it wasn’t just the designers at Kenzo who figured jungle would be an appropriate spring/summer theme. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Missoni among others all turned their catwalks into a wild nature celebration. Each in their own way of-course. At Balmain, Philip Lim and Kenzo the dresscode was safari chic all the way, with kaki colored overalls as far as our eyes could reach. Antionio Marras gave his camouflage attire a tropical touch and at Missoni the safari jacket was given the ultimate holiday touch. Burberry, Coach and Saint Laurent hinted to the theme more subtly, presenting some animal printed statement pieces. Then there were the models at Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci rocking the brands’ full on flora and fauna suits. Junya Watanabe went all the way with it’s male models wearing big braided wigs, safari hats, patchwork T-shirts, bright printed scarves with beads and fringes, handmade jewellery and wooden accessories, creating a true Junya jungle. Fashion darling Dries van Noten probably interpreted the trend in the chicest way, pairing tropical palmtree printed shorts with leopard sweaters; this summer’s bare necessities. Welcome to the jungle.

Recap Paris Fashion Week FW2016

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As the old saying goes, it ain’t over ’til Paris sings. And boy oh boy, did she sang. The fashion gods have spoken their final words, the trends are set, no blanc pages left in our notebooks and our iPhones filled with Insta-material for at least two decades. Alors, let’s take a look on what the City of Light had to offer us for next winter.

1. Velvet
A big trend in every fashion capital. It will get a touchy season for sure, thanks to Kenzo, Dries van Noten and Miu Miu. And we won’t go to sleep before we get our hands on those Haider Ackermann velvet suits.

2. Suit yourself
Once a lady, not always a lady. At least, not in the classic and girly sense. We can pull of a suit just as good as a man, maybe even better, thanks to Balenciaga, Haider Ackermann and Hermes. Let’s get in touch with your more masculine side. The options our countless and f-f-f-ancy.

3. Layer the dress
It’s fun to take the classic dress out of its comfort zone and put it in a whole new and different context. And see, it can still be sexy as hell if you wear it with a turtleneck, sweater or shirt underneath. Take note at Carven, Lanvin and Rochas.

4. Powerpuff girls
Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Chanel all told us it’s okay to exaggerate and make yourself a few times bigger. Don’t be shy gals.

5. Drop the shoulders
Shoulders play a major part this season. Although this is the right time to exaggerate, we also felt something something for the pushed-back necklines and sliding off shoulder look. Holla at Dior, Celine and Rick Owens.

6. Baller boots
By far the best shoes to tackle the nasty cold (and still look fabulous). Wether you’re in the city or out on the country. We would like to shop them at Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel and Chanel.

Dries van Noten Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2016

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If you’re planning on making autumn 2016 a opulent season, then make Dries van Noten your date. Without going too much into detail (or heaving a seat in the front row) you could immediately feel this collection had a wild and mad sense to it. The reason? Dries his muse this time was Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957) the heiress, socialite and countless artist’s muse. A beacon of the belle époque and considered the brightest star in European society as she was well-known for her legendary parties in Venice and Paris. So for this collection to really feel and understand it, every bit of a sense of drama is more than welcome.

The tall and skinny Casati was not considered a beauty, but she was very often the perfect subject for artists as they vainly tried to capture her aristocratic eccentricity. She led a life just as unusual and extraordinary as her outfits. Which resulted in a bold and definite luxurious collection full of leopard prints(it seemed she sometimes was completely naked beneath her furs), rich coloured velvet boots and trousers, decorative pearls not only on gloves but also as an ornate lattice pearl tabard coming from underneath a oversized sweater, sequins, ornate jacquards, flared cream coloured trousers, sporting blazers, heavy mannish overcoats, flowing pyjama’s, silk dresses and feather chokers (it is said that she once wore a freshly-killed chicken as a stole or that her driver had to kill a chicken to pour the blood down her long white arms). Not to mention those black smooched eyes on a pale skin. Like we said: every bit of a sense of drama is more than welcome.

Missoni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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Spaghetti bolognese, espresso and their fiery temperaments. Oh boy, do we love those Italians. But if we talk fashion, we can’t skip their nation of knitters. Something we seem to forget sometimes, but Angela Missoni will make you remember it in the best way she can. Their idiosyncratic patterns, knittings and use of bold colours make us wish we had some Italian DNA ourselves. Or at least own a beautiful house near the Riva del Garda, with a beautiful patio where we can sip our homemade wines all day long. As perfect as this sounds (we know, working on it), that’s how imperfect this collection was. Not in a bad way, but if you expected anything super matchy-matchy, here’s your sorrynotsorry. Because the many layers of color and pattern in each piece may not match in a classic way, but worked surprisingly well as a total look. Stripes, zigzags and checks on every level and in every way, from oversized cardigans, dresses, tunics and sweaters to chunky beanies and almost floor-sweeping scarves. Towards the end the more eighties and bohemian slim-cut disco dresses and plissé maxi dresses in shimmery black and silver showed they can do more than just drown us with what once made them so famous.

Jil Sander Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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Jil Sander’s dress code for autumn 2016 seem to underline exactly what we love so much about the brand: practicality, sophistication, precision, quality, detail and perfect execution. Designer Rodolfo Paglialunga, at the helm since 2014, understands these highly appreciated values like no other and presented us the image of a strong and powerful woman right there on a platter. If we talk about stylish authority, sign here please. We saw strong-shouldered coats, robust shaped jackets, slightly oversized suits with perfectly cut deep v-necks, below the knees hems, one-shoulder tops and asymmetry dresses that twisted and folded around the body. And who wouldn’t want to try the high-neck white midi dress? The military and androgynous references definitely showed throughout a big part of the collection. But between the ultra clean designs look 3 already showed us a hint of what was more to come: luminous and shiny materials. Spice up the office gear with some rose gold metallic, shimmery knits paired to mesh and glossy or metallic leather. Or opt for a furry sweater or dress to match with your turtle neck. It was a welcoming touch of modern elegance to such essential, minimal language. The collection had a trusted and familiair rhythm to it, us marking some favourites that could definitely make it into our wardrobe, but it won’t be the most memorable show we’ve seen.

Emilio Pucci Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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Massimo Giorgetti (MSGM) has geared up to show his second main collection for the luxury Italian label on the runway. He’s following up Peter Dundas as creative director, who was at the helm of the brand for seven years and has left to take charge at Roberto Cavalli. His aim: to keep working on and developing the playful, childish and sometimes crazy looks that’s signature for the Italian Brand, but at the same time finding new routes to fit this. As an Pucci woman you’re not afraid of any eye-popping hues (Dundas has transformed the brand into a hyper-coloured gathering) or eccentricity, and that’s exactly what he showed for this season: lots of colour and print, but in a less sexy and poolside glamour way than we used to. So it was quite surprising he put his focus on outerwear and active wear, something the brand wasn’t particular familiair with. But hey, that’s what exploring new path ways is about and Giorgetti took a good shot at it.  Most visible in the skiwear staples like zip-up leggings, onesies, oversized ski-style sweaters and it was impossible to miss the alpine and mountain-range prints presented in almost every look. Sometimes really obvious, sometimes more arty translated in a scene of colours on easy-going sweaters, Pucci-logoed shirts, shearling coats, puffer jackets, silk-printed midi dresses, pyjama-style separates and knee-length skirts. What better way to ensure your safety by wearing such bold colours and prints, at least they will find you in a sec. Would that be most practical in the form of a yellow velvet floor-length coat, blue leather knee-high boots and a colour blocking skirt? Probably not. But you can never change the luxury hugging Saint-Tropez DNA of a Pucci woman. So who’s ready for a well deserved champagne break in the après-ski?

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