Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2018

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A true runway-collection that was what Marc Jacobs had in mind designing his fall 2018 collection. And what a runway-collection it was. He made his case for real fashion, fashion that’s not diluted or dumbed down, with an all-out, obvious homage to one of fashion’s greatest gods, and, at his height, most daring innovators, Yves Saint Laurent. This was Saint Laurent on steroids (with nods to one or two other designers), as Jacobs exploded proportions and dazzled with an audacious color sense to rival Saint Laurent’s own: maroon fake-fur chubbie over navy blouse, orange pants and purple sash; jade coat over hot pink blouse and berry-colored leather skirt (or was it pants?). Jacobs kept most volumes huge, the shoulders of myriad coats and jackets cut big, bigger, biggest, over high-waisted skirts and cropped, pleated pants, rounded through the hips. The grand stroke was everywhere, in huge flowers at the neck of a blouse or at the waist; a dolman sleeve with trumpet cuffs; an ebullient pouf on the bodice of a gown; high-drama, flat-brimmed hats. Occasionally, Jacobs worked in a body-con moment, dresses that lost volume but not impact. This was fashion to the max. A celebration of fashion.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2017

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The models at the Marc Jacobs show wore real clothes of the casual sort — early hip-hop with a soupçon of Seventies sportif in a palette of warm neutrals shot with red, wine and maroon. It was not at all tricked-out or exaggerated like last season. The anchor look was a short coat over a little dress, often in Twenties-inspired laces, or wide, extralong pants that puddled over boots. There was fur, both real and faux, and thick, patterned knits.


Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2016

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Marc Jacobs showed his extravaganza of fashion-noir on a stark white set to the sound of single chimed notes by Japanese musician Keiji Haino. Darkness ruled, but with an underlying sweetness. The models’ eyes and lips were black. The clothes were dark, wondrous, inventive, eccentric pilings of tweeds, furs, silks, and endless decoration, Victoriana meets Goth meets Biker Chic meets Varsity Chic meets Red Carpet meets Violet Incredible and countless other girls of Jacobs’ runways past. Cats, rats, cherubs and ballerinas got acquainted on prints, a giant raven took up residence on the back of a jacket and a lady named Gaga walked the show.

Marc Jacobs Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2016

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“Marc Jacobs: One Night Only!” read the light box above the Ziegfeld theatre, the location of Marc Jacobs fashion show and the cinema where he, growing up in New York, saw so many movies. And oh boy, did Marc treat us to a special night out. As the stars of the evening, models acting as celebrities (even though they sometimes actually are in real life, hello Kendall Jenner) strutted the red carpet and posed in front of the Marc Jacobs photo wall we were escorted to our seats where we could watch them make their entrance. A live band played the New York Dolls’s 1973 song “Trash.” as Natalie Westling, dressed in an asymmetric raffia skirt and blue sweater, kicked off the fashion show. Clothes ranged from full on sequined and sheer party wear to sportive baseball jackets and striped sweaters. From denim on denim (as seen on Saskia de Brauw) to rock chick gone bridal (the final look). Stripes, stars, checks and prints of painted faces emphasized the theatre theme. Yet it was a bit back and forth with style, silhouette and color palette. Not to mention Marc’s selection of models was a bit out of the ordinary (hello Beth Ditto). Marcs SS2016 vision was hard to grasp in the short time frame of the show. The elegance and refinement of Marc Jacobs were still there. Yet looks were given a more playful Marc by Marc Jacobs touch. As if the designers discontinued fashion line and it’s bigger sister had merged. Presenting us with the best of both MJ worlds.

16 Years Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton: an overview

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Louis Vuitton 2

After sixteen years Marc Jacobs (50) is leaving Louis Vuitton. To conclude his career the designer presented a greatest hits collection, created entirely in black, which he presented last week in Paris. To look back on his most outstanding work for Louis Vuitton we’ve selected some of his fashion highlights from our TPS-archives (see gallery below).
From his playful to his serious collections, from bright & colorful to monochrome looks, from sexy & seductive models to girls all wrapped up, from long and lean silhouettes to full figure ones, from extravagant designs to minimalistic creations, from large afros to gigantic statement hats and from old school mirrored runways to decors like an enormous carousel, elevators and not to mention the Louis Vuitton express train. Oh boy, did this man take Louis Vuitton for a ride!
And it’s not just the shows that became more impressive every season; as you can see Jacobs himself underwent quite a transformation over the years as well.
In sixteen year the company mostly known for it’s luxury goods and luggage line has become an international powerhouse thanks to Marc Jacobs’ introduction of the brand’s ready to wear line and art collaborations. Nicolas Ghesquière, or whoever is to follow Jacobs up at Louis Vuitton will have a hard time filling his designer shoes.
So like the mood of his last collection we say goodbye to Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with a little grief, but with excitement for the future. The designer genius, or fashion God as some might call him, is to focus more on his eponymous label and we can’t wait to see what he has in viagra canadian pharmacy stores for us next.

Louis Vuitton Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2014

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After months of speculation about the status of Marc Jacobs’ contract at Louis Vuitton, the writing was on the wall. The staging of the show re-created many of the sets from his sixteen-year at the house: the elevators, the escalators, the carousel, the fountain, last season’s hotel corridors—they were all there only rendered this time in shades of black.
So it was good-bye on the runway. But despite the all-black clothes, it didn’t feel like a sad affair. Jacobs dedicated the collection to the many cheap viagra‎ women who’ve touched or influenced him during his time in Paris, including designer muses Coco Chanel, Rei Kawakubo, and Miuccia Prada. You saw bits and pieces of their work in this collection, in addition to callbacks to his own greatest hits. “To the showgirl in all of us,” was how he signed off his program notes.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear New York SS2014

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After all that minimalism during New York Fashion Week came Marc Jacobs with a collection that threw the audience back to 1890s. Marc Jacobs explained his collection as being in a sort of nightmare. buy cheapest viagra No beautiful light whispering summerclothes, but a mix of Victorian influences, menswear and Birkenstock: dark, dangerous and compelling. Jacobs’ clothes were printed, appliquéd, embroidered, and tasseled. And dark. There were large hibiscus prints in red and white on a coat and maroon and white on a shirt and shorts set, but black, navy, bottle green, and brown were the dominant colors here.
The overall look was opulent, the day clothes either riffs on old, elegant officers’ jackets worn over re-fabricated surf shorts or loose-cut dresses and sweatshirts in thick velours. Evening presented a mesmerizing parade of slightly deranged-looking Victorian heroines in mourning — their darkness highlighted by intricate embroideries.

Louis Vuitton Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2013

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That was grunge-de-luxe what Marc Jacobs designed for Louis Vuitton. A bit ironic and provocative, but in a beautiful and sensual way. And melancholic. The set was a circular “hotel” constructed within the vast tent pitched in a Louvre courtyard. The wallpapered corridor housed 50 closed doors which the models opened and exited. The audience became voyeurs, as each “room” featured projections of hotel guests lounging and getting dressed, unaware of the scores of peering eyes.

Jacobs focused on the intimate sartorial gesture: slips, pajamas, robes de chambre. These were paired with some of the season’s best coats and jackets, worn in odd combinations — proportions deliberately awkward, colors sometimes off.

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The pieces were gorgeous:  a herringbone pattern made entirely of embroidered sequins; voluptuous robes lined in marabou. Some coats came in cashmere with deep borders of dégradé sequins; others, in thick silk printed to resemble English tweeds.
Of course, there were Vuitton bags – but without a logo in sight. Jacobs interpreted the house’s classic shapes in tony materials — croc, python, mink and hand-curled goose feathers — often finished with carved ebony or wooden handles.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear New York FW2013

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For the set of his show Marc Jacobs got inspired by the ‘Weather Project’ of artist Olafur Eliasson’s, a huge hot sun that shone intensely on the models. Jacobs started his show under the sun’s low frequency light that removed all color, everything seemed black, gray and sepia. Then the light changed and it revealed a beautiful palette of neutrals and soft colors, poink, blue, deep burgundy and green. It was a simple collection without any techno-fabrics. Jacobs choose traditional materials like cashmere and alpaca, silk and fur. For day there were chic skirt looks and coats in blue alpaca and pink cashmere.The shine came via an embroidered fishnet motif on sensual pajama looks, and fox-collared tulle jackets covered in big, loose paillettes, some over-sequined gowns.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2013

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Marc Jacobs took fashion into another direction. Again. But he still finds a covered girl sexy, so that opinion didn’t change. The result for his ss2013 collection: suits with below-the-knee skirts worn low on the hips, bare midriffs and long skirts and dresses. Many of the outfits came in wide vertical stripes — black, maroon, taupe — with matching purses and  little shoes with low heels.  The models’ hair was ratted at the crown and pulled into a low ponytail.

The show was literally eyepopping and a play with optical illusions, also 1960 Swinging London revisited. The message for summer 2013 was hard, young and graphic. The geometric elements were everywhere: zigzag op-art patterns or harlequin effects; shoes with checkered heels.

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