John Varvatos Menswear catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2013

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It seems any man will be able to find something Varvatos to add to his wardrobe coming fall. The designer presented a perfect mix of cool, young, street and gentlemanlike, dandy, chic. Three-piece suits for the office and skinny jeans worn with biker jackets for a cool outdoor concert. Yet no matter how versatile the looks were, they all got a Varvatos topping in the form of handkerchiefs (tied around the models’ necks), small mirrored sunglasses, fingerless gloves, felt hats and lace up boots. If it’s up to John velvet suits are a hit for 2013 and colorwise burgundy is still a popular option.

John Varvatos Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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After just the first look the mood was set at John Varvatos. Dressed in a loose blouse and a slightly flared pair of trousers, accessorized by an eye-catching necklace the look of the long haired model breathed seventies, hippie-chic, romance and freedom.

From that first look on the loose silhouette continued (as well as the long hair). First in multiple grey tones. Changing from a loose fitting suit jacket to a military jacket and later a long cardigan (never without the necklace).

Waistcoats, suede jackets, a checked pair of pants and scarfs with the print of the American flag followed in shades of sand, camel, off white and black. All styled with a seventies vibe (lots of layering), but just as wearable combined with some less outspoken items for anyone who’s not feeling the early Rolling Stones style.




John Varvatos Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011h

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John Varvatos’ models seemed to be travelers. A railroad track was staged on the catwalk and a big clock was the backdrop of the show. According to John his men started their journey in London and ended up in Milan. They wore lots of layers in shades of gray, Merlot, claret and brown.

Their looks were somewhat slouchy cool. Their suits were crumpled, their knitwear was rough and we saw many coats with raw edges. Combined with the scruffy hats and round (and colored) sunglasses it gave the models some kind of rocker status too.

A great aspect of the show was the mutability of the designs. Most items could be worn in more than one way and because of the layering every outfit became multi-functional. So if you’re planning on traveling a lot next fall John Varvatos is your man!

Milan Catwalk Fashion Show fw2010: John Varvatos

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An impression of the stage at John Varvatos: an old church with scattered fresco’s and candlelight in the back. A perfect setting for the collection: rockers turned into businessmen but still sticking to black, their boots, leather and bulky knits.

John Varvatos Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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Normally everything John Varvatos designs breathes rock ‘n roll. Not this time. He opened his show in Milan with narrow shorts and waistcoats. Besides a lot of white and grey there were some shots of color in parkas like pale yellow and coppery red . The collection was sophisticated with smart details, ande gave us finally a perfect view on what Varvatos is capable of.  We’ll leave the rock ‘n roll for other times.

John Varvatos Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear FW09

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