Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris ss2012

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It must be so embarrassing when you invite the creme de la creme of the fashionworld at your show and the benches you arranged crash while they are seated. It happened at Balenciaga this morning. And for the first time even that fashion-elite had to stand during the show.Luckily for Balenciaga and designer Nicolas Ghesquiere the clothes mad the audience forget they were feel uncomfortable. The collection was about volume and structure. Oversize was Ghesquiere next big theme this season, trying to discover how body and ultra light fabric work together.

There were high-shine, round-shouldered jackets light as air, which  came in graphic color plays over wide but otherwise tiny shorts. The dresses were impressive ,  whether in ottoman knits in  simple  T-shirt shapes or complicated fabric collages.

Trend Report SS2011: Be a sport!

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The world of sports again was a big inspiration for many summer collections. Sporty fabrics (nettings & neopreen), sporty details (lots of zippers and layers pockets or buttons) and sports-influenced accessories (caps, glasses and bags) popped up in many runway shows.

At Marni it was the mix of colors and materials that made the Marni girls look sportive. At Balenciaga the shape and materials gave the inspiration away. For Lacoste classic shades like white, black and red added a sporty touch to the collection and at Celine the fit of the clothes seemed perfect for the sporty types.

So weather you’re sticking with the classic sportswear or opting for some brand new more modern sporty style; you can never go wrong this season. So be a sport and try this new trend on for size!


Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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Again the Balenciaga-collection was full of modern, surprising fabrics, silhouettes and clothes.

The punk spirit of last season seems gone but is replaced by a softer, more feminine theme. Soft, draped longer length skirts, knitted leather, tunics worn over pants, skinny pants with zippers at the back of the legs, soft oversized coats and comfy sweaters made a gentle look. Of course there we graphic colorblocking elements in the collection, andbesides black, white and gray Ghesquiere used orange, blue, brown and green.

Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2011

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Again, Nicolas Ghesquiere suprised us with a very streetwise-collection, this time with influences from the punk-era. By the choice of his models Ghesquiere already explained the theme of his show: to express identity and individuality. Besides 6 supermodels – like Stella Tennant, Carolyn Murphy and Gisele Bundchen – he also casted 6 girls at the streets of Amsterdam, Belgium and Copenhagen.

The look was streetwear infused with a bit of London punk and retro teddy boys. Every garment was treated, coated, lacquered and manipulated by hand. For example: some leathers were embroidered with PVC to make it look fake and knits were coated with brushed silk. He also mixed couture techniques with modern edge laser cutting.

The collection was dominated by thick, molded leathers lacquered with big houndstooth patterns in red, black, white and blue. More or less feminine were the draped dresses and sleeveles shirts with neon lace inserts. The overall look was boyish, and it was the designers purpose to react to ‘a certain kind of sexiness’ as he told the press.

Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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The Balenciaga collection we saw today may not have been the most wearable one. Yet we must give Ghesquière some credits for the experimenting he did.

His computer-age inspired clothes were rounded and stiff at the same time. The padded architectural coats added a lot of volume to the collection, especially the ones with the wings on the back. Different materials altered each other in the designs like patchworks. Some were shiny other matte. The skirts were short, the pants tight.

Some outfits looked familiar, but they were always different from what Ghesquière’s has done before. For example the clothes with the colored stripes (pale blue, tangerine, brown, and aqua) showed some resemblance to Balenciaga’s last show. Only this time the colors were less bright (more pastel) than the ones Patricia van der Vliet and Mirte Maas wore in the ad for Balenciaga’s summer campaign. (The two Dutch girls did walk in today’s show, by the way.)

We thought the coats with wings on the back and the dresses with the multi-font slogans were very renewing and fit in with the scientific, computer- age collection just fine. It is with such pieces that Ghesquière’s showed how a designer can push his fashion boundaries while staying true to the values of his brand.

Paris Fashion Week ss2010 Impressions #6

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Paris Fashion Week ss2010 Impressions #4

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Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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Another surprising show of Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, but not really what people expected. After his elegant Parisienne in draped jerseys, skirts and trousers – a look much copied this season – this collection looked a bit disappointing because it looked so familiar. The sporty and eclectic outfits had elements of former collections, the shiny black skinny  trousers,  sleeveless shirts with graphic lines in yellow and white and a patchwork of fabrics and colors for  dresses and skirts. It didn’t give a visible  answer to what the fashionworld needs right now. Although Ghesquieres answer might have been in the music-lyrics: back to the start again.

Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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