Viktor & Rolf catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2012

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At Viktor & Rolf a full moon set the mood for mysterious show. It was opened by an unlighted moving catwalk on which models posed in their structured looks. Seeing those silhouettes move across the backdrop you knew you were in for another V&R spectacle.

In line with the silky pajama for day wear trend the Dutch designers sent their first few girls on the runway in silk printed and draped ones. Extremely luxury pj’s those were with sparkly collars and fur cuffs. V&R even added some of their larger than life details, like enormous sleeves attached to the models shoulders like a sort of cape.

Everything that followed, the suits, the shorts and sheer tops, coats and evening dress, played with volume and the mixing of materials. The designers showed contrast by combining sheer delicate pieces with touches of raccoon and mink fur.

Shaved, structured fur (in stead of cute and fluffy) that is, which took the Dutch duo months to develop. It made up for the distinctive, statuesque V&R look, the theatrical touch they often add to their collections. Still, this show felt different. Looks seemed to be less about the art and spectacle and just a little bit more about wearability.

A smart move, if you ask us. We’ll probably see the Dutch brand pop up more often and other celebs than today’s front row guest Katy Perry will have a mysterious moment dressed in V&R.

Backstage at Tony Cohen AFW FW2012

Backstage models were dressed in beautiful clothes for the Tony Cohen fashion show. Make-up looked elegant but also tough and punky and matched perfectly with the jewel-tones of the dresses.

2 Love Tony Cohen Catwalk Fashion Show AIFWSS2012

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On Sunday night designer Tony Cohen held his second show of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. This time he presented his brand new, second line named 2LOVETONYCOHEN. A more affordable line so more women can own a Tony Cohen.

The models wore colorful shades, Sacha Shoes and very feminine outfits. The first girls sported lots of nudes; frilly dresses, playful tops and elegant blouses. They looked confident as they strutted the runway, hair down (with two small braids), hands in their pockets.

The nudes slowly turned into all kinds of blue shades and even some kind of aqua print. Silk tops, charming scarfs, leather jackets, trenchcoats and T-shirts with sequins followed in red, blue and lilac.

It was a show full of great pieces. And the fact that these are now more affordable will probably make a lot of women happy.