Maison The Faux Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 New York

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MAISON the FAUX surprised NYFW with their FAUXmosapien filled world. During their show all of the models joined into a FAUX ritual. A ritual in which they surrendered themselves to the false promise of a new and better world. During this ritual, models were baptised from a water dispenser, christening them as “FAUXmosapiens”, before entering vertical, incubator-like tanning beds.
We posed the question; “Why and who do you choose to follow?”
In a world that (still) struggles to see us all as individual human beings, MAISON the FAUX offers an alternate world; the FAUXmosapien world. An evolved world in which everyone can be themselves and let go of beauty ideals and trends.………. Do we sound convincing?
The SS18 humanwear collection was all about joining, mixing, combining strict borders and patterns into an eclectic diverse image. Mermaid dresses in striped tule, multicolored statement coats, sunsets and globes, copy/paste denim and leather silhouettes, red plastic disposable bags and stripes, stripes, stripes and stripes. The colour pallet was defined by graphic contrasts and pastels.

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