An Ode To Anna..

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She is, without a doubt, the most photographed person at every fashion week. Whether she’s doing a little dance, holding a dog painting, talking to Kanye, wearing Versace for H&M, taking a picture of us or just strutting the streets in another crazy outfit, the vibrant Anna dello Russo keeps on fascinating us (and the rest of the fashion industry).

She changes at least three times during a regular Fashion Week day (oh my, is she traveling heavy), and every single one of her outfits is spot on. She dresses head to toe in designer items and keeps all of her looks in her archives.

No look is ever over-accessorized with Anna and More is More is definitely her ‘thing’.

Anna is completely crazy and great fun. You just gotta love her.

We shot like a zillion pictures of her during the latest fashion weeks. We just can’t get enough of you Anna!

Streetstyle vs. Catwalk fashion

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Each fashion season we all get very much inspired by the collections presented on the catwalk. After New York, London, Milan and Paris we have new creative ideas and we have picked up the trends we will probably be wearing a season later. So there’s no doubt fashion designers create trends or at least a certain style.

Yet it’s also true that a big part of  fashion starts on the street. What people wear in their daily lives is a starting point for fashion too. Whether it’s your grandma walking her dog in a floral printed skirt, your father in one of his suits or your neighbour is a pair of old school jeans. Every kind of streetwear can be the beginning of a fashion trend.

During the fashion weeks our team always spots the most fashionable people outside the fashion shows. They wear clothes not everyone dares to wear. Their streetstyle is often bright-colored, crazy-shaped and remarkably printed. Not to mention their shoes and accessories.

To show you that streetwear can be an inspiration for fashion designers we selected six outfits that were seen in the streets as well as on the runway.

While wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is a big hit this season we saw the masculine look at Lacoste and on the streets. In many fashion shows designers draped their fabrics, which gave their designs a very romantic twist. One of the girls on our streetwear photos showed even jumpsuits and drapery can work well together.Black and white or blue and white stripes belong to the navy trend that’s hot this spring. Dutch designers Spijkers & Spijkers showed this look on the runway, we saw it outside of the shows. And as more and more jumpsuits work their way into today’s streetwear, it was’t hard to find a yellow printed one that matched the Marc Jacobs version.

The most Gaga-worthy outfits for SS2010

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There’s no doubt Lady Gaga’s success has something to do with the way she dresses. From day one she has looked out of the ordinary with her structured creations, body-exposing outfits and crazy headgear. She has been wearing those extreme designer outfits no one dares to wear in public and therefore she’s always in the news…

We’ve seen Lady Gaga in Armani prive, Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott, Chanel and Hussein Chalayan to name a few. The pop-diva has also worn some Viktor & Rolf creations before. The Dutch designers even got to make an outfit for Gaga’s video Telephone. But apart from all those designs, we think there are many more looks that would get Lady Gaga’s approval.

Out of all the spring/summer fashion shows we selected the most Gaga-worthy outfits. Those pieces mostly have crazy shapes, they show a lot of skin and several times they go with an eye-catching headpiece.

We selected multiple black body-revealing dresses with cut-outs, wholes and tears all over them (Asish, Byblos, Julian Macdonald, Mark Fast).

We picked out over the top hats from Aguggini (large with zebra-print), Jean Paul Gaultier (blue with Napoleon shape), Givenchy (shape of a lamp shade) and Watanabe (strange kind of turban).

We chose for two designs with accentuated shoulders. At Ilincic the shoulders were huge and made out of feathers, at Todd Lynn they resembled shark fins.

The opted for the Giles dress because of the big spiders and we picked Julian Macdonald’s dress because of the scales. Alexander McQueen’s outfits need no explanation; Gaga has already worn one of those (incl. the crazy shoes) in her video Bad Romance and we think Gaga would actually love to wear all of his designs.

Unfortunately Gaga’s on-and-off boyfriend Matthew Williamson didn’t design anything kinky that that would suit her. Yet we think there’s more than enough to choose from for the 23-year old singer. And if she doesn’t find the right outfit, she can always ask a designer to make one for her. Cause designers understand that Lady Gaga wearing one of your outfits is good publicity and they’ll do anything to make that happen.