Fendi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Menswear FW2017

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Silvia Venturini Fendi unpopped the lid of her Lego box for this playful collection of sports-inspired silhouettes in primary brights and animal patterns with a Pop Art spirit.
Many of Milan’s designers are determined to keep things real this season, with an eye to dressing men for everyday in easy clothes pulled from gym bags, sports fields, college kids’ wardrobes or the hiking trail.
The colors, including electric tangerine, bubblegum pink, bright green and cobalt — not to mention the patchwork and painterly fur details on lapels and collars — were “an optimistic sign for the future.”

To convey a sense of lightness and practicality, Fendi worked with nylon for puffers, trousers and jackets. The dark pieces were almost always luxed-up with contrasting pops of colored fur.

Models marched down two long catwalks in androgynous looks — a leopard-print coat and pink tracksuit trousers worn with furry orange slides, or a dark coat, its fur lapels done in tutti-frutti colors. Contrast, go-faster stripes stretched down the sides of trousers or came as furry strips on jacket arms.

There was a cartoonish feel to the boxy bags — which came in electric pink or screaming yellow, some with fuzzy bobbles dangling off the handles — and to the fur coats that were inset with soccer-fan scarves reading Fantastic Fendi.


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Knock knock! Who is it? The most stylish man in Italy. And he’s wearing everything you need to know (and want to have) for coming season. Cause it’s Men’s Fashion Week (yes, we cheer for that!!) There’s an entire man squad making its way through Milano right now looking better than ever. And what can we say: this will make you want to update your closet sooner than later. Time to round up the 8 strongest looks from the catwalks.

Wether you go on a hiking trip, a walking tour, on safari or exploring a city, make you sure you look as fine as our Milanese men right here. The outdoor trend is presumably started by Versace. You no longer have to be ashamed wearing nylon zip-ups, backpacks, athletic leggings and a good ‘crocodile hunter’ hat. That’s the way to go. Also seen at: Moncler, Prada.

Three’s a trend: enter the modern journeymen. The idea that traveling is all about comfort and ease, no, we’re not taking it anymore. You have to look good while exploring the world, and that’s even possible in a suit. And how obvious can it be with Prada shirts covered with hand-drawn symbols of world travels. You better book that ticket fast. Also seen at:  Missoni, Marni.

Just like last season, blue is still the rage. And we’re not just meaning blue, but REAL eye catching cobalt blue. It’s one of the strongest and coolest colours for men, but it’s up to you how to dispense it. If you want to go all the way, your permission lays here in Milano. Just ask Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood or Dsquared.

Definitely not just a trend for the ladies, but also the gents got tied up this time. And the proof is here in front of you: Versace, Valentino, Ferragamo, and Fendi all showed men wearing tailored coats and jackets with a cinched waist.

What makes the man? Definitely the suit. What makes a dandy? Same answer. But that doesn’t mean the definition of smart tailoring isn’t fluid. And if you thought so, now you know it’s not. And it’s more clear than ever. The chapter of the art of proportions isn’t finished yet. We still got some pages to turn. The interplay of tailoring, sports and casualwear is rebalancing, playing with new proportions, streamlined details and well-defined shapes. Seen at: Sisters by Sibling, Jil Sander, Marni.

It may not rain that often in Milan, but we spotted a lot of raincoats on the catwalk. Showing you the best gear to ride out the storm and survive the rainy days or quick showers after a hot summer day. Make sure you have a light weighted parka or flashy (silver) raincoat by hand as your perfect battle armour.Seen at: Prada, Versace.

One of the most talked about words in 2015 was ‘gender’, or better said: gender fluidity. Something that not only started by celebs like Kristen Steward and Miley Cyrus, but also the fashion industry is one of the biggest players in this game changing development. And it shows again this season, with men wearing female-considered items like furry coats, flower print jackets and glitter tops.
Seen at: Dsquared, Fendi, Diesel by Gold.

The billion dollar fashion industry may be quite serious on the financial front, but let’s not forget it’s mostly about the fun wearing the clothes. Otherwise the designers will help remind you this. Seen at:  Dolce&Gabbana, Dsquared.

Round Up Milan Menswear SS2016

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It’s a man’s world. For a little while, if we may say so. We’re in the middle of the Spring 2016 men’s show hurricane. The Italian runways getting wrapped up again and the fashion scenery is moving on. But boy oh boy, Milano has given us some pretty good things for next summer season. Time to look back on some of the most inspiring and exciting trends to have on our future plate.

What can we say? It seems BLUE is bubbling up as a main theme of the season. It’s one of the strongest and coolest colours for men. And we’re not talking small details here, that’s for sure, get the whole package. Dress in blue from head to toe, layer it down and let the details, fabric and silhouette do the talking. Also seen at: Etro, Bottega, Calvin Klein.

Men may not always show it, but just like every human, they also have a SOFTER side. And for SS16 they’re not afraid to show it.  Velvet continues to pop up, just as silks and even lace was part of the deal. And who else than Miuccia Prada to turn men’s fashion week in Milan upside down. You can’t call the season until Miuccia has shown what she’s thinking. And she was thinking about soft silken shirts open to the belt and part-tucked in. Also Gucci opted for silken suits with a comfy pyjama feel to it and Versace’s strong men showed their mild side in bomber jackets. Also seen at: Etro, Burberry, Prada.

To master the art of proportions is one of the most important thing for men’s fashion. For a few seasons now we slowly shift away away from tighter, form-fitting tailoring and see more voluminous and RELAXED SILHOUETTES based on the traditional basics in a men’s closet. Also seen at: Vivienne Westwood, Marni, Versace.

Several fashion houses took us across the world, TRAVELING through cultural differences and details. Tomas Maier’s collection for Bottega Veneta showed his army of men ready for a walk up into the Bavarian Alps, that included Lederhosen on lambskin suede trousers and sandals featuring rope details or even hiking boots, all worn with wool socks. Missoni designed a collection based on the modern-day nomad. But aren’t we all, nowadays? There’s seems to be an interesting fashion conversation between the Eastern and Western world which is translated into long beads, tunics, big scarves, Chinese flower prints, and travel footwear. So get packing fellas, we’re about to go on a trip. Also seen at: Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Jil Sander.

Bomber jackets, graphics, colour splashes and childish symbols; the more playful and BOYISCH, the better. Why always act like proper adults? Prada was all into racing cars, rocket ships and Energizer Bunnies, all the while Ferragamo was spelling out the alfabet on it’s sweaters. And what about the bold patch trend seen at Moschino? Say it all out loud, dear man. Also seen at: J.W. Anderson, Antonio Marras, Coach.

Already this one seems to be the look of summer/spring 2016. Whether your jacket is patent leather or suede, it doesn’t really matter as long as you can ZIP IT UP. Wear it super clean and office-ready or a bit off-shoulder. Seen at:Neil Barrett, Prada, Emporio Armani.

Let’s keep it SHORT: it’s obviously a huge trend on the catwalks and a summer classic. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs gentlemen, whether you go to the beach, having a stroll around the park or even taking the dogg out. Seen at: No 21, Marni, Coach.

Hello Milan!

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