Matthew Williamson launches bridalwear

December 10, 2010 by  
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His designs are famous for their bright colors and extraordinary prints. Yet Matthew Williamson has decided to show us a whole new side of himself. The British fashion designers will launch a collection of bridal wear next year.

It will be interesting to see some completely white creations from Williamson, since he hardly uses this shade in his regular collections.

‘Of course, a bride’s outfit is about much more than just color (or the absence thereof). I wanted to create a bridal collection that is both a natural extension of the mainline eveningwear, but at the same time reflects the opulence of such an important celebratory event. The pieces are characterized by feminine, diaphanous silhouettes in richly embellished luxurious fabrics’, Williamson told Elle UK.

Matthew Williamson recently also announced the launch of a lower priced diffusion line, which will hit stores next fall.

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In his time away in New York, Williamson learned something about putting on a show. Honed by exposure to that city’s demand for brevity in design, his show in London was a much more focused, slim-contoured collection consisting of leather-inserted polished-linen sheath dresses, super-skinny pants, and paper-bag-waisted shorts.