Michael Kors Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2010

February 17, 2010 by  
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Michael Kors’ fashion show started about twenty minutes late, which in the world of fashion is almost too early. For celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe it actually was. She came in late and had to watch the show from the standing room. And although she and mister Kors seemed such good friends on the Rachel Zoe Project the designer didn’t think she was worth waiting for. We wonder if she still was still mumbling her famous ‘I die’ sentence from the standing room…

Luckily other important guests like Donald Trump and Michael Douglas found their front row seats in time to watch the full show.

For next winter Michael Kors didn’t show any of his typical, sleeveless, Michelle Obama-appropriate dresses. Yet the first lady might have approved some of the caramel skirts he designed.

Most clothes, such as cashmere sweaters, woollen pants, thick collars and some -larger than life – fur coats, looked very winter proof. Yet those cosy winter clothes did contrast a bit with items like a see-through turtle neck and some sweaters with an extremely low V-neck. But hey, we’ll just wear an extra basic underneath these items and they’ll be just as wearable as the rest of this fall/winter collection.

The male models resembled the ideal boyfriends in their matching shades of grey, camel and beige. Their V-necks were just as low and their collars were just as big as those of the girls. Yet for his menswear Michael Kors was a little more subtle with the fur.

Our favourite items of the show were some sweaters with the large woollen collars and a few loose fitting pants. We also loved how the leather belts and boots perfectly finished off every look. The long evening gowns were very pretty as well. Although we’re not sure if the shiny gold one will look good on a lot of people.