Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear Paris SS2017

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Starting off with cool camoflauge prints and little safari co-ords Kenzo’s SS2017 line up soon evolved into more funky dresscodes. Like a patent leather skirt worn with a ruffled blouse and a metallic top. Or a skirt and oversized Tee both which had images of Kenzo back in the (Studio 54, just check out this clip) days printed on them. Yet the best chapter of the show started with a parade of shiny disco dresses full of beads and sequins. Studio 54 dressing on fleek. If only we’d still be able to relive some of those marvellous disco dancing nights. But will surely find other occasion to wear that pink dress with handwritten prints and sparkling top to. It deserves a place in the spotlights that’s for sure. Same goes for those chunky earpieces…wow! Carol Lim and Humberto Leon sure found a way to overcome the H&M hype (their collaboration collection is hitting stores next month). This collection of 54 looks will have both fashion critics and Kenzo customers going wild (like Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland on that stage).

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2016

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“Our  KENZO  woman  for  Fall-Winter  2016/17  approaches  life  with  nonchalant conviction.  She tackles every adventure with an open mind and with respect for where she has previously tread”, reads the message of designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. Their collection was inspired by the manga character Sailor Moon, a group of Japanese schoolgirls in Tokyo who combat evil forces and stop them from taking over the universe. Each ‘soldier’ has a transformation sequence which grants her a uniform in her own theme-colors and her own powers. Sound quite spectacular right? So it was. It was one big line-up of ultra cool and feminine school girls walking down the runway, battling the world in some of the coolest outfits such as flowy dresses, velvet pants and skirts, cigarette pants and pumps with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, a blue parka with hoodie detail and shirts and dresses with XXL ruffles. But they also wanted to create a collection which observes some of the house’s most notable codes. Thus we noticed some reworked archive prints and details: the Kenzo tiger was roaring again, with prints in gold and pink (even lavender tiger prints on nails, so cool!) and the famous Kenzo flowers (iris and dandelions), layered with psychedelic checks. The strong yet soft colour palette and use of fabric was stunning: navy, rust, lavender and ‘uniform’ gray swathe fabrics of flannel, satin, velvet, faux astrakhan, corduroy and vinyl. You better be careful, cause the Kenzo woman can take on anything and anyone (did we just hear someone roarrrr?!).

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2016

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Leave it up to Carol Lim and Humberto Leon to create a collection filled with young, fresh, catchy designs that appeal to a wide audience. Their travel meets sporty looks had all the right ingredients for the summer wardrobe of a girl on the go. Graphic prints in bold shades of blue, yellow and red proved the designers still know their way around the color palette, making each look poppy and very Kenzo. They popped up on kimono style jackets, skater dresses, miniskirts, cropped tanks, maxi dresses and co-ords. Adding to the collection’s overall happy mood. Mesh body suits added some sexiness to the active attires.The XL gladiator sandals may have been a little too gimmick-y. Yet statement fanny packs, colorful handbags and chandelier earrings (although a slight style difference) made up for that slight misstep in the accessory department.

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2015

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Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Kenzo were inspired by the forest. Models were dressed in protective ponchos and capes in shadowy blue, deep purple and forest green — some in camouflage-style floral patterns spliced with contrasting stripes. Oversize shearling jackets were slung over pleated chiffon dresses in a nod to the volatile climate that has wrong-footed retailers in recent seasons.
The duo worked two main silhouettes: top-heavy layers over ample skirts and less-cluttered looks that paired structured jackets or draped jerseys with skirts and pants in satin, georgette or fil coupé, reminiscent of kimono fabrics.

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2014

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Since working for Kenzo, designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon cialis no prescription have been using the Kenzo Takada codes. This season they’ve used their personal history as a guide. Their talent is mixing styles, and this time they wove together sea motifs, surf culture, and references to L.A.’s underground music scene in the new collection. Since water was the overall theme, they created a waterfall that flowed the entire duration of the show and drums that sprayed water to the beat of the music.

The collection’s melting-fish print stands a very good chance of becoming the Kenzo Eye of Spring ’14. As usual this show was full of prints, and they weren’t without cheek. The scribbled blue waves eventually turned red. Lim and Leon made advances with the fabrics, with a glossy tech material that looked like it had been submerged in water and came out glistening. The tailoring was ingenious in its own way, too, with back vents cut into jackets and dresses, as the designers said, to let the breeze in.

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2014

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The designers of Kenzo celebrated beach culture with loose cuts and hand-drawn prints including wave motifs and graffiti-style lettering. Models descended into the ring of the wooden venue from alcoves set high in the rafters, as Mike D of the Beastie Boys spun a soundtrack.

Anoraks and shirts with a contrasting stripe running across the chest or sleeve recalled the graphic simplicity of surf wear, while a boxy white sweatshirt with raw edges — the brand’s ubiquitous embroidered tiger head now replaced by a rolling wave — was slit at the sides for extra ease.

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Roomy pants were either cropped above the ankle, or slit to pool over shoes.

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2013

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Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took inspiration from Asian temples — Indian, Nepalese and Chinese — for their fall collection for Kenzo.  The theme included opulent fabrics flush with metallic, such as gold jacquard and flocked lamé that looked like crocodile. They decorated outfits with a cool but cheesy eye motif, shown head-to-toe on a tailored jacket, skinny pants and open-toe booties.
Tjhere was a lot of decoration, but the clothes were kept quiet. They were cut with vaguely Asian references —  robe coats; short, precision-wrap skirts, and shirts with crisp, wide short sleeves — worked in understandable silhouettes that are very contemporary.

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Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2013

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An invitation for the Kenzo-show was one of the hottest tickets of Paris Fashion Week. Funny how a brand can turn into something cool in just a wink. All kudos go to minds now operating behind Kenzo,  Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. They have brought a whole new spirit. The duo has optimism and makes fashion fun for everyone.

The setting of the show was a psychedelic projection of color and print,  in front of which the models walked: in khaki safari suits and trench coats and dresses; in  bustier tops and trousers with exotic prints; in off-the-shoulder dresses with a thick utility belt around the waist; in mint biker jackets; in parka jackets; and in those tiger jumpers. This time the tiger came disguised amongst a graphic crowd of lines. There were camouflage leopard prints in yellow and blue, and it came in orange and green later.

Leon and Lim  managed to wipe the slate clean and turn this floundering brand around to be a jungle beast.

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2012

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Today Humberto Leon and Carol Lim proved their the right guys for the Kenzo design job. Their debut menswear collection was young, refreshing, well tailored and still had all the Kenzo-aspects in it. A color palette ranging from orange to moss green was their interpretation of the brand’s lively colors. While some subtle medallion prints (on a pair of pants, a jackets, a sweater and a blouse) represented Kenzo’s signature vivid prints.

Especially for a winter collection Leon and Lim’s take on Kenzo felt fresh. Who needs black when you have the perfect burgundy? And why would you opt for white if you can produce the same item in a exquisite shade of camel.

At Kenzo too, the coats were the eye catchers of the show. Although we must say some of those vibrant sneakers kept screaming at us as well…

Kenzo Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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The setting at Kenzo was beautiful and fairytale-like, the collection rich and romantic in color and mix.

Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow soon.

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