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Describing Zac Posen’s collection in few sentences is simply not possible. There was a little bit of everything in his fall/winter collection, called ‘40s futurism’.

While young Israeli ‘hip hop’ violinist, Mira Ben Ari, set the mood right silk skirts, short dresses, ruffles, stripes, transparent fabrics, fur, high-waisted pants, asymmetry, colorful prints and velour dresses passed by.

Many of the outfits looked like patchworks of different fabrics. Zac Posen also brought several techniques together in one design. He, for example, made a combination of an asymmetric, draped red/brownish satin dress and a straight black cotton dress.

We did recognize one constant factor is Zac’s new collection: the silk kept coming back in the designer’s pants, tops, skirts, dresses, blouses and even as the lining of a velour skirt. Repeated accessories were a small hat with black netting and a flat stone brooch.

For his winter coats Zac used a lot of fur, he again combined it with other fabrics, like wool and leather. The coats were matched with fur boots, designed by Manolo Blahnik. In fact all shoes in this collection were created by Blahnik.

But  Zac didn’t only get help from Blahnik. For his bold multi-colored prints he (again) got a hand from young artist Rosson Crow, who also took care of the prints in Zac’s spring/summer collection of 2010.

Overall we can say Zac’s collection was daring. With three great collaborations (Mira Ben Ari, Manolo Blahnik, Rosson Crow) Zac proved himself as a great entrepreneur as well. That’s why we’re convinced he will become even more successful in the future.

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