Beauty Trend Report FW2016: If you’re a lip girl…

December 8, 2015 by  
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I’m sorry, but did we just hear a sigh over there? A slightly annoyed sigh, breathing ‘here we go again, red lips bla bla’. Red lipstick doesn’t sound all to ground-breaking these days. But let’s not judge so quickly, shall we? Cause aren’t we as women just lucky bastards that we get to wear red lipstick every season, adding some extra something something to ourselves. Something that makes every woman slightly more attractive, sexy and elegant. That adds a little colour and sparkle to our sometimes hung-over pale faces (especially after last night during winter) and is the perfect compagnon to any nighttime (NYE!)event. For some it’s even a signature that really pulls us together. And if you’re not much of an eye girl, a red lip is your second best option. And the best part: it’s easy to recreate at home (bingo!). The only extra thing we need to do for now is tap into our 90’s mood again (I know it’s been long) and choose how deep and dramatic we’re prepared to go, because it can go quite deep this season. Follow Carolina Herrera’s and Donna Karan’s lead with Berry lips, or plum black lips as seen at Marc Jacobs. And what about a vivid crimson pout like Phillip Lim’s models? Tip: skip the red lipliner and use a clear lip pencil instead.

Beautytrend FW2011: Roaring Red

Nothing’s more sexy, feminine and powerful than a woman with beautiful red lips and the designers know it.

The classic red lipstick is a huge trend this season. Between all the nude looks, we saw many pouts in different shades of red: rust, raspberry, cherry, scarlet, burgundy, carmine, fuchsia, wine and ultra pared- down red.  And from very shimmery to really matte.

There’s a lot to choose from, but finding the right one is not so easy.  It’s always good to pick one that matches your hair color and skin tone.  If you have a lighter skin tone, go for a red with a blue (cold) undertone, like fire red. When you have a darker skin, the orange- based (warm) shades will do well on you, like burgundy or deep red. Check out the photo’s to see all the different options…